Monday Night Dinner Ideas

45 Best Monday Night Dinner Ideas

Even more than Monday blues, one of the worst things to deal with is Monday night dinner! Monday night dinner ideas must be as fuss-free as possible to motivate you to cook. So, here are 45 Monday night dinner ideas you can try out! 

Easy and fuss-free Monday night dinner ideas include options like lasagna, pasta, stuffed peppers, homemade hamburger helper, grilled cheese, shrimp skewers, taco salad, flatbread pizza, oven nachos, chicken fried rice, and even Indian classics like paneer bhurji! 

Mondays are hard for us all. The first day of the week after a long and relaxing weekend, it is always challenging to get back into the groove. One thing that most of us may have adapted from the cartoon character ‘Garfield’ is the whole ‘I HATE MONDAYS!’ thing. 

Although he’s a cat and doesn’t do much, Garfield gets the gist! Moreover, you may have to get some extra work back home on Mondays. With all of that, feeding a family or just yourself can be a lot added to your already full plate! 

This is why most of us end up getting takeout. But, if you are also bored of the same old takeout options, trust me, you will love the options in this post. These options are not just easy and fuss-free; they are also delicious! 

So, you wouldn’t have to settle for a TV dinner, or even a frozen meal for that matter, to save yourself some time. Instead, try one of these ideas and end your Monday well! I can guarantee you will be delighted! 

45 Monday Night Dinner Ideas

This list of dinner ideas for a tedious and hectic Monday is very versatile. Along with a little bit about the recipe itself, you will also find a link to the recipe to make things easier. Moreover, you will also find a variety of food from various cuisines! 

1. Hamburger Casserole

Hamburger Casserole
Image Credits – Kylee Cooks

Everything you need in a single serving is present in this hamburger casserole. A balanced meal with potatoes, beef, and mushroom soup cans for flavor, hamburger casserole is a crowd-pleaser. 

The best thing about this recipe is that it takes little time since most ingredients cook quickly. The ones that take some time to cook, like potatoes, will be ready once you place the casserole in the oven to bake. 

With this recipe, there is also no chopping veggies or any such thing involved! If you have fussy kids, this dish is also the perfect choice to eliminate their after-school Monday blues! Check out this excellent recipe! 

Get the recipe from here.

2. Pepperoni Pasta

Pepperoni Pasta
Image Credits – kitchn

Pepperoni is an all-time favorite pizza topping for quite a lot of us. But sadly, pepperoni is often only limited to pizza, which is unfair to this lovely cut of meat! Once you have this pepperoni pasta, you will know just how versatile pepperoni can be! 

Pepperoni pasta is something that can please kids and adults alike. Everything that makes up this pasta recipe is just delicious. From the pasta itself to the rich tomato sauce and endless cheese!

It is a proper comfort meal you can sit back and enjoy with a side salad. The best part about this recipe is that it will save time because the pepperoni is already cooked! Give this lovely recipe a try to feel cozy on a Monday evening! 

Try out this wonderful recipe from here.

3. Grilled Cheese With Tomato Soup

Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Image Credits -Brooklyn Supper

Serving grilled cheese with tomato soup is smaller on my side of the world than in the West. But when I was in England, I tried this comforting recipe for dinner, which changed my life! 

There is nothing that fancy about grilled cheese. Yet, it is so satisfying on so many levels! The perfect buttery crust, paired with gooey cheese on the inside, creates a complete symphony of delicious flavors. 

Pairing it up with a well-made tomato soup amplifies the whole grilled cheese eating experience to a new level! A well-made tomato soup, just like the one in this recipe, has the perfect combination of flavors, all of which complement the grilled cheese sandwich! 

Check out this wonderful recipe here.

4. One Pot Pasta

One Pot Pasta
Image Credits – Ela Vegan

Pasta is yet another dish that pleases most people. A well-made pasta can instantly transfer you to Italy with a single bite, just like what happens to Anton Ego when he takes that first bite of Remy’s delicious Ratatouille from the Disney classic! 

Well, at least that is what I hope this one-pot pasta does to most of you! One pasta pot may seem strange since you would have to boil the pasta separately. 

Luckily, not at all! The beauty of this recipe is that everything is cooked together, from the pasta to the sauce! Moreover, the pasta releases starch as it boils, which gives the sauce a lovely flavor! Add some of your favorite cheese to this one-pot pasta recipe, and you will be good to go! 

Try this recipe for one-pot pasta here.

5. Crab Cakes

Image Credits – The Recipe Critic

I have mentioned quite a few kid-friendly recipes to beat the Monday blues. But are you feeling a little fancy on Monday evening? Want to open that bottle of wine and enjoy it with just the right thing for dinner? 

Then, crab cakes are the answer to your fancy meal craving! Crab cakes, although are one of those exquisite meals (at least that is how most people think of them!), they are straightforward to make. 

Moreover, a great thing about crab cakes is that they are packed with the goodness of protein and many other nutrients. Apart from the crab meat, you will find every other ingredient already in your pantry! That’s undoubtedly a plus when looking for a fancy recipe that can also be made quickly. 

Try out this recipe here.

6. Tofu Stir Fry

Image Credits – Choosing Chia

Is your refrigerator packed with a whole bunch of veggies, and it’s clean-out Monday? Then, Asian recipes are always here to the rescue! A quick and lovely stir fry is all you need to use up all the ingredients you plan on throwing out! 

Mix in some tofu in this recipe, and you can get an excellent addition of protein with this stir fry! After all, simple stir fry with veggies is boring, right? This recipe is also a perfect Monday-beating option for vegans! 

Other than the tofu and veggies to be added to this recipe, you will need some essential ingredients, which I am sure you will have handy. This includes garlic, ginger, spring onions, and soy sauce! Are you clearing out your fridge already? Then have a look at this recipe! 

Check out this insanely easy recipe here.

7. Ham, Apple, And Swiss Cheese Sandwich

Ham, Apple, and Swiss Cheese Panini
Image Credits – Bowl Of Delicious

Ever wondered if apples would taste good while paired with savory ingredients? You no longer need to wonder; you can try this ham, apple, and brie cheese sandwich. The combination of flavors is truly terrific. 

It works in a way you may have never expected it to work! The apple crunch and mild sweetness pair well with the umami cheese and ham flavors. 

A great thing about this recipe is that the sandwich is wholesome and light at the same time. A single sandwich will surely fill you up and, simultaneously, won’t make you feel so full that you will feel uncomfortable! Try out this wonderful recipe and see for yourself! 

Try out this wonderful recipe here.

8. Cheesy Vegetable Melts

Cheesy Vegetable Melts
Image Credits – kitchn

Sometimes, getting everyone to eat their veggies can be a challenging task. This is especially the case with kids, who can be fussy with their choice of veggies. A great way to include veggies in everyone’s diet is to disguise them! 

The best way to do so is by making these short and cheesy vegetable melt sandwiches! Clearing out your refrigerator may always seem more challenging a task than it would with these veggie sandwiches. 

Just like the last sandwich, this sandwich is very filling as well. The sandwich can be made with whatever veggies you like, and the spread is simple, made with mustard and mayonnaise. Customize the recipe, and add as many veggies as you like! 

Try out this recipe now by checking out the link.

9. Quick Lasagna

Quick Lasagna
Image Credits – Baking Mischief

As I spoke of Garfield initially and how much he hates Mondays, it would be unfair if I didn’t mention his favorite lasagna in this list! Lasagna may seem like a tedious thing to make since it has three major components. 

But, for this lasagna recipe, we will be using shortcuts, which will reduce the cooking time by a considerable margin. Firstly, this recipe consists of bottled marinara sauce that is already prepared. 

That saves a lot of time. On top of that, the recipe also has a lovely meat base, along with a combination of three types of cheeses. Once your preps are over, which won’t take too long, you must let the lasagna bake! This recipe is packed with flavor and great to feed a whole family! 

Check out this recipe for quick lasagna here.

10. Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers
Image Credits – Well Plated

Enough with Italian and American food now; let us go down the Mexican lane! We all love Mexican food; it is just the right kick of spice needed. There is so much variety possible with Mexican food, and one of those is stuffed peppers.

Stuffed peppers are all things great about Mexican food. Firstly, anyone trying to avoid those extra carbohydrates should consider this recipe. This recipe has rice, but it’s almost like a burrito without the tortilla! 

Moreover, once you do some prep, which should take less time, you only have to place the peppers in a crockpot. Let the crockpot do all the work, and your delicious stuffed peppers will be ready soon! 

Here is a link to the recipe for stuffed peppers.

11. Honey Garlic Pork Chops 

Honey Garlic Pork Chops
Image Credits – Craving Home Cooked

You may have heard of honey garlic chicken and know how delicious it is! Try this honey garlic pork chops recipe to switch up the meat with something a bit robust! 

Pork chops are robust and delicious; unlike you may have thought, these pork chops will take little time to make. The pork chops don’t need to be marinated either, which will save quite some time too. 

You can sear the pork chops in a skillet and then prepare the sauce in the same skillet. Baste the chops with the sauce, then broil or grill them for a few minutes, and your lovely chops are ready! 

Check out this recipe to know what you can pair your chops with.

12. Quesadillas

Vegetarian Quesadillas
Image Credits – Haute & Healthy Living

Speaking of Mexican food, another classic that everyone loves is quesadillas. The best part about quesadillas is that they can be had at any time of the day. So, quesadillas make just as great a dinner meal as any other. 

This recipe for quesadillas is also quick to make. All you have to do is assemble a few ingredients to make these quesadillas. These quesadillas are packed with a whole bunch of tasty veggies. 

Moreover, you will also get some protein from this quesadilla since it is packed with beans. Use canned kidney beans to save time, and you will get just as great results. A whole bunch of Monterey jack cheese will also add flavor to this recipe. 

Here is a link to this straightforward recipe for Quesadillas.

13. Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes
Image Credits – Taste Of Home

Hamburgers are great, but sloppy joes, at least according to me, are highly underrated. Sloppy Joes can offer similar flavors to burgers, and I remember having this sloppy Joe once that was so divine! 

This made me want to try this wonderfully easy recipe for a homemade sloppy joe. This homemade version of Sloppy Joe has simple ingredients, including ground meat, condiments, and your favorite bun. 

For this recipe, another great thing is that you can use options of ground beef and ground turkey. Both proteins work perfectly fine for this recipe. The added brown sugar adds a lovely caramelized flavor, and the mustard adds just a little kick of spice, all of which make this a wonder to eat! 

Check out this recipe for easy Sloppy Joes!

14. Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie
Image Credits – All The Healthy Things

Pot pies are a British favorite, and this wonderful meal is very underrated, just like many other options from British cuisine. A chicken pot pie is a whole meal on its own, which makes it an attractive dinner option. 

You can bake a large pie on the go and serve it to a whole family. Plus, although the crust is light and flaky, the pie’s contents are filling! This pot pie has just a few ingredients: chicken, soup, veggies, and the crust. 

You will have to make the crust from scratch, but it is a much easier process than you may think! Once you’ve filled the pie and the crust is intact, the oven will do all the work! 

You definitely should if you still need to try this pot pie recipe!

15. Bacon Ranch Chicken Breast

Baked Bacon Ranch Chicken
Image Credits – Dinner then Dessert

The best thing about this recipe is that it is healthy but also a little unhealthy at the same time. So, although the bacon and ranch would not please the health buffs out there, the fact that the chicken breast is grilled indeed will! 

To prepare this recipe, you need some chicken breast, bacon strips, ranch sauce, butter, and dill leaves, which is about it. Once the chicken breast is coated nicely with ranch and butter, you can wrap it with bacon. 

Bake the chicken in the oven for a while, or you can even grill the chicken in an excellent outdoor barbeque grill if you are adventurous. Either way, you will be left with some juicy and delicious chicken! 

Give this easy recipe a try to make your Monday better.

16. Sesame Seared Tuna

Sesame Seared Tuna
Image Credits – Sweet and Savory

Asian flavors, especially with things like tuna, are the best. The spicy taste of tuna and the flavors of mirin, rice wine vinegar, and honey all work together exceptionally well. 

The tuna is covered with sesame seeds, which gives it a light crispy texture when cooked. The tuna is very slightly seared in this recipe, which makes it medium-rare from the center. So, make sure you use good-quality tuna for this recipe! 

That being said, if all the flavors I mentioned above are something you genuinely like, then this recipe should grab your attention. Serve it with a side of salad or rice, and your Monday meal will be ready in about 20 minutes! 

Here is a recipe for this easy sesame-seared tuna that you could try

17. Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji
Image Credits – Cubes n Juliennes

Yet again, a cuisine that everyone likes but not many people experiment with in the kitchen is Indian cuisine. Of course, if you are a South Asian, you would know that paneer bhurji is exceptionally easy to make. 

You don’t need too many fancy ingredients to make a delicious paneer bhurji at home! Just get some paneer, or even simple cottage cheese would work fine. Amp it up with lovely aromatic spices, which are readily available. 

On top of that, if this is something you have not made before, I am sure your family will be taken aback by this lovely surprise! Pair your paneer bhurji with some bread, and you will be ready! 

Check out this easy recipe for paneer bhurji here.

18. Pizza Casserole

Pizza Casserole
Image Credits – Simply Recipes

We have discussed a hamburger casserole so far. But if you want a recipe that is even more kid-friendly than a regular hamburger casserole, you need to try this pizza casserole! 

Pizza casserole is precisely as you would imagine it to be! There’s a bunch of pasta, tomato sauce, pepperoni, beef, and cheese! So, nothing that a person cannot like, right?!

This recipe can also be made relatively quickly, as the only preparations that need to be made are to cook the sausages and the pasta. Once they are ready, you can layer everything together, pop it in the oven, and let the casserole cook till it is all gooey and delicious! 

Here is a recipe for an easy chicken casserole that you could follow.

19. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata
Image Credits – Salt & Lavender

Unlike regular chicken piccata, what makes this recipe as remarkable as it is, is that the flour is mixed with parmesan cheese! That adds so much flavor to the piccata and makes the chicken perfectly crispy on the outside. 

This chicken piccata recipe consists of a crispy chicken breast cooked in oil and butter. The two together make a lovely combination and give the chicken a perfectly golden brown exterior. 

The sauce for this recipe is made with simple ingredients, including capers, chicken stock, lemon juice, butter, and garlic. You can also add just a little wine for flavor! Serve this dish alongside some pasta or mashed potatoes; I am sure you will enjoy this creation! 

Want an easy recipe for chicken piccata, have a look at this link.

20. Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice
Image Credits – Simply Recipes

If you have a bunch of leftover rice in your refrigerator that you are still trying to figure out what to do with, turning it into fried rice on a lazy Monday night is a great option! Fried rice is the ultimate leftover feast. 

Not just rice, you can also use leftover chicken and a whole bunch of frozen veggies to make your fried rice! Green onions and soy sauce add much flavor to this fried rice recipe. 

Moreover, this fried rice recipe also has some extra protein in the form of eggs, which makes it even more delicious! Try this recipe out for yourself, and you’ll know how quickly it can all come together! 

Don’t forget to check this link, if you want to make an authentic chicken fried rice recipe.

21. Homemade Hamburger Helper

Homemade Hamburger Helper
Image Credits – Salt & Lavender

Hamburger Helper is one of the most leisurely meals and is pretty delicious. The packaged stuff is great, but have you ever tried a homemade version of this packaged treat? If not, then you need to. 

Just like the packaged hamburger helper is easy to make, even the homemade version is quick and easy. A homemade hamburger helper has macaroni, garlic, beef, milk, and cheese. 

Homemade hamburger Helper tastes much better and is fresh than the boxed version. Add some extra veggies to this recipe and as much cheese as you like. Moreover, in this recipe, if you don’t like beef, you could substitute it with ground turkey as well! 

Once you try this recipe for a homemade hamburger helper, you’ll never look back at the boxed stuff again!

22. Tortellini Soup

Tortellini Soup
Image Credits – Love & Lemons

Nothing is better than a whole cup of soup on a cold and windy day. If the soup is filling and delicious, it makes for an entire meal. One cold day, I made myself a full cup of tortellini soup with sausage, and it seemed like a warm blanket hugging me! 

This tortellini soup is packed with delicious cheesy tortellini, which is filled with three types of cheeses. But you can also use other types of tortellini if you would like. However, we will also add sausage to this recipe, which will be filling. 

Over and above the tortellini and sausages, the soup is also packed with various flavors that work exceptionally well and are nutritious. For extra carbohydrates, serve this soup with warm, toasted bread! 

Here is a simple recipe for homemade tortellini soup.

23. Chicken Mie Goreng

Chicken Mie Goreng
Image Credits – Home Cooking Recipe

Are you fond of all things Asian but bored of the same old options? Then you may need to explore a different cuisine! If Asian food, along with heat and spice, is your thing, you must try this recipe for Chicken Mie Goreng! 

The thing with these noodles is that you may think they are just like any regular Asian-style noodles. But they are packed with protein, flavor, and the classic ‘egg ribbons’ you may find in every Mie Goreng! 

This noodle dish is a classic street-style dish that you will quickly find at most places in Indonesia! You will also find this in countries like Malaysia and Singapore. 

With this recipe, you can bring the streets of Indonesia to your kitchen! – 

24. Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf

Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf
Image Credits – Restless Chipotle

We have seen two versions of a classic cheeseburger, both being made into something utterly delicious. If cheeseburgers are your thing, you must try this cheeseburger meatloaf recipe! 

As the name suggests, cheeseburger meatloaf is precisely what you would imagine it to be. An amalgamation of beautiful flavors makes the meatloaf taste highly remarkable! 

The flavors of cheeseburger and meatloaf are evident, and the recipe barely needs any ingredients. No more Monday TV dinners for you when you can easily make this meatloaf home! 

Here is a simple recipe to make your cheeseburger meatloaf at home.

25. Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread Pizza
Image Credits – The Recipe Critic

Who doesn’t like pizza? (other than people who have lactose intolerance)! Did you know pizza was initially made with flatbread and not leavened dough? Yes! There was no need for the leavening of the dough and all of that! 

So, keeping old pizza traditions in mind, you can make yourself a flatbread pizza, which is much easier than making leavened dough! Moreover, this recipe has so much room for creativity and experimentation! 

The flatbread pizza can also be made with store-bought flatbread, or even naan, so you would not have to make the dough from scratch. You can either stick to the toppings mentioned in the recipe or experiment and create something magical! 

Try this recipe for flatbread pizza, and you’ll know just how delicious this creation is!

26. Chicken Marsala 

Chicken Marsala
Image Credits – Cooking Classy

So many types of wines out there pair well with food, especially meat. One such wine is Marsala, a lovely fortified wine from Italy. This wine is often paired with beef and works exceptionally with chicken. 

Marsala has a slightly sweet, nutty, and caramel-like flavor, which translates well when added to sauces served with chicken. Moreover, marsala is one of those wines that also pairs well with umami mushroom flavors and other such veggies. 

This recipe for chicken marsala is also simple, as the ingredients are pretty ordinary. Trust me, when you don’t have time to wait for groceries to arrive on a Monday night, throw together some mushrooms, chicken, and shallots, and you’ve got yourself a decadent dish to the rescue! 

Check out this simple recipe for chicken marsala.

27. Winter Lentil Stew

Winter Lentil Soup
Image Credits – Culinary Ginger

Monday nights can be hard to do anything at all. Often, just the thought of having to do preps and cooking makes us all want to get unhealthy fast food. But what if there was a recipe that you could make quickly and is also very nutritious? 

Then, winter lentil stew is the answer for you! This stew is a complete meal, packed with lovely vegetables that I am sure would be stacked in your pantry. It consists of lentils, which add depth and are packed with protein. 

The best part about this recipe is that it is vegetarian and can also be made vegan. You could add some potatoes to this recipe to add carbohydrates, or serve the stew with rice or bread! 

Have a look at this easy winter lentil stew recipe here.

28. Broccoli And Quinoa Fritters

Broccoli and Quinoa Fritters
Image Credits – Chloe Ting

I honestly have and will never understand why people hate broccoli! It’s one of the most delicious veggies and is also so nutritious. If you have the same thoughts as I do about broccoli, you would be willing to experiment with and use this vegetable more daily. 

Well, the great thing is that there are so many variations of broccoli that can be tried. Also, if you are looking for a light, nutritionally balanced meal, these broccoli and quinoa fritters are a wonderful choice. 

Packed with quinoa, a superfood that will keep you full for long, the fritters can be shallow fried or even baked. What makes this recipe even more extraordinary is that this could be an excellent way to hide veggies in fritters and feed your fussy kids some broccoli! 

Here is an easy recipe for broccoli and quinoa fritters.

29. Oven Nachos

Oven Nachos
Image Credits – The Recipe Critic

Do you enjoy a cold one after all the hard work on Monday? I’m in the same boat! But, while enjoying a cold beer, you need something less fancy and more practical to eat. 

That’s precisely what these oven nachos are for! Nachos are an absolute wonder and the perfect thing to munch on when feeling peckish. These nachos are also nutritionally balanced since they have meat, vegetables, carbohydrates, and cheese. 

Of course, they are not the ideal healthy snack. But these nachos are a great way to unwind on a Monday evening. Another great thing about these oven-baked nachos is that you can do a lot of customization with the recipe! 

A link for the recipe to make these incredible nachos is here.

30. Easy Miso Salmon

Miso Salmon
Image Credits – A Couple Cooks

I am sure all the health fanatics giggled slightly when I mentioned that oven-baked nachos are nutritionally balanced. This may be a better option for people looking for a healthy meal without compromising health! 

For that, you must try this wonderful broiled miso salmon recipe. I am not a big fan of fish or seafood in general. The flavor could be better with me. But when I tried this recipe, I couldn’t believe I went for a second serving of this salmon! 

The salmon is ideally enriched with the flavor of yellow miso, which gives it just the right kick of umami. Moreover, the yellow miso is not overpowering in taste like red, which balances well with the tender fish. Try this recipe for yourself, and thank me later! 

Here is a link to the recipe for easy miso salmon.

31. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio
Image Credits – Simply Recipes

Italian feasts and pastas are delicious, but some of them can take a bit too much time. Aglio e Olio, on the other hand, is the epitome of a simplified pasta dish! Not only are the ingredients pretty limited and easy to procure, but the method is also quite simple. 

Aglio e Olio pasta can generally be made in many different ways. Some people prefer loading it with veggies, meat, and much more. While this unique recipe has full creative liberty, this one focuses more on the standard way to prepare an aglio e olio. 

All you need is some garlic, olive oil, spaghetti, cheese, and seasonings. Cook up the garlic to extract the flavor, and here you will also find the perfect degree to which you should cook your garlic to make your aglio e olio as authentic as possible! 

Check out this link to learn how to make an authentic spaghetti aglio e olio.

32. Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi
Image Credits – Spice Up The Curry

Just as complicated as Indian food can be, there is also a complete side that is so easy to assemble! Aloo gobi, one of the most popular recipes from India, is an explosion of flavors. 

Aloo gobi is made in various ways across the country. I am sure that if you ever try aloo gobi from one household and then again from another, you will be shocked just by how different a dish can taste, just with some simple variations! 

This recipe for aloo gobi is one of the simplest of them all. Serve it with some lentils, rice, and yogurt, and you can enjoy a complete and wholesome meal. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting specialized ingredients since most of these will quickly be available at any Indian supermarket! 

Check out this simple and wholesome aloo gobi recipe.

33. Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger
Image Credits – The Recipe Critic

Have you ever wondered why most of us tend to associate turkey only with Thanksgiving? Of course, it is mainly because, let’s face it, turkey takes way too long to prepare and cook. 

Luckily, the same can’t be said about ground turkey! Ground turkey is lean and packed with protein, and making some delicious burgers with this meat is just as easy. With this recipe as well, you could let your creative side explore all the possibilities! 

You can either stick to a simple recipe to prepare these turkey burgers or go all out and make it a Thanksgiving special burger! Either way, you will be satisfied with this exceptional recipe! 

Here is how you can make yourself some delicious turkey burgers at home.

34. Homemade Mac And Cheese

Homemade Mac and Cheese
Image Credits – Dinner At The Zoo

A crowd-pleaser that can make everyone happy works as a main and a side dish and can be reused for other recipes. Mac and cheese all the way! Nothing is more wholesome than a hot bowl of gooey macaroni and cheese. 

It may be a doubtful occurrence that Mac and cheese would not taste good. Regardless of how it is made, what cheese is used to make it, and even if there are add-ons, Mac and cheese will still make you feel all fuzzy and warm. 

This recipe for mac and cheese is simple to start with. What makes the recipe special is that you get to be as creative as you like! Stick to the original recipe, or add some protein, and I can guarantee you will love it either way! 

Making homemade mac and cheese is just a click away.

35. Tostadas

Image Credits – Simply Recipes

When you go out to get Mexican food, it can be a hit and a miss. But if you stick to making Mexican food at home, it will always be a hit! Some Mexican delicacies require a lot of prep, which can be overwhelming. 

Tostadas are the easiest to go for when you don’t have time for those extra preps and want something fancy. You can grab all the ingredients from a supermarket and assemble them to make yourself a delicious tostada. 

Although this recipe has meat, you can make it vegan or vegetarian by not adding any. The tostadas are packed with beans, which make up for the protein in this recipe, and all in all, it is just plain delicious! 

Try this easy recipe for tostadas.

36. Doritos Taco Salad

Doritos Taco Salad
Image Credits – The Silly Girl’s Kitchen

Mexico has a lot to offer regarding easy recipes! Just like the toastadas, a taco salad is a filling recipe that is also no-fuss. Moreover, if you like Doritos, this recipe should indeed be tried. 

This recipe is just that of a delicious taco salad. The salad is packed with beans, meat, salad dressing, loads of vegetables, and a lovely Doritos helping. Dorritos add just the crunch that you would expect from a taco. 

Here, you do not have to worry about sticking to the recipe just as it is! You can get creative with the ingredients, as a few variations are mentioned in the recipe itself. 

To unwind on a Monday night with a lovely Dorito salad, click on this link to get the recipe.

37. Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Grilled Shrimp Skewers
Image Credits – A Couple Cooks

One of my favorite things to enjoy while having a BBQ is some delicious skewers. Maybe I am slightly more biased towards lean meats like shrimp as I am Asian. But, if this is something you haven’t tried before, you are missing out. 

There are plenty of things that make this recipe and dish exceptional. Firstly, shrimp is healthy and tasty. Shrimp is also easy to cook and cooks pretty fast, saving you some time. If you prefer to avoid cleaning shrimp, you could go for shrimp already deveined. 

Once the shrimp is all clean and ready, you must marinate them for a little while, place them on skewers, and grill or bake them! This dish can be served with many sides, from vibrant salads to rice and bread! 

Check out this easy recipe for grilled shrimp skewers.

38. Tater Tots Enchilada

Tater Tot Enchiladas
Image Credits – My Organized Chaos

Enchiladas are delicious, for sure. But they can also be boring if you always stick to the same recipe. Well, you can give this Mexican classic a lovely twist if you would like just by using tater tots instead of tortillas! 

Tater tots are perfectly starchy and genuinely make a great side dish. But tater tots can also be underrated. This is especially true regarding just how versatile these potato bites can be!

Tater tots will give your enchilada recipe a whole new texture and flavor. It’s like one of those things that you hear about and immediately know that this is going to be great! That is precisely what this recipe is! 

Here is a link to this easy and delicious recipe for you to try.

39. Pad Thai

Pad Thai
Image Credits – Ministry Of Curry

If you love some delicious Pad Thai noodles, you should visit the streets of Thailand. But, if that is too far-fetched for a Monday evening, bring Thailand’s roads back home! 

This incredible recipe for Pad Thai noodles will firstly make your kitchen and house smell delicious, that is for sure. Moreover, Pad Thai noodles may seem like a task, but it is far from that! 

This recipe will only take 30 minutes to prepare, from start to finish. So, that is a big plus. Moreover, the sauce is simple to put together, and adding fresh veggies, meat, and peanuts surely amplifies the experience of enjoying these simple yet delicious noodles. 

You can try making your homemade pad thai with this easy recipe.

40. Quinoa Black Bean Burger

Quinoa Black Bean Burgers
Image Credits – Making Thyme For Health

Honestly, I don’t like the texture of quinoa at all. It’s just one of those things that never sit well with me. But, knowing how great of a superfood quinoa is, I wanted to incorporate it into my diet without worrying about the weird texture. 

I came across this recipe for a quinoa black bean burger. Black bean burgers are my absolute favorite, as they are packed with protein. Moreover, they also taste delicious when seasoned and cooked right. 

Adding quinoa is a great idea to add to the total nutritional value and the overall flavor experience of this burger. This burger could also be a great way to include the superfood into your diet more often slyly! 

Never lose with quinoa as you try this delicious recipe.

41. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas
Image Credits – Damn Delicious

Don’t you hate it when people stop for dinner on weekdays? I detest it when that happens on a Monday night! But, being the social person I am, I can also not help but feed them something delicious before they leave my house. 

So this one time, about six people decided to show up at my place, and I wanted to avoid getting takeout. That is when I thought, why not make some fajitas? Fajitas are easy to make, and there is also a little DIY factor to it. 

You can cook the chicken and veggies in the oven and then lay out a spread with all the ingredients, sauces, and tortillas. This fajita recipe is the key to making a boring Monday night into a rather adventurous one! 

Check the recipe for these easy sheet-pan chicken fajitas here.

42. Grilled Chicken Wrap

Grilled Chicken Wrap
Image Credits – Little Sunny Kitchen

We are all used to eating wraps for lunch and picnics. But these grilled chicken wraps make up a delicious dinner meal as well! They are packed with delightful chicken; one should fill you up. 

With this recipe, you can also do your preps a day in advance, so you wouldn’t have to worry about doing much on a hard Monday night. Grill the chicken in advance, and keep everything ready, like the sauces. 

Eventually, you must put it all together to make this wondrous wrap! Serve the wrap with a side of fries or chips, and you’ll feel like you’re enjoying a homemade version of a picnic meal! 

Here is how you can make these grilled chicken wraps at home.

43. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Image Credits – Well Plated

Are you team sweet potatoes or russet potatoes? Either way, we can all agree that loaded potatoes are one of the best creations anyone could have ever created! And although it may seem like a task to make them at home, it isn’t! 

Quite often, the complaint people have with baked potatoes, even sweet potatoes, is that they taste too starchy, regardless of whether they have meat or any other sort of protein added. 

With this recipe, however, we again have our secret weapon to cut all the starchiness. The secret weapon is, you guessed it, probably, quinoa! Quinoa adds a whole health factor to this recipe and makes it taste good. 

Don’t believe me? Try out this recipe for stuffed sweet potatoes, then!

44. Jeera Aloo

Jeera Aloo
Image Credits – Dassana’s Veg Recipes

Speaking of potatoes and easy recipes to unwind with on a Monday night, there is no way I could leave out jeera aloo from this list! Jeera stands for cumin, and combining cumin with potatoes is sublime. 

Just like aloo gobi, this dish is a staple in India, and you may find adaptations of the same almost everywhere! This recipe is, however, on the more accessible side since it is made with just a few readily available ingredients. 

Jeera aloo can be served alongside some chapati, rice, and lentils. You can also stuff the potatoes in a sandwich if you have leftovers. Try this recipe, especially the leftover hack, and see for yourself! 

Here is a recipe to make yourself delicious jeera aloo.

45. Mushroom And Pecan Wellington

Mushroom and Pecan Wellington
Image Credits – Feasting At Home

It is Monday night, but somehow, the chef in you just won’t quit! If you had a great Monday at work, and are feeling utterly fancy, then you should make a Wellington for yourself, a British classic. 

This classic is often made with beef. But, in this twist of events, mushrooms and pecans provide a similar flavor and texture! Mushroom adds a great umami flavor to this recipe, similar to meat. 

Pecans add quite a bit of texture and crunch, which makes this recipe stand out even more. The filo pastry used for this dish is also readily available everywhere. So, that will save you quite a bit of time and effort! 

Try this fancy and straightforward recipe for mushroom and pecan wellington.

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Monday Night Dinner Ideas

45 Monday Night Dinner Ideas

Easy and fuss-free Monday night dinner ideas include options like lasagna, pasta, stuffed peppers, homemade hamburger helper, grilled cheese, shrimp skewers, taco salad, flatbread pizza, oven nachos, chicken fried rice, and even Indian classics like paneer bhurji! 


  • Hamburger Casserole
  • Pepperoni Pasta
  • Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup
  • One Pot Pasta
  • Crab Cakes
  • Tofu Stir Fry
  • Ham, Apple, and Swiss Cheese Sandwich
  • Cheesy Vegetable Melts
  • Quick Lasagna
  • Stuffed Peppers
  • Honey Garlic Pork Chops
  • Quesadillas
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Bacon Ranch Chicken Breast
  • Sesame Seared Tuna
  • Paneer Bhurji
  • Pizza Casserole
  • Chicken Piccata
  • Chicken Fried Rice
  • Homemade Hamburger Helper
  • Tortellini Soup
  • Chicken Mie Goreng
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf
  • Flatbread Pizza
  • Chicken Marsala 
  • Winter Lentil Stew
  • Broccoli and Quinoa Fritters
  • Oven Nachos
  • Easy Miso Salmon
  • Spaghetti Aglio e Olio
  • Aloo Gobi
  • Turkey Burger
  • Homemade Mac and Cheese
  • Tostadas
  • Doritos Taco Salad
  • Grilled Shrimp Skewers
  • Tater Tots Enchilada
  • Pad Thai
  • Quinoa Black Bean Burger
  • Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas
  • Grilled Chicken Wrap
  • Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  • Jeera Aloo
  • Mushroom and Pecan Wellington


  • Select the recipe you want to cook.
  • Click on the recipe link.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the recipe.


Mondays are hard for us all. The first day of the week tends to put a lot of pressure on us, and cooking a meal can seem like an even more enormous task! These are lovely and exciting recipe ideas you can try on a Monday night to say goodbye to your Monday blues! 

Most of these recipes are time efficient and only need as many ingredients as you may have imagined. Many of them even have hacks to make them even more accessible. But the best part about most, if not all, these recipes is that they are versatile. 

So, regardless of whether you are feeling glum and want to stick to something simple or if you want to go for an elaborate dish and let the chef in you shine, there are both those options! Based on your mood on Monday, one of these recipes will work out perfectly fine for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the recipes mentioned above easy to make?

Yes, most recipes mentioned in this article are easy to make and beginner-friendly. 

What sort of cuisines have been covered in this article? 

The cuisines covered with these recipes in this article are Mexican, Italian, British, Thai, Indonesian, American, and even Indian. 

Are the Asian recipes too specific with ingredients? 

No, most Asian recipes mentioned in this article have simple ingredients that can easily be bought from any supermarket. 

Are these recipes good enough to be pre-made? 

Yes, quite a few of these recipes can be pre-made. But, the ones can’t take as long even when you make them fresh. 

Are there any vegan or vegetarian recipe ideas here? 

Yes, this article has quite a few vegan and vegetarian recipe ideas. 

Do the recipes need to be followed strictly as they are? 

No, not at all! You can be creative with these recipes and experiment with them as much as you like! 

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