30 minute vegetarian dinner ideas

92 Delicious 30-Minute Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

All of us love going meatless now and then, while some of us manage to stick strictly to vegetarian diets. Regardless of what it may be, coming up with quick vegetarian meals can be mind-boggling. Here are 92 delicious 30-minute vegetarian dinner ideas that you could try! 

Plenty of vegetarian recipes can easily be made in under 30 minutes. These recipes include vegetarian pad thai, black bean burgers, bhindi masala, chickpea curry, kimchi fried rice, and walnut pesto pasta. 

I was a vegetarian my entire childhood until one fine day. After that day, vegetarian food did not appeal to me as much as meat did. Then, for some reason, I was asked to stop eating meat briefly, which came to me as a complete shocker. 

For the first time in my adult life, I was asked to follow a vegetarian diet. With meat, I used to do pre-preps and freeze large batches. But I wanted to do something other than that with fresh vegetarian produce. 

This made me wonder if I could incorporate a vegetarian diet into my tight schedule. I could only spare up to 30 minutes to prep a meal, especially dinner! It all seemed daunting until I came across this array of recipes! 

The vegetarian dinner ideas mentioned in this article are genuinely wide-ranged. You will find everything here, from the streets of Asia to homes in India, Italian, Mexican, and good old American food. So, you have a lovely 30-minute option for every mood! Let us take a look at these lovely ideas! 

30-Minute Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

In this section, you will find all the vegetarian recipe ideas that can easily be made in under 30 minutes. Most of these recipes can also be turned into vegan recipes, with a bit of substitution of ingredients. Here, you will find ideas for several cuisines and recipe links for these beautiful ideas! 

1. Vegetarian Lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna
Image Credit – Diethood

I wanted to start with a recipe that most people love. There’s a lot to lasagna that makes it a star dish to make. One reason is that all the layers are delicious; everyone loves a juicy and cheesy crust. 

Moreover, lasagna is a very versatile dish. It can be made in many ways and also in different time frames. This recipe for vegetarian lasagna is not just easy but can also be easily made in a skillet. 

While there are plenty of veggie options that you can add to this recipe, there is always a lot of room also for customization. So, go ahead and make the lasagna just as it is, or experiment with this recipe and make it your own! 

Here is a link to this exceptional recipe for skillet vegetarian lasagna.

2. Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice
Image Credit – Damn Delicious

Another crowd-pleaser recipe is easy to make and delicious, as well as fried rice. I firmly believe vegetarian fried rice is highly underrated. 

Many people will undoubtedly talk about egg, chicken, or shrimp fried rice. But this vegetarian fried rice made with kimchi is unique in its way! 

Ready in just under 20 minutes, this recipe is a wonder, with the sharp flavor of lovely kimchi. Moreover, this recipe also has eggs added for protein, but you can quite easily swap them out for some tofu if you’d like, and it will still taste pretty good! 

Check out this recipe to make yourself a quick kimchi fried rice!

3. Zucchini ‘Crab’ Cakes

Zucchini Crab Cakes
Image Credit – Kirbie’s Cravings

Yes, crab cakes are not technically vegetarian, of course. But they are a delicious delicacy that no one should miss out on! Even if you are a die-hard vegetarian, you can quickly try crab cakes with this recipe! 

Although there is no crab in this crab cake recipe, it tastes fresh and good. The whole secret in this recipe is the zucchini, which gives these delicious cakes a texture that makes them taste like imitation crab. 

The zucchini is mixed with beaten eggs, breadcrumbs, and flour, and then the cakes are shallow-fried! But you can also take full creative liberty and add as many of your favorite veggies to this recipe as you like! 

Here is the recipe for zucchini crab cakes.

4. Falafel With Canned Chickpeas

Falafel with Canned Chickpeas
Image Credit – Fork In The Kitchen

Lebanese food is a paradise for vegetarians. Like some other cuisines (Indian cuisine at the top of my mind, of course!), there is plenty of delicious and hearty Lebanese cuisine, including the mighty falafel. 

Now you may think that preparing falafel at home may be challenging. But, it is honestly far from that. Sure, you could go the traditional way and boil the chickpeas yourself to make your falafel. Or, you could take the easy way out! 

When you have a time crunch, canned beans are always one of the best rescues ever. Canned chickpeas have the perfect consistency to make decent falafel, all with a few simple ingredients. Serve with pita bread and hummus; you’re ready in about 30 minutes! 

Here is the recipe to make yourself some delicious falafel with canned chickpeas.

5. Roasted Vegetables Burrito

Roasted Vegetable Burrito
Image Credit – The New York Times Cooking

From Lebanon to Mexico, you can find vegetarian delights everywhere! Burritos generally have a lot going on as far as the filling is concerned. Not with this roasted vegetables burrito, unlike any other burrito you may have tried earlier. 

This burrito is entirely meat-free, which is a big thing. Plus, there are also no beans in this burrito recipe. So, without beans and meat, what even gives these burritos some substance? 

It’s mushrooms, of course! Mushrooms are packed with delicious umami flavors, giving these burritos a meaty texture. Moreover, they are also packed with sweet potatoes, which make them filling and hearty. 

How would this unusual burrito taste? Try out this recipe.

6. Walnut Pesto Pasta

Walnut Pesto Pasta
Image Credit – The Brick Kitchen

If we ever happen to be in the same vicinity and you need me to make a quick meal for you, the first thing that will undoubtedly pop into my mind is pasta. Pasta is just so simple, time-efficient, and also versatile. 

Moreover, pesto is genuinely the best sauce ever! Originally, pesto is made with pine nuts. But there are versions of it made with many other nuts, like peanuts and walnuts. 

Walnuts are easier to get by than pine nuts, that is for sure. Moreover, they give pesto a rich flavor, which is why this recipe works! Although this recipe also has kale, and a bunch of other crispy roasted greens, you can skip them out if you would like.

Here is a link to this easy recipe for walnut and pesto pasta.

7. Cauliflower Tikka Masala With Chickpeas

Cauliflower Tikka Masala
Image Credit – The Forked Spoon

Tikka masala has to be one of the most popular dishes that Indian cuisine has to offer. Although most of us are used to and more familiar with chicken tikka masala, vegetarian versions of this dish are genuinely remarkable. 

There’s paneer tikka masala, of course, which is a classic made with cottage cheese. But we will be taking a not-so-typical approach to this vegetarian dish! Cauliflower and chickpeas make just as great a combination with a rich, tikka masala gravy base. 

Cauliflower tends to add a meaty and hearty texture to the dish, whereas chickpeas will add just the right amount of protein. It is a well-balanced dish that can be made in 30 minutes and served with rice or bread! 

The link to this cauliflower tikka masala with chickpeas is right here.

8. Goat Cheese And Arugula Sandwiches

Image Credit – Erhardts Eat

Sandwiches are one of the most versatile and easy things to make. Depending on the filling you would go for, sandwiches can be an even better and quicker fix than the mighty pasta! 

Keeping the ingredients pretty simple, if a light vegetarian dinner is on your agenda any day, goat cheese and arugula sandwiches make a lovely option to enjoy. The flavor of goat cheese paired with the slight bitterness and spicy arugula is impressive. 

Moreover, this sandwich also has a hefty layer of pesto, which makes it even more delicious. This sandwich technically only takes 10 minutes to make, which is a whole other plus. But, you can very well add as many customizations to this recipe as you like, to make it your own! 

The link to the recipe for this sandwich is right here.

9. Mushroom Tart

Mushroom Tart
Image Credit – Cooking With Ayeh

Although the base of this recipe is technically called a tart, it is made with puff pastry. So, that in itself is a clear indication of the fact that this is going to be a good one to enjoy! Onions and mushrooms are a match made in heaven. 

The umami flavor of mushrooms paired with the lightness of onions, and throw in a bit of garlic, and you have a flavor bomb. This combination would taste great as a sandwich filling. 

But imagine how much more delicious it would be on a flaky buttery-crusted puff pastry! Don’t count calories when you’re eating something delicious, and if you don’t believe me, try this recipe for yourself! 

Here is how you can make mushroom tart at home.

10. Tofu Scramble

Tofu Scramble
Image Credit – Veggie Inspired

Most of us are used to eating scrambled eggs or anything of that sort for breakfast with toast. But who said breakfast meals cannot be enjoyed all day long? If eggs aren’t your thing, but you want a good source of protein in your diet, go tofu all the way! 

Tofu scramble is made with just about 4-5 ingredients. This includes tofu, oil, salt, and a few spices. But there is so much room for experimentation! You can go out with this scramble and make a tofu and veggie scramble. 

Or, you could also go all out and make something similar to an Indian Paneer bhurji. It isn’t daunting at all! You’ll need a few spices and veggies, and you will be good to go! 

Whether you follow this recipe as it is or go all out, it will taste wonderful, no matter what!

11. Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi
Image Credits – Ministry Of Curry

Aloo gobi is one of the most popular vegetarian recipes from the Indian subcontinent. And honestly, every home in India, and even Pakistan, will indeed have its version of a delicious aloo gobi. 

Aloo gobi is just a dry vegetable dish made with cauliflower and potatoes as the essential ingredient. There are versions of it where people add more aromatic veggies, mainly onion, ginger, and garlic. 

You may also come across versions of aloo gobi with green peas, another standard recipe. Whether you stick to the formula or try your twist, aloo gobi will satisfy your taste buds and belly! 

Here is a recipe for this classic Indian dish.

12. Lavash Pizza

Lavash Pizza
Image Credit – Dana’s Table

Have you ever tried lavash bread? If you have, you would know just how delicious this crispy bread can be! It is light and can be made very quickly as well. Moreover, it is not a leavened dough, so the waiting time is short! 

Now, imagine this light and crispy base paired with classic pizza ingredients. Sounds delicious, right? You bet it is! Lavash pizza is the best thing ever when you want to enjoy it but do not feel too guilty. 

The lavash base is a much healthier option than a regular pizza base. Top it off with classics like tomato sauce, spinach, mushrooms, and olives, to enjoy a delicious treat! Or, go all out and pick your favorite toppings! 

Here is how you can make a lavash pizza at home quite easily.

13. Quinoa And Black Beans Stuffed Peppers

Quinoa and Black Bean Stuffed Peppers
Image Credit – Exploring Healthy Foods

Stuffed peppers are a Mexican staple mainly filled with delicious beef, in some cases beans, topped with cheese, and a bunch of delicious toppings. For the vegetarian version of stuffed peppers, we’ll stick with black beans as one of the fillings. 

The other filling that works for this recipe is quinoa! Quinoa is a superfood, and if you are into healthy eating, I am sure you must be aware of how whole quinoa can make you feel! 

This is an excellent option if you want to avoid those extra carbohydrates. Quinoa can act as a carbohydrate for this recipe, leaving you feeling light. Overall, this recipe is excellent and will be ready in no time! 

Try making these delicious stuffed peppers at home with this link to the recipe.

14. Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Image Credit – A Couple Cooks

Most of us are aware of just how incredible this classic dish is. Although American in origin, many countries worldwide tend to have a version of this recipe. Every version is unique in its way. 

Regardless of the weather outside, if you are looking for a comfort dish to give you some absolute comfort, grilled cheese and tomato soup is the best option. Don’t worry, though; you can very well make this in just about 30 minutes! 

Here, the tomato soup has a lovely charred flavor since the tomatoes are roasted beforehand. This also leaves a lot of time out in the cooking process. Using gooey cheese is the way to go, as the recipe mentions, but you can always experiment with it! 

Your gateway to gooey and delicious comfort is right here.

15. Mushroom Burgers

Mushroom Burgers
Image Credit – Healthy Seasonal Recipes

By now, you may have guessed; I am a big fan of mushrooms! It is honestly something that I can’t stop adding to various recipes, especially vegetarian ones! Mushrooms are also so versatile, as there are so many types. 

For this recipe, we will be sticking to regular button mushrooms. But if you like mushrooms with a sharper and more robust flavor, you can also use portobello, shiitake, or a combination of all three! 

Either way, I can guarantee you one thing: if you like mushrooms, you will like this delicious burger! Easy to make and ready in a jiffy, this burger is also a great way to introduce new food to people on meatless days! 

Try making this hearty burger by following this recipe.

16. Ravioli With Squash Sauce

Ravioli with Squash Sauce
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

A sauce made with squash may not sound too appetizing! Squash tends to have a very plain flavor compared to many other vegetables. But, in this recipe, the light taste of squash works in its favor! 

Ravioli is delicious, and although this recipe says to stick to a cheese ravioli, you can be adventurous and choose the flavor you like. The sauce is prepared with simple ingredients that accompany the squash. 

The sauce is also very creamy overall since it has some fresh cream added to it, along with spinach, garlic, and more. You can also make the sauce cheesy by adding even more shredded cheese! I would surely do that!

The recipe for this simple yet decadent pasta dish is right here.

17. Mushroom And Tofu Stir Fry

Mushroom and Tofu Stir Fry
Image Credit – Green Bowl 2 Soul

We all love our fix of Asian delicacies now and then. Each of them is unique since they are all loaded with a bunch of sauces. Now I’m no Uncle Roger, but MSG also adds a lot of flavors that we all love in most Asian food. 

Well, the best part about MSG, or even quite a few of the sauces added to Asian recipes, is that you can skip adding them. This recipe for mushroom and tofu stir fry has no added MSG. 

The choice of sauce is pretty simple for this recipe. But it still stands out since the simple yet complex flavors gel so well! Mushroom and tofu stir fry can make a great accompaniment to noodles or even simple fried rice. 

You can try making this right at home with this simple recipe.

18. Gochujang Fried Rice

Gochujang Fried Rice
Image Credit – Flavorful Life

Imagine we were talking about an accompaniment to serve alongside mushroom and tofu stir fry, and here is the perfect one for that! Yes, gochujang is pretty hot, and you can expect the same to reflect in the fried rice. 

But if you like a little extra heat, especially in Asian recipes, then gochujang fried rice is an attractive option. It can even be enjoyed independently, packed with comforting flavors from various aromatic vegetables and spicy gochujang. 

I have always had a soft corner for Korean food but could never make good Korean food at home. This recipe made me realize that Korean food can also be straightforward if you pick the right one! 

The link to this easy recipe for gochujang fried rice is right here.

19. Bhindi Masala

Image Credit – Healthier Steps

Bhindi, ladyfingers, or okra, whatever you prefer, has been one of my favorite vegetables since childhood. Don’t get me wrong, if okra is not cooked correctly. It can taste like an abomination of a vegetable! 

But, if cooked the right way, this vegetable is a legend! There are plenty of ways to prepare okra the Indian way, with one of my all-time favorites being the classic bhindi masala. 

It is just spiced okra cooked in a thick masala concoction made with onions, tomatoes, garlic, and ginger. People often add potatoes to bhindi masala for extra flavor and to make the dish hearty. Serve it alongside some hot chapatis to truly enjoy this experience! 

The link to make a classic bhindi masala at home is here.

20. Cabbage And Noodles

Image Credit – Mission Food Adventure

I was very skeptical about this one. I could never imagine a combination of cabbage and noodles. Being an Indian, I have only ever seen cabbage being used for Indian food and some Asian cuisines.

So, this noodle dish was just beyond me for some reason. But somehow, the combination of that lovely cabbage works so well with the noodles and the buttery sauce with the caraway seeds, onions, black pepper, and broth that brings it all together! 

This Austrian noodle dish is truly something else. It is just the perfect thing to eat when you want something comforting but light on the stomach. If you have doubts about this recipe, try it out! 

The recipe for this lovely pasta dish is here.

21. Black Pepper Tofu

Image Credit – Dishing Out Health

This is the perfect food for a lovely glass of white wine! Everyone loves black pepper chicken. After trying this recipe, I must say that even non-vegetarians need to give this recipe a go as soon as possible! 

This recipe uses extra firm tofu, so it holds its shape well, even after stir-frying. The key is to go for extra firm tofu, not just firm! The sauces and spices seep in so well the tofu. 

The garlic, shallots, and chile, add to the flavor of the black pepper sauce. The spicy black pepper tofu can be served on a bed of rice, and the basil added as garnish adds a lovely herby flavor to this recipe.

Check out this recipe for black pepper tofu.

22. Thai Peanut Noodles

Thai Peanut Sauce Noodles
Image Credit – Cooking Carnival

Just when cabbage and noodles came as a shocker, here is another one! Well, this one is a more believable combination than cabbage and noodles. But, just like the latter, this noodle is also a delicious twist! 

Consisting of Thai ingredients like peanut butter, along with rice vinegar, dark soy sauce, brown sugar, sriracha sauce, and an abundance of aromatic vegetables, this pasta is a flavor bomb. Trust me, the spaghetti gels just as well with the Thai sauce as it would with any other! 

This recipe can also be customized in many ways. You can add protein in the form of tofu or bean sprouts if you like. Even the vegetables can be altered as per your preferences. 

Here is the recipe link to make this quick and easy pasta.

23. Warm Squash And Quinoa Salad

Warm Squash and Quinoa Salad
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

Yes, warm salads do exist! This was another concept that I did not want to believe was true. Until one day, I decided to try out this recipe. The thing with squash is it is unlike most other vegetables I have worked with. 

It is starchy, but just the perfect amount. That makes it mashable and soft, with just the right consistency. While telling you about my undying love for squash, I should also tell you how delicious it tastes in this recipe! 

Despite not being a fan of quinoa, I love the consistency of it in this recipe, paired with the warm squash. The dish has straightforward ingredients like feta cheese, and seasonings like cumin and pepper, all of which make up a great dish overall! 

Check out this healthy recipe right here.

24. Chana Masala

Image Credit – Domesticate Me

This is another one of those Indian classics that can be made very quickly and is also versatile. Like many other Indian-origin recipes mentioned here, chana masala is a dish that has a version of its own across the subcontinent. 

But if we stick to this classic version, it is also pretty delicious! This recipe for chana masala is tasty, along with being packed with protein. With chana masala, most people go for dried chickpeas and then soak and cook them. 

But you can use canned chickpeas to make this recipe at home to save yourself some precious time. The spices that make up this dish are standard, and you will get them at almost any supermarket! 

Here is how you can make delicious chana masala at home.

25. Tomato Mac And Cheese

Tomato Mac and Cheese
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

I’ve always dreamed of going to one of those restaurants specializing in mac and cheese and serving a variety of this dish. While I wait for that dream to come true, I have been experimenting with mac and cheese recipes myself! 

A version of this gooey comfort dish is tomato mac and cheese. Tomato is something we can all associate with pasta and, well, pasta sauce. But, it is something other than what you may necessarily envision in a mac and cheese. 

Well, you will only know once you try! Being as big a fan of tomatoes as I am, I tried this recipe, and the tomatoes and basil add a fascinating twist to an otherwise classic recipe. The recipe can also be exciting with some added sundried tomatoes. 

Learn how to make yourself this quick and easy recipe here.

26. Apple And White Cheddar Tarts

Apple and White Cheddar Tart
Image Credit – Tasting with Tina

Again, although the title of this recipe says tarts, it is not made with short-crust pastry. Instead, these tarts are made with puff pastry! That itself proves the fact that these tarts are going to be buttery, flaky, and delicious! 

More than tarts, this recipe will remind you somewhat of turnovers. There’s crispy puff pastry packed with sweet apples, adding an exciting flavor layer. Moreover, there is also fresh thyme is added to this recipe which adds a herby, and a complex flavor. 

Lastly, use sharp cheddar cheese for this recipe to get that lovely cheesy flavor. The sharp cheddar cheese is an exciting blend that combines the whole recipe and the honey adds just the right amount of sweetness. This one is bound to impress a lot of people! 

Click here to check out this straightforward recipe.

27. Frittata With Asparagus, Burrata, And Herb Pesto

Frittata with Asparagus, Burrata. and Herb Pesto
Image Credit – Country Living

This recipe may be a bit of a debate to be included in a list of vegetarian dinner ideas since frittatas are usually made with eggs. However, there are also quite a few vegetarians out there who eat eggs. 

So, if you are one of those vegetarians, this recipe is undoubtedly worth trying. A frittata is a Italian omelet that is huge. Generally made in a skillet with a lot of veggies and eggs all at the same time, it is a delicacy to devour. 

This frittata recipe is simple and has a lovely creamy element since it has added burrata cheese, pesto, and asparagus. This recipe is perfect for breakfast and lunch. But you can also very well enjoy a dinner frittata! 

Learning how to make this easy frittata is just a click away.

28. Vegetable Stroganoff

Vegetable Stroganoff
Image Credit – Gimme Some Oven

Stroganoff is a famous Russian dish of noodles, beef, and mushrooms. Although some people may think it is ridiculous not to add beef to this recipe, it sure works even if you make it completely vegetarian! 

This stroganoff recipe can be made with egg noodles, or you can use your favorite pasta to make it! The original recipe suggests making it with button mushrooms. But a lot of people find the flavor pretty bland. 

So, you can also spice it up with some sliced portobello mushrooms if you would like! The recipe also uses beef veggie tenders. However, that is to replace the beef. Even if you don’t add the tenders, the stroganoff tastes delicious! 

Check out the recipe for vegetable stroganoff here.

29. Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Roasted Cauliflower Salad
Image Credit – Minimalist Baker

Most of us associate salads with soft veggies and a dressing that can be enjoyed on a hot summer day. But some salads are also very well suited for winter. Besides the squash and quinoa salad, one such delicious salad is this roasted cauliflower one. 

The roasted cauliflower makes this salad hearty and warm, making it the perfect meal to enjoy on a cold or windy day. It is also packed with onion, which adds a whole lot of flavor. 

The cauliflower adds a bite to the salad, and because it is roasted, it soaks up flavors pretty well! It is roasted with spices, some oil, and also maple syrup, all of which add an interesting profile of flavors. The garnish of this dish is some chopped pistachios, along with pomegranate molasses, and parsley.

Here is the recipe for this roasted cauliflower salad with a lemon tahini dressing.

30. Jeera Aloo

Jeera Aloo
Image Credit – Dassana’s Veg Recipes

You may have guessed by the name already; this is one of my favorite Indian delicacies. I say that a lot, but when you come from a country with so much variety to offer in terms of food, it is difficult to stick to just one favorite dish! 

Jeera aloo surely tops my list because of its simplicity and versatility at the same time. Translating what it means, jeera aloo is just potatoes cooked with cumin. Of course, plenty of other spices go into making this dish. 

But, this recipe’s base and dominant flavor remain that of cumin or jeera. Jeera aloo can be served alongside chapati and rice, or if you have a bunch of leftovers, you can also use it to make wraps and stuffing for a potato sandwich! 

Learn how to make this simple yet versatile recipe of jeera aloo here.

31. Waffled Falafel

Falafel Waffle
Image Credit – Cook Me

This recipe is an updated version of the classic falafel made with canned chickpeas. But, if you have kids who are fussy and want all their food to be waffle-shaped, this can be a great way to add some protein to their diet. 

These falafels, as always, are packed with tons of protein from the chickpeas. Moreover, there are flavors of red onions, cilantro, onion powder, garlic powder, and za’atar. All of these create a symphony. 

All-purpose flour is used to bind everything together along with egg whites, and then all you have to do is cook the batter in a hot waffle iron. You can also take it up a notch by putting these in pita pockets and then using a waffle iron on that too! Double-falafel-waffle! 

Here is how you can make yourself a waffled falafel at home.

32. Mushroom French Dip

Vegetarian French Dip Sandwiches
Image Credit – Vegetatio

French Dip sandwiches are a delicacy made with freshly sliced beef. Dipping these sandwiches in a thin gravy makes them much more juicy and delicious. Sadly, only a few people have tried a vegetarian version of this recipe. 

Of course, you guessed that the beef in this recipe will be replaced with mushrooms! That, too, not just any mushrooms, the classic and meaty portobello mushrooms! If you need a replacement for meat in any recipe out there, portobello is always the way to go! 

It would help if you sauteed mushrooms with onion, garlic, herbs, and spices. Bring it all together, add the filling to a lovely piece of French bread, and top with provolone cheese. Once the sandwiches are broiled to perfection, dip and enjoy! 

The recipe for this classic mushroom French dip is right here.

33. Vegetarian Nicoise Salad

Vegetarian Nicoise Salad
Image Credit – Minimalist Baker

Like the frittata, this could be one where people may need clarification on whether it is a vegetarian dish. The sole reason behind this confusion is that the original Nicoise salad has anchovies. 

Although we will skip the anchovies for this vegetarian recipe, hard-boiled eggs can be allowed. The original recipe is vegan and does not have any eggs, but you can add some if you would like. Although, the recipe has chickpeas for protein!

The salad is packed with cooked baby potatoes, green beans, cherry tomatoes, mixed greens, and a simple vinaigrette dressing. All of these ingredients make a perfectly light and nutritious salad. 

Making vegetarian Nicoise salad is just a click away.

34. Vegetable Curry

Image Credit – A Couple Cooks

Indian classics are the best, specifically for vegetarians. Vegetable curry is a simple dish with a spice base, aromatic spices, and various vegetables. But it still is a unique recipe, after all! 

Vegetable masala uses the base flavors of onions, garlic, and ginger. A bunch of other spices are added to this concoction, including coriander powder, cumin, red chili powder, and even turmeric. 

Finished with some fresh garam masala (or even boxed!), this dish is a complete delight to enjoy! Serve it with some bread or a side of plain white rice, lentils, and some fresh yogurt works perfectly fine! 

Here is a link to the recipe for this classic Indian treat.

35. Skillet Mac And Cheese

Skillet Mac and Cheese
Image Credit – Recipes For Holidays

Mac and cheese make the perfect primary and lovely side dishes. I mentioned earlier that I have always wanted to try various types of mac and cheese. But, more often than not, I tend to stick to the classics. 

This classic recipe for mac and cheese is nothing short of delicious. It is as traditional as can be and does not even need to be baked or anything at all. It is called skillet mac and cheese, as everything can be cooked in a skillet. 

You also have full liberty to be as creative as possible with this recipe! Add some protein to this recipe, or top it off with your favorite vegetables. In any case, you will surely be delighted with the result! 

Making skillet mac and cheese is just a simple click away.

36. Vegetarian Pad Thai

Vegetarian Pad Thai
Image Credit – Ministry Of Curry

I think Pad Thai is one of the best creations in Asian food, at least when it comes to noodles. A simple Thai pad can offer so much flavor, texture, and even fun, all at the same time. 

I am used to having my pad Thai loaded with chicken, but one fine day, I had no meat at home and realized so at the last moment. I decided to make a vegetarian Pad Thai to see if it would meet my expectations. 

Well, it indeed did. The flavors were all there, and the array of vegetables used in this recipe adds a lot to the overall experience of this simple recipe. If you are worried about this version not having protein, you’ll be glad to know that this vegetarian pad Thai is also loaded with tofu! 

Here is this easy recipe to make a plate of vegetarian Pad Thai noodles at home!

37. Black Bean And Oats Burgers

Black Bean and Oats Burgers
Image Credit – The Kitchn

I bet many of you have had a black bean burger before. I don’t know about all of you, but if I want a good vegetarian burger loaded with protein, I always go for bean burgers. 

While all beans are welcome, black beans tend to have the perfect texture to be mashed and made into a burger. Combining the black beans with rolled oats and avocados adds more texture to the burgers and act as lovely binding agents in the whole concoction. 

Lastly, the burger is very lightly seasoned, and the sauces and veggies added as a bonus add to the overall appeal. This burger proves to be homemade, just by the aesthetics! 

Here is how you can make this delicious burger at home.

38. Garlic Spaghetti

Garlic Spaghetti
Image Credit – Sweet Simple Vegan

A big fan of spaghetti aglio e olio but want to try a simplified version of that as well? Then garlic spaghetti is something you should surely try out. What makes this spaghetti special is just its simplicity of flavors. 

Garlic spaghetti is made with very few ingredients, and it will not even take 30 minutes to complete. You know a few recipes are so simple yet scream nothing but comfort? That’s what garlic spaghetti is all about. 

This recipe is simple, for sure. As usual, the butter and garlic (my favorite flavor combination) works wonderfully. Lastly, a light helping of spices and a hearty addition of parmesan cheese complete this dish. 

Try out this straightforward comfort recipe with this link.

39. Coconut Chickpea Curry

Coconut Chickpea Curry
Image Credit – Well Plated

One great thing about this recipe, besides the fact that it is a bowl full of comfort, is that it is also vegan-friendly! Yes, vegetarians and vegans can enjoy this delicious curry without making any changes to the original recipe. 

I had never tried the combination of chickpeas with a coconut-based curry. In most cases, I like chickpeas either in hummus, salads, or with a rich tomato and onion-based curry. I was skeptical if this would work. 

But, considering my love for coconuts and just how versatile this ingredient is, I decided to try it. I was satisfied with the outcome of this recipe! The coconut curry is thick and delicious, and the chickpeas add perfect protein and a solid finish to this recipe. 

You can make this curry at home by following this recipe.

40. Tomato And Cheese Sandwich

Image Credit – Dassana’s Veg Recipes

One of the most underrated combinations ever is the combination of cheese and tomatoes. Sure, plenty of people love Caprese salad and even a hearty Margarita pizza. But cheese and tomato sandwiches just hit differently. 

We have cheese and tomato sandwiches at home now and then. This one time, I was looking for a way to elevate a simple cheese and tomato sandwich, and then I came across this recipe, which is packed with herbs.

This sandwich recipe is packed with herbs and spices like red chili flakes, oregano, and pepper add just the right kick, which is also not overpowering. The fresh basil also adds a lovely flavor to the sandwich.

If you are a cheese and tomato sandwich lover like me, check out this recipe!

41. Cheesy Black Bean Dip

Image Credit – Lil Luna

So, I have never been a big fan of any sport. But my parents, let’s say, love watching every sport possible on the big screen. Whenever it was a home sports screening day, my parents always wanted something simple to eat. 

Something that is like bar food but is also filling. Along with flavor, they also wanted something nutritious and well-balanced. Well, I cannot necessarily say that this bean dip is the healthiest thing ever. 

But, it is very well packed with abundant protein, all from the black beans. There’s also an abundance of cream cheese, which adds to the flavor, while this whole meal can be prepared in a single skillet. Serve with nacho chips or bread to make your game nights exciting! 

Check out this simple recipe for cheesy black bean dip.

42. Stuffed Potatoes

Stuffed Potatoes
Image Credit – EatingWell

If the previous dish mentioned in this list sounded interesting, but at the same time, stuffed potatoes are a great option to consider if you want a variation of this recipe. Stuffed potatoes are versatile and also plain delicious. 

There are so many versions of this dish possible, and one of those versions is this recipe, where baked potatoes are stuffed with an abundance of beans. There are also avocados, jalapenos, and salsa added to the potatoes. 

But, if you are feeling adventurous and fancy, many more ingredients can be added to this recipe. I recommend adding some cheese, sour cream, and guacamole to go all out! 

The recipe to make these stuffed potatoes is right here.

43. Portobello Fajitas

Portobello Fajitas
Image Credit – Build Your Bite

If I have to be honest, one thing I genuinely love about Mexican food is its similarity to Indian cuisine. Mexicans reading this might want to kill me, but first, hear me out! 

I have a logical explanation for this, and this recipe for portobello fajitas is here to back me up. Most Indian food has an easy vegetarian swap option for every non-vegetarian recipe. It is the same with Mexican food. This recipe is an example of the same. 

This recipe uses portobello mushrooms instead of beef for the fajitas, which is the obvious choice to get that lovely meaty flavor. The seasonings and toppings mentioned in the recipe are minimal, bringing out the mushrooms’ taste. 

You can make portobello fajitas at home quite easily if you follow the recipe.

44. Grilled Veggie Pizza

Grilled Vegetable
Image Credit – Kitchen Confidante

This recipe may make you wonder how a pizza can be ready in less than 30 minutes. It is inevitable if you go for a prepared pizza crust. That is what this recipe suggests, and it also saves a lot of time. 

But, if you want to make the base at home and need more time to rest the pizza dough, use flatbread instead. You can also make a gluten-free base if you like, as that would taste delicious. 

Regardless of what base you go for, this pizza is an explosion of flavors. This pizza’s toppings are light and have a very summery feel. Customize the pizza with more toppings if you’d like, and I know you’ll love it all either way! 

Here is the recipe to make garden veggie pizza at home.

45. Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer Butter Masala
Image Credit – Dassana’s Veg Recipe

You may have heard of Tikka masala gravy just because of how popular it is almost everywhere. But butter masala gravy is just as delicious and has received less recognition than it deserves. 

Don’t get me wrong, tikka masala is lovely. But the butter in the butter masala gravy makes all the difference. If you or anyone you know has ever tried butter chicken, then you’d know just how rich this curry base can be. 

Now, imagine the same gravy base with soft cubes of fresh paneer instead of chicken! I don’t know about you, but I’m drooling already! Serve this delicious curry with naan or even paratha, which will surely be a staple on your weekly menu. 

Make this family favorite at home with this simple recipe.

46. Garlic Mushroom Cheese Toast

Image Credit – The Twin Cooking Project

Although the name of this dish has mushroomed as the main ingredient, plenty of other exciting flavors make this toast just delicious. This is the perfect lunch recipe or even breakfast if you have extra time. 

The dish consists of a delicious layer of flavors, which come from the mushrooms, of course, but also from the garlic. This recipe can also be customized with some red wine, which instantly boosts the flavor. 

Once your mushroom filling is ready, lay it on a slice of bread and top it with a cheese and herb mix. You can broil the toast or convert it into a sandwich, as that would taste good! 

The garlic mushroom cheese toast recipe is just a click away.

47. Farro Salad

Farro Salad
Image Credit – Platings and Pairings

If you don’t know, Farro is a type of wheat with a delicious and nutty flavor. It is packed with various nutrients and is a lovely grain to add to your daily diet. If you haven’t tried Farro before, this recipe might convince you to! 

I had never tried Farro myself before I tried this salad. Not just me but everyone that I was cooking for was also very reluctant to try out Farro. Everyone but one person convinced us all hard enough to try it. 

The easiest and quickest recipe that I found was this Farro salad. After trying this out, I will surely add more Farro to my meals! The salad is light while filling and simple, yet so complex in flavors. 

In case you aren’t convinced enough, I would highly recommend trying out this easy recipe.

48. Chickpea And Red Onion Burgers

Chickpea and Red Onion burger
Image Credit – The Hangry Chickpea

I can’t even emphasize enough how much I love chickpeas. I have an undying love for chickpeas and also bean burgers. Combine the two, and you get these delicious chickpeas and red onion burgers! 

These burgers are so good; a die-hard meat eater like me could never refuse one! Chickpeas have the perfect consistency to be mashed up together, giving this burger patty the right texture. 

On top of that, mushrooms are added to the burger patty, which adds a meaty layer you wouldn’t expect. Lastly, the rest of the elements that make this burger are also pretty simple, and if you are in a rush and only have canned chickpeas at home, this recipe is worth a try! 

Don’t think twice; check out this easy recipe for chickpea and red onion burgers.

49. Mini Lasagnas

Mini Lasagna
Image Credit – The Girl On Bloor

“I LOVE LASAGNA AND HATE MONDAYS!” Garfield, low-key, became my soulmate just when he uttered these words. Well, whether it is Monday or just any other day of the week, lasagna is always a good option to enjoy. 

This Italian delicacy usually has many layers, with meat being one of them. But a simple veggie lasagna made with fresh vegetables is also just as great! The best part about this recipe is that they are individual portions of lasagna! 

When you have a sudden get-together planned and need clarification about what to serve that is bite-sized, this recipe is a great option. Mini lasagnas can be made in muffin tins or even ramekins, and, let’s face it, having something bite-sized is always fun!

Click here to make these mini lasagnas at home, regardless of whether it is Monday or not!

50. White Bean Gnocchi

White Bean Gnocchi
Image Credit – Wholesome Made Easy

Speaking of Italian delicacies, one thing that I should not have missed out on but did till now is gnocchi. Some people think gnocchi is too starchy simply because it is made with potatoes. 

I agree with the fact that gnocchi can be starchy. But, the starchiness also gives this pasta its characteristic texture and taste. For this recipe, you can make your gnocchi at home or even go for pre-packed gnocchi. 

Moreover, the added white beans may seem odd in gnocchi, but their soft texture combined with that of gnocchi somehow works well! Lastly, the spinach adds a lovely layer of flavor. 

Making gnocchi at home has never been as easy as it is with this easy vegetarian recipe.

51. Black Bean And Sweet Potato Tostada

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tostada
Image Credit – My Everyday Table

Tostadas are an amalgamation of a taco and a quesadilla. I know that’s not true, but that’s what I have always thought of them! There are so many variations of the same possible; it is almost endless. 

One such version of a delicious tostada is this one with black beans and sweet potatoes. The tostada starts with a crispy tortilla at the base, which is then topped with black beans that are lightly spiced and seasoned. 

The sweet potatoes make the dish even more hearty, as do the condiments added. The toppings are simple and something popular with most Mexican words. But add some crispy bacon or vegan bacon on top for extra flavor. 

Here is how you can make a black bean and sweet potato tostada at home.

52. Chow Mein

Image Credit – Damn Delicious

If not Pad Thai, the other noodle dish most people prefer while enjoying Asian food is the delicious chow mein. What I love about a good chow mein is that it is a complete dish. 

You don’t need anything to accompany a chow mein, right? Another great thing about chow mein is that it is versatile; hence, you can add or subtract ingredients from a basic recipe as per your preference. 

This vegetarian chow mein is excellent because the protein source is decent in the form of bean sprouts. You can also add some tofu if you would like to, instead. The light soy sauce brings the whole recipe together! 

Here is the recipe for vegetarian chow mein.

53. Dal Tadka

Dal Tadka
Image Credit – Whisk Affair

Looking for a simple and wholesome recipe that also hits the spot with spices? My answer to this is always dal tadka! If I translate the name, dal stands for lentils, whereas tadka means tempering with oil and spices. 

But dal tadka is so much more than just that! It’s an emotion in the form of a dish. It is the epitome of comfort food (at least for me and many people I know!). A good dal tadka is perfect for any mood you are in! 

This dish is fantastic for just a simple spice base made with onions and tomatoes and full of protein from the lentils! Serve with a side of hot basmati rice, or my favorite is to have dal tadka with a side of hot tawa paratha! 

The recipe to make an easy dal tadka at home is here.

54. Mushroom Hunter’s Sauce

Mushroom Hunters Sauce
Image Credit – Punchfork

Imagine a vegetarian stroganoff made with just mushrooms, and then imagine a tangy flavor of tomatoes with that. I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds very delicious to me!

Mushroom Hunter’s sauce is exactly that! I don’t know why the sauce has a funny name, but the dish is delicious! Mushrooms add so much flavor and texture to just about any recipe that they are used in. 

I can say the same for tomatoes. So, a combination of the two ingredients, that too with egg noodles, you know that is bound to work! This recipe also uses red wine, which only elevates the flavor! 

Here is the recipe to make a quick and easy mushroom hunter’s sauce at home!

55. Guacamole Tossed Salad

Herbed Avocado Salad
Image Credit – Cookie and Kate

If you have all your mains ready and need a simple side that is also vegetarian, then here’s a recipe that you will like! This salad has the buttery flavor of fresh avocados, along with a bunch of veggies! 

There is no guacamole in this recipe, but the avocados and the rest of the ingredients give a similar flavor. You can also serve this on its own as a side to some chicken or add it to the salad! 

The recipe can also be made in less than 30 minutes! I was never a big fan of guacamole, but this salad changed a lot for me! 

Make this salad with this delicious recipe.

56. Tuscan Ravioli

Tuscan Ravioli
Image Credit – Little Spice Jar

This recipe for Tuscan ravioli is genuinely one of a kind! This one time, when I was browsing through a bunch of recipes for ravioli, I came across this one for Tuscan ravioli. When I first read the name, I expected the recipe to be a traditional ravioli. 

My expectations ended at a three-cheese ravioli in a rich tomato and basil sauce. But this recipe turned out to be so much more complex than that. And involved in the best way possible!

The ravioli recipe has a rich tomato sauce with basil, for sure. But what makes it stand out is the baby spinach and sundried tomatoes. You can also add some cannellini beans for protein and extra texture.

You can try this recipe and see if the idea fits well!

57. Vegetarian Chimichangas

Vegetarian Chimichangas
Image Credit – Vegan Blueberry

Chimichangas are fried in most cases. But if you want to try a baked version of chimichangas that is also a little more healthy, here is a recipe idea for you! I don’t know why; the name of this dish boggled me the first time. 

I knew it was a Mexican dish but did not know what to expect. Before this recipe, I had never tried a chimichanga, which made the process even more daunting. But I tried it out and was honestly so delighted! 

These vegetarian chimichangas will surely not make you miss meat at all! Packed with the goodness of pinto beans, and brown rice, this dish’s textures and flavors are very well-balanced. 

If you have never tried a vegetarian chimichanga before, here is your chance to do so.

58. Lemon Ricotta Pasta With Spinach

Lemon Ricotta Pasta with Spinach
Image Credit – MJ and Hungryman

Ricotta cheese, as versatile and delicious as it is, is a beautiful ingredient to work with. This cheese has endless possibilities, especially with classic Italian recipes like this one. 

Since ricotta cheese has a very mild flavor, the lemon gives it a sour kick you won’t expect! A bunch of lemon zest is added to the sauce base, which adds an even more tart flavor to the recipe. 

The pasta is also loaded with simple ingredients, like baby spinach leaves, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Combine this base sauce with some cooked pasta, and add other vegetables if you like!

The recipe for lemon ricotta pasta with spinach is right here.

59. Summer Vegetable Flatbreads

Summer Vegetable Flatbread
Image Credit – Simply Recipes

Zucchini on a flatbread? That has never got to work, right?! Trust me, this recipe will leave you in awe once you try it out. But, zucchini is not the only ingredient that makes this flatbread so unique! 

This flatbread is different from any other you may have tried. It is loaded with an array of delicious summer vegetables, like zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and even arugula leaves. The base of this flatbread is naan!

It does not have a tomato sauce base but instead uses a blend of cheese. The fontina cheese adds a gooey layer, whereas parmesan adds a nutty flavor. Lastly, the whole recipe is brought together with a simple salad topper. 

Here is how you can make summer vegetable flatbreads at home.

60. Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant Parmesan
Image Credit – Two Kooks In The Kitchen

This is the vegetarian counterpart to classic chicken parmesan. Anyone who has made eggplant parmesan before will wonder how this classifies as a quick recipe. In most cases, eggplant parmesan takes at least one hour to be ready. 

But this recipe is almost like a life hack if you want to enjoy eggplant parmesan but, at the same time, only have a little time on your hands. The key for this recipe is that the marinara sauce has to be pre-made. 

You can use a homemade marinara sauce or even go for a classic bottled marinara sauce. Coat the eggplant with flour, egg wash, and breadcrumbs. That makes the eggplant crispy and utterly delicious. The marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese complement the dish very well. 

The recipe to make this quick and easy eggplant parmesan is here.

61. Pizza Quesadillas

Image Credit – Tastes Better From Scratch

Have you ever tried combining two beautiful cuisines? I have often, and most of the experiments ended in massive disasters. Most of them, until I tried making a pizza quesadilla. 

What stands out is that you’d expect it to be something, but the flavors are as simple as possible. Although made as a quesadilla, there is very little like a quesadilla in this recipe. 

Instead of beans and other proteins, the tortillas are filled with Italian classics like pizza sauce, and skimmed mozzarella cheese, with additional ingredients like spinach. Bring it all together in a tortilla, and I suggest frying them up in just a little butter for a sublime flavor! 

Here is how you can easily make pizza quesadillas at home.

62. One Pot Enchilada Pasta

One Pot Enchilada Pasta
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

Speaking of combining two cuisines to create a recipe, the experiments don’t end at spinach pizza quesadillas! Sure, they are delicious, but why not take these experiments up a notch? 

When I came across this recipe for enchilada pasta, I was skeptical. I was wondering how this combination would ever work. I have had pasta with beans before, but never with taco seasoning. 

But once I tried it out, all my doubts about the recipe were gone! The combination of peppers, cheese, enchilada sauce, and everything else with the pasta works well! 

The recipe to make this Mexican pasta dish at home is here.

63. Grilled Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Grilled Chickpea Salad Sandwich
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

Grilled chicken salad sandwiches are a norm in many homes. A lot of people I know love these sandwiches. But, for vegetarians, the options for switching out the chicken salad are limited to things like tofu. 

Tofu is great, but there are better options for a sandwich, right? Surprisingly enough, chickpeas can have a very similar texture to chicken when used in a sandwich! Chickpeas are also loaded with protein, just like chicken. 

You can very well use canned chickpeas to prepare this recipe. Mix them up with a few aromatic vegetables, as mentioned in the recipe, along with some subtle spices and mayonnaise to bind it all together! 

Enjoy this delicious toastie with this easy recipe.

64. Grilled Eggplant Sandwiches

Grilled Eggplant Sandwich
Image Credit – Toshi’s Table

There are so many exciting and fantastic flavor combinations that can be tried out when looking for vegetarian filling options for sandwiches. Eggplant is great, sure. But I needed to be convinced enough to try eggplant in a sandwich. 

Eggplant tends to have this strong flavor and texture; honestly, I always thought the flavor needed to be better. I’d be looking for ways to mask the taste. But when eggplant is mixed with subtle flavors, it works well too! 

This sandwich is just as simple as it is hearty. The ingredients are eggplant, roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, and some basil. All of this is finished off with a dash of balsamic vinegar and, of course, some salt and pepper too. 

Here is how you can make grilled eggplant sandwiches at home.

65. Chickpea Taboulleh

Chickpea Taboulleh
Image Credit – My Gorgeous Recipes

A Tabouleh is a Middle Eastern salad for anyone needing to become more familiar with this dish. It generally consists of bulgur wheat, along with a bunch of other ingredients like chickpeas, mint, and parsley.

So, the ingredients may have made you realize how aromatic and delicious this dish can be. It is often served as a part of a mezze platter, which consists of many other appetizers. 

So, this dish makes a great appetizer, can be served as a side dish with any roast or barbecued dish, or can be eaten on its own! The refreshing flavors of this dish come together to give it a light and summery vibe! 

Learn how to make chickpea tabouleh in minutes with this recipe.

66. Vegetarian Burritos

Vegetarian Burritos
Image Credit – Well Plated

Burritos are one of those ultimate comfort foods. It is packed with so many flavors and textures together; it is a delicious carnival! Burritos can also be made quickly if you follow a few simple hacks. 

The best thing about this burrito recipe is using leftover rice to fill it up. Besides that, this recipe uses black beans, which you can use canned. Adding lemon juice and cilantro to the rice is the key to a delicious flavor. 

These ingredients have a light flavor, which complements the beans well. Lastly, the burrito is packed with just a few spices, but you can add more, along with some sour cream, guacamole, and some cheese, too, if you would like!

Here is the recipe to make vegetarian burritos at home in an instant.

67. Quick Italian Skillet

Image Credit – Minimalist Baker

The name of this dish does not give away much about it other than the fact that it is an Italian recipe. So, many things make this recipe Italian, and this dish serves as the best protein rich accompaniment to bread or even pasta!

The dish consists of cannellini beans, which are soft and absorb flavors well, and scream Italy all the way! There are also some aromatic veggies that make up this wonderful and wholesome recipe, along with a bunch of herbs and spices.  

The sauce is a rich marinara, and once you combine everything, you must wait for everything to cook! The soaked cashews make the sauce extremely creamy. Top it with some parmesan cheese for an authentic Italian experience! 

Here is the recipe to make a quick Italian skillet at home.

68. Brown Butter Gnocchi

Brown Butter Gnocchi
Image Credit – The Recipe Critic

If you enjoy soft and pillowy gnocchi, you may know how delicious it tastes with simple ingredients like butter and garlic. Well, this recipe is pretty simple. But there is one thing that sets it apart from everything else. 

That ingredient is brown butter, of course! What is unique about brown butter, though? It is just butter that has been browned! When butter is browned, the extra water evaporates, and milk solids settle at the bottom. 

This gives the butter a delicious nutty flavor unlike any other you may have tasted! This, combined with soft gnocchi and garlic and finally finished with some parmesan cheese, makes this recipe a simple yet decadent treat! 

Here is how you can make brown butter gnocchi at home.

69. Cauliflower Curry

Cauliflower Curry
Image Credit – Primavera Kitchen

The thing with cauliflower is that it is so versatile, even in cuisines. Cauliflower is a staple vegetable in quite a few Indian households. Like aloo gobi, cauliflower curry is also a classic with many delicious variations. 

You may find cauliflower curry made with different ingredients as a base. Some people prefer using basic tomato curry, whereas others prefer coconut-based. This dish is made with a base of tomatoes and onions. 

The curry can be made creamy by adding some yogurt or even coconut milk if you feel fancy with flavors. Serve the curry alongside roti, rice, or hot parathas to enjoy a complete and wholesome meal! 

Making this easy cauliflower curry is just a click away.

70. Bulgur Salad

Image Credit – Diethood

Bulgur, also known as cracked wheat, is a nutritious whole grain. Like many other whole grains and cereals, bulgur is a superfood. So, it is something you would not have to eat much of and will still fill your belly. 

Bulgur is also light on the stomach, so if you are looking for a meal that fills you up, is healthy, and is also light, this grain is a great way to go. What makes this salad great is that, along with being delicious, it is also nutritious. 

While the bulgur adds just the right amount of carbohydrates to this dish, chickpeas add a decent amount of protein. The rest of the ingredients are simple and include aromatic veggies, lemon juice, and loads of feta cheese! 

Bulgur salad is just as easy to make as it sounds; check out this recipe.

71. Black Bean Quesadillas

Black Bean Quesadillas
Image Credit – Minimalist Baker

Quesadillas can be filled with many fillings, from classic Mexican ingredients to Italian quesadillas. All in all, anything can fit nicely inside a corn tortilla! 

For this recipe idea, we are taking a simple and classic approach. Black bean quesadillas are the most common and straightforward form of vegetarian quesadillas. The recipe mentioned here, in fact, has vegan ingredients. 

But you can very well switch them out with simple vegetarian ingredients. The black beans have a smoky flavor, cooked simply with tomatoes, jalapenos, and a few spices. The melted cheese adds a lot more flavor too! 

The recipe to make these black bean quesadillas at home is here.

72. Corn And Spinach Sandwich

Corn and Spinach Sandwich
Image Credit – Cook Click and Devour

One of my favorite go-to meals when I want something quick and can only think a little is always going to be sandwiches. Sandwiches make the perfect comfort food that can be enjoyed at any point of the day. 

This corn and spinach sandwich is similar since you can enjoy it for just about any meal. Soft cheese mixed with veggies, along with herbs and spices. 

Spinach and corn bring in a lot of nutritious value. You can also add sliced cucumbers in the center or skip them entirely. Remember to grill the sandwich with just a little butter for that perfect char! 

Corn and spinach sandwiches can easily be made at home with this recipe.

73. Loaded Mexican Pizza

Loaded Mexican Pizza
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

Till now, we have tried lovely mixes of various Italian recipes with Mexican ones, like the quesadillas with cheese, spinach, and Marinara sauce. Now, let us turn the tables and add Mexican ingredients to a classic Italian recipe!

Pizza has its forms everywhere in the world. You will quickly encounter various Asian, Indian, and even Mexican pizzas. This is one such amalgamation of cuisines that Italians might not necessarily agree with. 

But once they try this pizza out, I am sure it will be hard to resist! The loaded Mexican pizza is topped with all Mexican goodies, like peppers, tomatoes, and beans! All of that, topped with some cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, surely make this recipe worth a try! 

Take advantage of this easy recipe for loaded Mexican pizza!

74. Zucchini Boats

Zucchini Boats
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

Again, the name only gives a little about this recipe. Zucchini boats can be made with just about anything. The base technique remains the same: scoop out the flesh from the zucchini. 

Once the flesh is out, mix it with some classic Mexican ingredients like tomatoes, onions, and peppers, and cook it in a skillet. What gives this recipe some volume are the pinto beans. 

Due to their buttery flavor and soft texture, they blend well with the ingredients. Lastly, the zucchini boats are also topped with delicious cheese, which is broiled. So, that gives it a lovely cheese pull and brings so much flavor to a simple vegetable! 

The recipe to make zucchini boats at home is right here.

75. Okra Tomato Stew

Okra Tomato Stew
Image Credit – Oven Hug

This recipe is unlike any other mentioned in the article. The reason is simple; this recipe is more of an African-Mediterranean recipe. So, the flavor combinations may seem like Indian food, but they are a bit different. 

This stew also uses spices, all of which add flavor and aroma. The herbs include cumin, fresh coriander, and a kick of spice from paprika, cinnamon, and even turmeric. 

The best part of this recipe is that all of it can be made in a single instant pot, or even a rice cooker, for that matter. The pinto beans add a lovely texture and soak up the spices well. Serve this stew with toasted bread or rice, and you are ready!

Here is how you can make this one-of-a-kind dish at home.

76. Air-Fryer Spinach And Feta Turnovers

Air Fryer Spinach Feta Turnovers
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

Have you seen the Disney movie ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’? If yes, then you may remember Kronk’s spinach puffs. I don’t know what it is about them, but ever since I first saw that movie as a child, I just wanted to get my hands on one! 

Although this recipe is not the exact same as Kronk’s spinach puffs, it is definitely very similar. These turnovers are made with pizza crust instead of puff pastry, making them healthier. 

The pizza dough is packed with fresh spinach cooked with minced garlic and pepper. The feta cheese adds a crumbly texture, unlike a gooey one with other turnover recipes. But the crumbly feta cheese works wonders, and air-frying saves up quite some time! 

If you don’t believe these would taste like Kronk’s spinach puffs, try the recipe yourself!

77. Spiced Chickpea Wrap

Image Credit – Taste Of Home

We have tried chickpeas in various forms till now, like sandwich fillings, Currys, and even salads. One more way to use up those canned chickpeas is by turning them into this delicious wrap! 

In India, the concept of chickpeas in wraps is standard. Although we mostly add a chickpea curry to parathas, this recipe is similar in a few ways. 

Chickpeas are cooked in a rich, delicious gravy base with tomatoes and spices. Wrapped in tortillas, spinach, and some cheese if you would like, this spiced chickpea wrap is a beautiful combination of Mexican and Indian cuisines! 

Make this quick, easy, and spicy wrap at home by following this recipe.

78. Hummus Tostada

Hummus Tostada
Image Credit – Precious Time Blog

Speaking of combining cuisines to create beautiful recipes, here is another one for you! Tostadas are generally famous in Mexican cuisine and are topped with delicious and fresh Mexican toppings. 

But this recipe turns this Mexican classic into a mix of Mexican, Italian, and Mediterranean flavors. The main topping on the tostada remains hummus, a Middle-Eastern staple dip. 

What comes next is what makes this recipe truly stand out. The tostadas are topped with many Italian classics, like cheery tomatoes, kalamata olives, and artichokes. I didn’t think this combination would work, but you will be stunned once you try it! 

Make these hummus tostadas yourself, and you will know how delicious they are!

79. Black Bean Nachos

Black Bean Nachos
Image Credit – Foodbyjonister

Earlier, we spoke of a dip made with black beans and cheese, which would taste marvelous with some crispy nacho chips. But if you want to go for a more direct approach, then this recipe is excellent. 

Black bean nachos are precisely what they sound like. There are nacho chips topped with deliciously spiced black beans and some tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos for flavor. There is also an abundance of cheddar cheese on top. 

These nachos are also baked a little bit, which melts the cheese and gives it a lovely, charred flavor. You can top these nachos up with as many toppings as you want, from guacamole to sour cream. 

If a quick and light dinner is all that you are looking for, try making these black bean nachos with this easy recipe.

80. Egg Bhurji

Egg Bhurji
Image Credit – My Food Story

This is a trendy dish in India, mainly along the country’s west coast. Egg bhurji is a classic that can be eaten at any point of the day and tastes just as great. Egg bhurji is nothing but Indian scrambled eggs. 

So, as it is an Indian street delight, you may have guessed that this recipe is loaded with spices. Yes, it sure is, and they are all just so great! The scramble starts with onions, tomatoes, and some green peppers. 

In most cases, a bhurji does not have added ginger or garlic. But you can load it with as many spices and also some cilantro as you wish. This makes a deliciously spicy scramble that can be served alongside some buttered dinner rolls or a classic ‘pav’ as they do back in India! 

Here is how you can make this Indian version of scrambled eggs at home.

81. Greek Power Bowls

Greek Power Bowl
Image Credit – Damn Delicious

This recipe is so simple and probably one of those recipes where you might have most ingredients stocked in your pantry. These power bowls are remarkable in terms of flavor. 

They taste like all of the Mediterranean packed in a bowl. The flavors are fragrant and just delicious. The recipe includes couscous, which can be modified very well. 

The power bowl is also loaded with a bunch of nutritious veggies. Once ready, you must top it off with tomatoes, vinaigrette, avocados, feta cheese, and parsley! 

The link to this quick and easy recipe is right here

82. Creamy Lentils With Artichoke Sauté

Creamy Lentils with Kale Artichoke Salad
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

Unless you are a big fan of lentils, this recipe might appeal to you less. But if you want to try something that is utterly simple yet very comforting and healthy, these lentils are perfect! 

The beautiful creamy texture of lentils almost makes them melt in your mouth. The lentils are cooked with a rich vegetable broth and served with artichoke hearts. There is also an ingredient here that surprised me quite a bit! 

Romano cheese! Cheese in lentils is a new concept, and I was wondering if the combination would work. But to my surprise, it tastes lovely! Serve with a slice of toasted sourdough bread to soak it all up. 

Try out these creamy lentils with the given recipe.

83. Mushroom Tacos

Image Credit – Half Baked Harvest

This is your sign to try some classic mushroom tacos! Mushrooms don’t stop surprising me with their versatility! The portobello mushrooms used in this recipe are meaty, hearty, and delicious. 

Mushroom tacos are as simple as they can get. The mushrooms are so meaty and delicious; you don’t need much to add to the flavor. The mushrooms are first sauteed with garlic and cilantro. 

This also includes a few spices, like chili powder, smoked paprika, and a generous amount of orange juice. Finally, these tacos are topped with freshly made pineapple salsa! 

Making mushroom tacos has never been as easy as this recipe.

84. Pinto Bean Salad

Pinto Bean Salad
Image Credit – The New Baguette

You know that a recipe can be made relatively quickly and efficiently when it is dorm approved! It was created by the person who developed this recipe during their undergraduate days at college. When you can cook something as a student, that recipe has to be quick! 

This pinto salad is one of the best and quickest vegetarian meals you could prepare. An authentic Mexican delight, the recipe is also very versatile. It also consists of shiitake mushrooms.

Mixed with simple flavors and textures, but the mushrooms themselves add a lot of flavors. If you have leftovers, use this to fill a wrap and enjoy!

Here is the recipe to make a pinto bean salad at home.

85. Jollof Rice

Image Credit – Urban Farmie

This rice dish is also often referred to as ‘party rice.’ I have talked about quite a few cuisines in this post, but Western African cuisine was something I surely did not want to miss out on. 

Jollof rice is a classic from Nigeria and a popular dish. Jollof rice is all made in a single pot, which makes it easy. Moreover, it is ready quickly, as you need to combine a few ingredients. 

The rice dish is infused with peppers, tomatoes, and onions, all of which add a lot to the flavor of this overall dish. Lastly, this dish stands out because there is a layer of crispy rice at the base, which is like the heart of this dish. 

Here is how you can easily make jollof rice at home.

86. Vegetarian Chili

Vegetarian Chili
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

Chili is one of those favorite dishes for most non-vegetarians. Chili is so versatile; it can be enjoyed on its own, on hot dogs, or even on fries. Although the beef added to chili adds much flavor and texture, vegetarian chili is also great. 

If you are a vegetarian who has always wondered what chili tastes like, then for sure, try this recipe out. This chili is packed with meat, sundried tomatoes, and vegetarian meat crumbs, making it hearty. 

To compensate for the meat, this recipe is packed with portobello mushrooms, giving it a lovely umami flavor. Overall, this vegetarian chili can be an excellent replacement for regular chili any day! 

Don’t shy away from trying out this recipe for vegetarian chili.

87. Creamy Tortellini Soup

Image Credit – Tastes Better From Scratch

Tortellini is a delicious stuffed pasta that is very versatile. While we have already seen tortellini recipes with a thick sauce base, why not try it with soup? The soup is creamy, which is why this recipe is delicious. 

The tortellini is filled with cheese, but you can also pick a fancy type of tortellini if you would like. The one with three cheeses does taste the best with this sauce base. Although the soup may taste very creamy, it is not unhealthy. 

The soup base is made with a thick vegetable broth, to which just a bit of cream is added. The broth being as rich as it is, complements the tortellini well. If you want some extra carbohydrates with this dish, serve it alongside a slice of toasted bread. 

Here is how you can make creamy tortellini soup at home.

88. Black Bean And Sweet Potato Rice Bowl

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Rice Bowls
Image Credit – The Candid Cooks

Rice bowls are one of the easiest things to make if you are too tired of options like sandwiches and pasta. Rice bowls can be customized to your liking, which is my favorite. 

This recipe for rice bowl is straightforward and self-explanatory, as per the name. The recipe uses sweet potatoes instead of regular ones, as they add much nutritional value to the dish.

But you can also use regular yellow potatoes if you would like. The black beans in this recipe add a lot of protein and some texture. The sweet potatoes add texture, and the mild spices blend the flavors. 

If you are in the mood for a simple rice bowl, check out this recipe.

89. Asian Lettuce Salad

Asian Lettuce Salad
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

You know those days when it is so hot outside, your stomach practically cannot take too much food? In situations like these, my family and I like sticking to light meals that are also nutritious. 

One such delicious meal that will work perfectly for a hot summer day is an Asian lettuce salad. This salad is nutritionally dense, along with being tasty. The salad is also simple yet complex when it comes to flavors. 

This Asian lettuce salad is packed with protein from edamame. It has a few complex flavor profiles, like radishes, oranges, almonds, and a sesame and ginger salad dressing! There is also some brown rice added to this salad. 

The recipe to make this Asian-inspired salad is right here.

90. Black Bean Enchilada Casserole

Image Credit – The Gracious Wife

Enchiladas are a favorite at my place simply because the filling is so delicious. They have taken the classic enchiladas up a notch in this recipe by turning them into a heart casserole! 

This casserole is packed with enchiladas and a delicious filling made with black beans. The beans are great and add a lot of protein and texture to the filling. The spices used in this recipe are also minimal. 

You can also add some extra protein to this recipe if you would like, in the form of tofu or even meat if you are willing to. Lastly, the enchiladas are topped with some cheese, making the whole experience worth it. 

Here is how you can make black bean enchilada casserole at home.

91. Southwestern Vegetables and Rice

Southwestern Vegetables and Rice
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

Want a one-pot rice recipe that is also packed with protein? Then this recipe for southwestern vegetables and rice is undoubtedly worth your time! What I like best about this recipe is the gooey and cheesy top. 

The rice dish is simple, as it is made with instant rice, saving quite some time. But you can also use the rice at home from scratch. 

This recipe also has frozen corn, frozen vegetarian meat crumbs, concussed tomatoes, and fire-roasted tomatoes. The only spice added to this dish is cumin, which shines with the Monterey jack cheese. 

Making southwestern vegetables and rice has never been easier than with this recipe.

92. Buffalo Tofu Wrap

Buffalo Tofu Wrap
Image Credit – Taste Of Home

Buffalo chicken is excellent, but I bet you have never tried buffalo tofu! Tofu would not be the first protein I’d pick, either. But the flavor of spicy buffalo sauce gels pretty well with the taste of tofu. 

This recipe consists of extra-firm tofu, which is quite essential. If you go for any other type, remember it will have a different consistency. You can use firm tofu if you like but try not to go for soft or silken. 

Once you crumble the tofu and combine it with the ingredients mentioned in the recipe, all the flavors come together beautifully. The wrap also has some spinach, which also adds to the overall nutritional value.

The recipe to make buffalo tofu wrap at home is right here.

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30 minute vegetarian dinner ideas

92 Delicious 30-Minute Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Plenty of vegetarian recipes can easily be made in under 30 minutes. These recipes include vegetarian pad thai, black bean burgers, bhindi masala, chickpea curry, kimchi fried rice, and walnut pesto pasta.


  • Vegetarian Lasagna
  • Kimchi Fried Rice
  • Zucchini 'Crab' Cakes
  • Falafel with Canned Chickpeas
  • Roasted Vegetable Burrito
  • Walnut Pesto Pasta
  • Cauliflower Tikka Masala with Chickpeas
  • Goat Cheese and Arugula Sandwiches
  • Mushroom Tart
  • Tofu Scramble
  • Aloo Gobi
  • Lavash Pizza
  • Quinoa and Black Bean Stuffed Peppers
  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
  • Mushroom Burgers
  • Ravioli with Squash Sauce
  • Mushroom and Tofu Stir Fry
  • Gochujang Fried Rice
  • Bhindi Masala
  • Cabbage and Noodles
  • Black Pepper Tofu
  • Thai Peanut Noodles
  • Warm Squash and Quinoa Salad
  • Chana Masala
  • Tomato Mac and Cheese
  • Apple and White Cheddar Tarts
  • Frittata with Asparagus, Burrata, and Herb Pesto
  • Vegetable Stroganoff
  • Roasted Cauliflower Salad
  • Jeera Aloo
  • Waffled Falafel
  • Mushroom French Dip
  • Vegetarian Nicoise Salad
  • Vegetable Curry
  • Skillet Mac and Cheese
  • Vegetarian Pad Thai
  • Black Bean and Oats Burgers
  • Garlic Spaghetti
  • Coconut Chickpea Curry
  • Tomato and Cheese Sandwich
  • Cheesy Black Bean Dip
  • Stuffed Potatoes
  • Portobello Fajitas
  • Grilled Veggie Pizza
  • Paneer Butter Masala
  • Garlic Mushroom Cheese Toast
  • Farro Salad
  • Chickpea and Red Onion Burgers
  • Mini Lasagnas
  • White Bean Gnocchi
  • Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tostada
  • Chow Mein
  • Dal Tadka
  • Mushroom Hunter's Sauce
  • Guacamole Tossed Salad
  • Tuscan Ravioli
  • Vegetarian Chimichangas
  • Lemon Ricotta Pasta with Spinach
  • Summer Vegetable Flatbreads
  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Pizza Quesadillas
  • One Pot Enchilada Pasta
  • Grilled Chickpea Salad Sandwich
  • Grilled Eggplant Sandwiches
  • Chickpea Taboulleh
  • Vegetarian Burritos
  • Quick Italian Skillet
  • Brown Butter Gnocchi
  • Cauliflower Curry
  • Bulgur Salad
  • Black Bean Quesadillas
  • Corn and Spinach Sandwich
  • Loaded Mexican Pizza
  • Zucchini Boats
  • Okra Tomato Stew
  • Air-Fryer Spinach and Feta Turnovers
  • Spiced Chickpea Wrap
  • Hummus Tostada
  • Black Bean Nachos
  • Egg Bhurji
  • Greek Power Bowls
  • Creamy Lentils with Artichoke Saute
  • Mushroom Tacos
  • Pinto Bean Salad
  • Jollof Rice
  • Vegetarian Chili
  • Creamy Tortellini Soup
  • Black Bean and Sweet Potato Rice Bowl
  • Asian Lettuce Salad
  • Black Bean Enchilada Salad
  • Southwestern Vegetables and Rice
  • Buffalo Tofu Wrap


  • Select the recipe you want to cook.
  • Click on the recipe link.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sort of cuisines have been covered with these recipes?

This article covers an array of cuisines with recipes like Indian, Italian, Mexican, African, and good old American. 

Can little changes be made to the recipes mentioned above? 

Yes, you can change the recipes mentioned above as per your preference. 

Are all the recipes mentioned above beginner friendly? 

Not all of them, but quite a few recipes mentioned in this article are beginner-friendly. 

Does this article also have vegan recipes? 

Yes, there are quite a few recipes here that are also vegan-friendly. 

Are the ingredients used for the recipes too specific? 

No, most of the recipes use ingredients that can commonly be found in most supermarkets. 


Vegetarian food can be a delight to make! But when it comes to vegetarian recipes, some of them can take time to get by. The great thing about vegetarian food is that it does not take as long to cook as meat, which is a huge plus! 

The recipes mentioned in this article can all be made in 30 minutes or under! The recipes are also versatile in terms of which ingredients you can use. Most of these recipes also have easy substitute options. 

We have tried to cover recipes from quite a few parts of the world, which makes the whole list even more enjoyable. So based on your mood, you can pick your favorite cuisine and recipe, and you’d be good to go! 

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