Last Minute Gluten Free Dinner Ideas

60 Wholesome Last-Minute Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas

We try everything possible for a healthy body and sane mind. Eating right defines and objectifies our state of life. We should also be ready for a fast-paced life where we don’t slog away in the kitchen to prepare meticulous recipes. In this article, we have curated a list of last-minute gluten-free ideas you may like.

Some of the last-minute gluten-free ideas that you will find interesting are sheet-pan chicken and veggies, veggie stir-fry, zoodles, chicken avocado wraps, honey garlic salmon, and baked potatoes. Other dairy-free dishes to consider are dairy-free mashed potatoes, dairy-free ice cream, green bean casserole, condensed cream of mushroom soup, and Brussels sprouts and squash.

You don’t need to overcomplicate things when you are making these dishes. They are either whipped at the last minute or get ready within 30 minutes maximum. We have tried to include protein and veggies in almost every recipe. You always need to have an assortment of frozen or fresh meat and some vegetables at hand to make these recipes. 

Let us jump right into the list of gluten-free dishes that can be made at the last minute. This will be a perfect menu for you to try, one dish at a time. You can also innovate and experiment with new dishes that you find captivating in the below laid-out recipes.

Last-Minute Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas

Gluten-free dishes are considered to be healthy with low-calorie and low-carb options mostly. The below curated Last-minute gluten-free dinner ideas are wholesome and extremely nutritious. You can try some of them at least once by just following the recipe instructions.

1. Sheet Pan Chicken And Veggies

sheet pan chicken and veg
Image Credits – Taste Of Home

Sheet pan chicken and veggies are the ultimate one-pan last-minute gluten-free dinner meal. They are versatile and can be customized to the liking of even picky eaters. You will just need a trusty sheet pan and some pantry staples that are regularly available at home.

The vegetables that you use can be seasonal and according to your preference. Veggies like cauliflower, cabbage, green beans, squash, peppers, shallots, broccoli, and potatoes are regular additions. However, you can make it more healthy by adding some greens, brussels sprouts, and butternut squash.

All the vegetables don’t cook at the same temperature, and some of them might turn juicy sooner when subjected to heat. This recipe demands crispy half-cooked vegetables. So make sure you cook all of them to similar consistency.

You can also get creative with the addition of herbs. A regular garlic flavor seasoning can be alternated with mustard-blend and lime juice with some chili powder. You can also swap cilantro, rosemary, or sage for parsley too. 

Chicken thighs work better, but if you have a whole chicken, breaking them into 2 parts would be perfect. This dish is combined with millet or quinoa that gel well with the flavor of this dish.

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2. Veggie Stir-Fry

vegetable stir fry
Image Credits – Dinner At The Zoo

Veggie stir-fry is an amazing dish that you can make with leftovers. We love to get the frozen veggies out once and for all to heat them or fry them. This dish is also visually appealing as they look like a rainbow placed on your plate and is sometimes even called a rainbow stir-fry. This would be the most attractive last-minute gluten-free dinner meal that instigates your temptation.

The normal veggies that would be included in this dish are sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, and shallots. Beef and diced chicken are also added to this dish to satisfy meat lovers. This vegetable stir-fry is consumed as a gluten-free meal by siding it with millet or quinoa. Rice noodles are swapped with gluten-free spaghetti noodles as well.

Gluten-free spaghetti noodles can get a bit mushy when cooked, so you need to be careful not to overcook them. This stir fry can be paired with ginger sesame tofu salad. Lime, ginger, garlic, and pepper would be the obvious spice additions.

How about we go further and add some rosemary, sage, and cilantro as well? If you think it would be too much for the dish, then this can be avoided. Keeping it simple is the beauty of the dish, and you can let it remain that way as well.

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3. Zoodles

Image Credits – Wholesome Yum

Zoodles is the right recipe if you are serious about your low-carb plan. It is one of the healthiest last-minute gluten-free dinner ideas to think about. Spiralized zucchini as noodles emulate the appearance and the flavor of the latter. The zucchinis, when spiraled, gets watery in the process. So it is better to press the zoodles with paper towels to squeeze out the water.

These sliced zoodles need not be cooked as it helps retain some sort of crispy texture that way. It can be combined with cooked veggies and spices at the last minute to make it like noodles. You should remember that the zoodles carry slight bitterness that comes from the zucchini. So spices, herbs, and seasonings you add to the zoodles will help reduce that bitterness making it eligible to eat.

Parmesan cheese atop the zoodles would be a fine choice, as the dry cheese would blend well with it. You can also mold the zoodles like pasta, either with tomato sauce or white sauce. It feels light on your tummy and provides a good dose of vitamins, minerals, and fiber-packed in the meal.

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4. Chicken Avocado Wraps

chicken avocado wraps
Image Credits – Salt And Baker

Chicken Avocado wraps are the perfect go-to snack or food for a last-minute gluten-free dinner plan. We wrap all the ingredients of the recipe in the burrito-sized tortilla, so it is easy to eat it on the go without creating a mess. 

You can use any type of chicken right from a rotisserie, boiled, or shredded. Sometimes you can even opt for leftover chicken or pulled chicken. The chicken is placed on the skillet and cooked for 5 to 7 minutes, front and back. 

The wraps can be served as it is, but I like to grill them once after assembling them. This will help retain a crisp texture on the surface. If you are planning to use it as a takeout meal, it can be covered in a foil or a zip lock bag to keep its structure intact. You should also be careful about not over-filling the tortillas as they won’t be able to wrap all the contents. 

You are free to add any ingredients of your choice, like peppers, onions, and bacon. Sour cream instead of cheese would work as well. If you don’t have tortillas, you can also use tacos. Another important fact you have to remember about this recipe is that you can store it in the refrigerator for some time, not overnight. If it stays longer in the fridge, the avocados will brown, and the lettuce leaves will lose their freshness.

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5. Easy Honey Garlic Salmon

Easy honey garlic salmon
Image Credits – Cafe Delites

Easy honey garlic salmon is a healthy and delicious dish that can be made with just 5 ingredients. I use frozen salmon for this recipe and drizzle the roasted salmon with garlic, honey, and other seasonings. It can be air fried for 10 minutes to come out all perfect. This process is deemed to be healthy as there is no usage of oil.

The salmon can also be seared in a hot pan to get crispy on the surface and moist in the layers. Leaving the skin on the salmon helps preserve some moisture while cooking. The skin also helps the salmon from dissipating at high heat when it is flipped. The skin is allowed to cool a bit and then removed. 

You have to be aware of the fact that the salmon cannot be overcooked. It has to reach a temperature of 130 to 135 degrees. It should be allowed to rest after that process. The resting period is also calculated as the cooking time. 

Before the salmon is seared, it must be patted well with a paper towel to remove the excess moisture. This will help in giving the salmon a nice crust once seared. You should also be wary about how and when you flip the salmon in the pan. If it is sticky, then that side has to be roasted longer. The above tips will help a great deal in rendering the best honey-garlic salmon you have ever tasted, which will be a delicious last-minute gluten-free dinner idea. 

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6. Dairy-Free Mashed Potatoes

dairy free mashed potatoes
Image Credits – Go Dairy Free

Dairy-free mashed potato is like a normal mashed potato dish which is the no.1 comfort food in America. Mashed potatoes are imagined to be silky, whipped, and filled with flecks of butter and cream. Believe me, when I say you can prepare dairy-free mashed potatoes in the same way, and no one will be able to spot a difference.

To do that, you can either use soymilk, soy creamer, earth balance butter sticks, flax milk, cashew milk, dairy-free cream cheese, vegan butter, or dairy-free butter. Any two combinations of butter, cream, and cheese from the aforementioned choices can be used for this recipe. 

These dairy-free mashed potatoes can be stored in the fridge for 3 days and not more than that. Hence it is better not to have any leftovers in this dish. You may have to mix some more dairy-free milk before reheating the dish to be served later.

Dairy-free cream cheese is quite hard, so rest it at room temperature before mixing it in the mashed potatoes. This will help soften the cheese and thus blend them well into the potatoes. Once the potatoes are boiled, pat them dry before mixing the ingredients. This will help absorb the flavor rather than getting diluted with water retention from the boiling process. 

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7. Green Bean Casserole

green bean casserole
Image Credits – Campbell’s

Green bean casserole is a tried, classic, and elegant last-minute gluten-free dish that everyone loves. This is usually made for Thanksgiving and is usually paired with Oven-baked turkey. This recipe uses fresh mushrooms salted and caramelized with onions and garlic.

My favorite part of this casserole recipe is the topping of crispy onions, which takes the dish to the next level. This dish is much better with all fresh ingredients, right, from beans to mushrooms. However, using canned green beans would not be so bad, but you may not get the crispness that you crave.

I stick with a classic cream of mushroom soup as a replacement for mushroom and cream. This is the best shortcut that would blend all the ingredients together very well. This recipe is popularized as the soupy combination of green beans. However, I would reduce the amount of liquid and make the dish a tad thicker. 

A thick green bean casserole would be much better to be served alongside pumpkin dinner rolls, baked mac, and cheese, lentil loaf, grilled mushrooms, oven-fried chicken, instant pot BBQ ribs, garlic parmesan roasted sweet potatoes, or a shaved brussels sprouts salad. 

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8. Condensed Cream Of Mushroom Soup

condensed cfeam of mushrom soup
Image Credits – The Yummy Bowl

Condensed cream of mushroom soup is the easiest last-minute gluten-free dinner idea. Milk is considered to be gluten-free, and hence this dish can be prepared without any guilt. If you decide to go vegan, then unsweetened almond milk, soy milk, and cashew milk can help you accomplish that.

This could be served with crunchy French bread or a nice healthy green salad to make it a wholesome meal. Interestingly it can also be used as a casserole dish if you make it slightly thicker.

When you are making this condensed cream of mushroom soup, it is important you use proper oil for a seamless taste. Butter is gluten-free, and hence that can be used to saute the mushrooms. However, if you are a vegan, then you can either use grapeseed oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, or even canola oil. These oils are typical and go well with creamy dishes. 

You are in full control of how flavored this recipe turns out to be. If you are going to use this as an ingredient for another dish, then keep the mushrooms from getting too browned. If you want it fully flavored, then you can cook the onions and mushrooms until they turn golden brown. Frying them could also be a better option that way.

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9. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Pudding

gluten-free pumpkin bread pudding
Image Credits – Gluten Free Easily

This Gluten-free pumpkin bread pudding is the new-age fall recipe that is destined to become your favorite. This is a decadent dessert and apparently works as a dinner meal as well. You should have gluten-free pumpkin bread at home when you want to prepare this dish. 

If you want to speed up the process of making this recipe, then cubing it and drying it in the oven for 10 minutes will reach the needed texture. Pumpkin bread usually has a lot of moisture, but we intend to make the pudding with crispy pieces interspersed in the dish.

This pudding can easily mess up the pan and get sticky when the dish is done. So using parchment paper in the pan would work well. Most people use 3 eggs and 2 cups of milk, but I go ahead and use 6 eggs to increase the richness.

I top my gluten-free pumpkin bread pudding with vanilla ice cream, coconut bliss, nada moo, and homemade chocolate sauce or even caramel sauce. This is one of the sweetest last-minute gluten-free dinner ideas to relish upon.

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10. Honey Maple Roasted Carrots

honey roasted carrots
Image Credits – Sandra Valvassori

Honey maple roasted carrots is a major hit gluten-free dinner recipe that is also a perfect Thanksgiving meal. This would be no less than a plate of candy that will please a bunch of people. I add pomegranate arils and sesame seeds to the dish, and they just elevate the flavor.

You can try to innovate the dish as per your liking. The regular garnishing agents are thymes and chives. If you are not a fan of them, then rosemary or oregano could be fine. It would also work wonders if you don’t add any herbs. The plain carrot and pomegranate flavor is also delightful, as it is with the seasoning.

For the best results of the recipe, just buy medium-sized carrots which are easy to peel and slice. The smaller ones will be too sweet and they get cooked very fast to become too soft. If you want to hasten the process, prepare the carrots prior and keep them refrigerated before you prepare the dish.

The aroma of freshly crushed coriander in this honey maple-glazed carrots would make it exceptional. Coriander seed has a bright, citrusy flavor and pairs perfectly with sweet carrots. You can enjoy this as a pre-meal starter or even as a healthy dessert to finish a meal.

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11. Vegan Wraps

vegan wraps
Image Credits – Minimalist Baker

The vegan wrap is the most versatile last-minute gluten-free dinner idea that you will enjoy. There are actually different types of vegan wraps that you can try and all of them can be wrapped up sooner if you have the ingredients. There are hummus vegan wraps, sweet potato chickpeas vegan wraps, vegan jackfruit wraps, vegan falafel wraps, etc.

You can just wrap any vegetable that you deem as a favorite and mold it according to your preference. I love spinach tortillas, but you can use any large tortillas. You can totally avoid tortillas and go with lettuce wraps which are more healthy. Guacamole and avocados are deemed optional additions, but they just spruce up the flavor.

When you make wraps, there is something you should know about filling and folding wraps. You should make sure all the filling ingredients are folded tightly inside the tortillas. Start from the middle layer of the tortilla and leave about a half-inch space when you are done. 

These wraps will keep well in the fridge for 2 to 3 days. In fact, they would taste much better the next day. So you can go ahead and prepare extra wraps and use them for lunch or dinner the next day as well.

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12. Vegducken

Image Credits – Hot For Food

Vegducken is a super delicious meatless last-minute gluten-free dinner dish, even though the name is slightly misleading. Vegducken is nothing but a dish made by cutting the bigger veggies in half and scraping away the bottom to stuff another vegetable. It could just as easily be a butternut squash to pumpkin or even brinjal, for that matter.

The inside stuffing could very well be the scraped layers of any other vegetable as well. It could also be some fancy mix of vegetables like sauteed mushrooms, shallots, green onions, and potatoes with appropriate seasonings. This is actually a vegetarian version of stuffed turkey and can actually be replaced. You can be innovative and tie up one Vegducken with another as long as they are lined up properly. 

To scrape the inside layers of butternut squash, you need to cut some chunks of the vegetable and fill in the cavity with hot water for some time. This will soften the squash, apparently making some of the remaining flesh to be carved out as well. This will also open up some extra space for stuffing.

If you find it laborious to tie up the halves before baking, you can just bake it with the cavity opened with the stuffing. This is a slightly meticulous recipe, but once done properly, it ends up being very delicious. If you get used to the recipe, it does not take more than 10 minutes to prepare the dish.

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13. Roasted Brussels Sprouts And Squash

roasted brussel sprouts and squash
Image Credits – Cooking For My Soul

Roasted Brussels sprouts and squash is a perfect glute-free dinner meal, even for haters of Brussels sprouts. Roasting the Brussels sprouts will make them more appetizing than regular ones. You can increase the temperature as high as 450 degrees F for about 20 minutes to roast them. 

You also use butternut squash in the dish, so slice them proportional to the size of Brussels sprouts so that they get roasted evenly. Roasted cranberries as toppings would help enhance the flavor of the dish. The dressing you make for the vegetable should be enough to coat all of them.

If you plan to add some more vegetables, then get ready to increase the amount of dressing as well. You don’t need to overcoat the dressing agent so much on all the vegetables; just a subtle rub on the surface would suffice. The vegetables can also be roasted ahead of time and then given a blast of over 10 to 15 minutes before serving. This is a low-calorie dish that can be eaten guilt-free.

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14. Paleo Pumpkin Scones With Maple Icing

Paleo pumpkin
Image Credits – Eat Well Enjoy Life

Paleo pumpkin scones with maple icing are the best pumpkin recipe that you can muster with minimal ingredients. The texture of these scones is expected to be slightly drier and less fluffy than regular muffins. This last-minute gluten-free dinner idea comes across as nutritionally viable as well.

If the pumpkin is on the wet side, then it is better to pat it with a drain towel to remove the moisture. You can also roast the pumpkin and use it. Canned pumpkins are also a good option. If you think the finished scones are very dry, then a little bit of coconut milk can mitigate the issue.

You may wonder about the name paleo in the name of the dish. It refers to the sugar being used in the scone. It is actually a mixture of maple sugar and tapioca flour to create paleo powdered sugar. You can also use paleo baking powder for this recipe.

These paleo pumpkin scones can be frozen without any problem. In fact, it can be frozen right away after baking. However, icing the scones after reheating them would be perfect. It can also be enjoyed cold after being refrigerated.

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15. Crispy Gluten-Free Eggplant Parmesan

crispy egplant armesan
Image Credits – Minimalist Baker

Crispy gluten-free eggplant parmesan is a dish that is an easy and tasty way to use eggplant. This is a northern Chinese delicacy that features a juicy filling and a super crispy crust. It is like fried dumpling with eggplant to replace the dough wrapper. 

The eggplant releases moisture before and after cooking. It might be crispy when it is fresh out of the pan but would turn soggy after some time. The best way to retain its crispiness is to just double-fry the stuffed eggplants. 

Double frying would not be an extra step or a laborious process since you are already doing it once. You will just have to drop it in the oil once again. Of course, you will use a mixture of gluten-free flour and almond milk with gluten-free panko breadcrumbs to dip the eggplants.

The stuffing has to be as thick as the eggplant itself. Over-stuffing can lead to undercooking and hamper its texture. Make sure the dipping batter is runny but thick enough to stick to the eggplant. This can be served with a dipping sauce or a stir-fry sauce. This is one of the most fulfilling last-minute gluten-free dinner ideas you might want to give a try.

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16. Scalloped Sweet Potatoes

scalloped sweet potatoes
Image Credits – Natasha’s Kitchen

Scalloped sweet potatoes are vegan and as well as paleo dish. This one-pan gluten-free dinner idea would be great for holiday tables and occasions. This recipe is also a great way to incorporate sweet potatoes into your diet regime. 

It will be useful if you will have a handheld mandolin to slice the sweet potatoes. This will help thinly slice the sweet potatoes into equal sizes. All pieces will bake at the same time and at the same consistency. Baking is the right procedure to be followed, but you can also fry them after they have been seasoned. However, you have to remember to soak the sweet potatoes for some time if you intend to fry them. 

Usually, the skin of the sweet potatoes is peeled off. However, this dish can be prepared without peeling as well. The results won’t change much, but you might have to compromise a bit on the creamy texture. You can either top the potatoes with cheese and bake or bake it and then decorate the dish with cheese topping. Both methods work effectively.

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17. Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

Image Credits – The Recipe Critic

Bacon-wrapped Brussels Sprouts are a great replacement for cake pops. They make a great party appetizer. You may add some toothpicks and side it with dipping sauces like pure maple syrup, ranch, or Dijon. They are usually served as a side dish for Salisbury steak or baked chicken breast.

You may have to use fresh Brussels sprouts rather than frozen. It would also be better if you trim away the rough edges of the outer leaves in the sprouts. Thin bacon would be perfect, as thick bacon won’t be too accurate for the dish.

These are usually baked for 30 minutes, but air frying them is also not all bad. However, you have got to be too careful about not burning them all together. Sprouts cook faster, and you need to keep an eye on them to prevent them from burning.

One tip which might be helpful is that you have to go easy on the salt. Bacon is already salty, and some extra salt for the veggies alone would hamper the flavor. Try combining this with some fried snacks and you will have great time relishing the dish.

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18. Caramelized Onion Spaghetti Squash Casserole

caremelized onion sphagetti
Image Credits – Key Ingredients

Caramelized onion spaghetti squash casserole is a rich last-minute gluten-free dinner meal. In this recipe, mozzarella is substituted by eggs, and yet we have a creamy crust on the surface. It is flavored with caramelized onion, which is the best way to have onion. Spaghetti squash is the best way to enjoy a spaghetti-like dish without having pasta. 

Buy a medium-sized spaghetti squash. A larger one would take time to roast, and the whole process would take time. A pre-packaged fresh spaghetti squash from the store would also suffice. Just make sure it is not past the expiry date.

If you microwave the squash for 5 minutes before roasting it, it will soften up a bit and roast quickly. I would like to add some golden raisins to the sauté for the last few minutes. This recipe can be doctored up a bit according to your preference. I added some feta, garlic, and some umami seasoning, and it worked wonders. You can serve this amazing dish with roasted asparagus to make it wholesome.

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19. Herbed Wild Rice And Quinoa Stuffing

herbed wild rice
Image Credits – Good Life Eats

Herbed wild rice and quinoa stuffing is an amazing last-minute gluten-free dinner dish that subsumes cranberries, pecans, apples, and fresh herbs. This is a flavorful dish for veggie and meat lovers. Quinoa and wild rice is loaded with proteins and fiber to keep your digestive tract running smooth.

Herbs like sage, oregano, and rosemary are rich in antioxidants to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and help prevent cancer. People who like wild rice can use it fully. I used half and half blend of wild rice and brown rice. You can add a drop of wine when the rice is simmering with tart berries, apples, veggies, and vegetable broth. 

You can also try making this dish prior and leave the baking for the right time. The nuts and cranberries can be added just before the baking, and it would totally work. This dish would sit a day long in the fridge, and hence there is no problem trying this storage tip.

If quinoa is not among your favorites, then adding couscous in place of quinoa would give you a similar flavor. Couscous cooks easily with less liquid, so it is better to cook it separately and then add it to the dish. This is one of the healthy and wholesome last-minute gluten-free dinner idea to give it a try.

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20. Gluten-Free Monkey Bread

gluten-free monkey bread
Image Credits – Gluten Free On A Shoe String

This gluten-free monkey bread is an absolute crowd-pleaser. This is also a funky and quirky last-minute gluten-free dinner meal that everyone will enjoy. It is extremely delicious but not so nutritionally viable. You could make this once every month or on special occasions. 

This monkey bread has to be fluffy and puffy on the surface. So once the batter is ready, just make it sit for at least 15 minutes so that it rises enough. Also, when baking is done, allow the monkey bread to rest in the baking pan for about 5 minutes. This will allow the bread to come out easily.

The name is unique, and you must wonder why it is called monkey bread. This is considered to be a staple finger food, and people eat it by picking apart the bread with their fingers like a monkey does. So historians gave this name to the dish, and it has also gained traction over the years. 

The side dish that is perfect for monkey bread are roasted potatoes, bacon, eggs, sausage, and pancakes. It can also be served with fruit salad, Greek yogurt, or a simple green smoothie. You can binge on it as a standalone pre-meal appetizer.

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21. Peanut Butter Tahini Noodles

tahini noodles
Image Credits – My Gluten Free Guide

Peanut butter tahini noodles are a last-minute gluten-free dinner dish that is made time and time again. This recipe has always gotten very good feedback from people who have tried this at home.  You can either use either a leftover roasted chicken or a fresh chicken breast. Both the version will work wonders.

The quantity of chicken can be anything, or this choice can be omitted completely. This can be made as plain noodles with some seasonal nutty toppings or even with veggies or meat. Any brand or flavored noodles would work. Some of the prominent options include wok ribbon rice noodles, flat rice noodle brands, rice sticks, or even plain Ramen noodles.

This is usually pre-cooked to be flavored later, but I keep some bite to let it get cooked in the sauce. You need them in long strands, and over-softening them would break the noodles leaving them mushy. Another modification you can do to your free will is that you can substitute the noodles with pasta, spaghetti, or even fettuccini. 

The measurement and additions are quite flexible and can be easily altered to your preference. You can also add some chili sauce if you want it any more spicy. Tahini is the white sesame and is extremely good for health. So altogether, this dish is filled with nutrition.

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22. Avocado Quesadillas

avocado quesadila
Image Credits – Healthy Little Foodies

Avocado quesadillas are ideal for rustling something up in a hurry. It can either be served hot from the pan or allowed to cool to be served with tomato salsa or any dip. This is also a great dish to use up all the leftovers. It is one of the fun and interesting last-minute gluten-free dinner ideas that is tempting to be given a try.

Anything from leftover chicken to beef and veggies from last night can be used to make this dish. The best thing about this dish is that it can be cut into wedges, cooled, and packed away for a picnic. They will maintain the texture and flavor even after a few hours. I use gluten-free tortillas for this dish.

The butter burns quickly, so you need to keep an eye on when it melts and then add the tortillas. Cutting the quesadillas into triangles allows for easier serving and dipping.  Do not overfill the quesadillas too much. This might lead to spillage.

You have to leave some buffer space in the quesadillas even to smoothen the flipping process. We make quesadillas with 2 or more tortillas. However, you can just use a single tortilla and fold it over to make a smaller quesadilla. 

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23. Healthy Chicken Kebabs

healthy chicken kebabs
Image Credits – My Gluten Free Guide

These healthy chicken kebabs stay wonderfully moist thanks to the yogurt marinade. The spices and herbs flavors the dish to our expectations. This can be sided with Greek salad, Gluten-free bread, and homemade pea hummus. This is one of the healthiest gluten-free dinner ideas to be cherished.

The chicken can be smoothened with the chicken kebab marinade. The chicken can also be basted with marinade before it is fried. I choose to bake the kebab once before shoving it in the frying pan to get it golden brown. 

Chicken kebabs can be made with smaller chicken pieces. However, I use ground chicken instead of chicken breast. This makes the dish more juicy. Finding a good quality chicken will yield the best result. The better quality comes from the farm meat. You can also choose to use air-chilled chicken. It adds some weight to the chicken, so there is more flesh.

Baked chicken, on the other hand, is a lean meat. If you want a healthy option, you can go for this. If you intend to use a whole chicken, remove the skin and use it. This will smoothen your digestion process. It is quite softer in the inner layers and crispy in the outer surface.

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24. French Toast

french toast
Image Credits – Gluten Free Foodie

French toast is an incredibly easy dish and a legit last-minute gluten-free dinner choice. If you cannot tolerate dairy, then you can opt for a dairy-free milk alternative. Gluten-free bread will help accomplish this task. It will look like you are having regular French toast with no visible differences.

Do you know stale bread is the best fit to make French toast? Save the last preserved bread loaves to become stale so that you can make perfect French toast. You also have to soak the bread in the custard mix for French toast. However, it cannot be drowned in the custard mix for more than 15 seconds.

What is French toast if you cannot consume it hot? So keep the oven in the warm mode to constantly keep it warm until you eat. An electric griddle at hand would be more useful for this purpose. You can actually opt for multiple gluten-free toppings such as powdered sugar, chocolate, caramel, lemon curd, whipped cream, and chopped nuts.

You can serve this with eggs, gluten-free meats, and gluten-free hashbrowns too. French toast should be good enough to be eaten within a week if you are refrigerating. If you intend to keep it longer, the freezer can take over that task from then on. 

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25. Chicken, Nectarine, And Blackberry Salad

chicken nectarine salsd
Image Credits – Aldi

Chicken, nectarine, and blackberry salad are eaten alongside garlic bread to make it a wholesome meal. This is a seasonal and natural gluten-free salad that features two of my favorite ingredients, nectarines, and blackberries.

This dish is perfect for using up leftover roast chicken. Chicken has to be roasted well enough for this dish. Hence waiting in front of the skillet to flip the chicken and get it all golden brown will defeat the purpose of making a quick dinner. Instead of that, you can use a panini press to get the chicken roasted quickly. Again, this is a personal choice and is left to the convenience of the consumers.

You can also make the dressing a day before and then whip up the meat and berries at the last minute. This hastens the process of preparing this salad. Sour cream is not a regular addition to this salad, but I like to add some to enrichen its flavor. A nice tweak in the recipe would be to add some avocados and wild rice to this combination. This would be a sweeter last-minute gluten-free dinner idea that is very captivating by all means.

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26. Avocado Toast With Feta And Pomegranate

avocado taost
Image Credits – Eat Live Do Well

Avocado toast with feta and pomegranate is an inspiring dish from the middle eastern region. This last-minute gluten-free dinner dish also looks beautiful on your platter.  We are all for preparing quick dinners, and sometimes deseeding a pomegranate could be time-consuming. A small pot of readily-prepared pomegranate seeds from the supermarket would do as well.

You can actually use rye bread; a large one or 2 smaller sizes per person would do. Pomegranate seeds give a tarty sweetness. If you want to replace pomegranate seeds, any other seasonal fruit like strawberries, mango, tomato, or even pineapple will be a great choice.

This Avocado toast as a breakfast would be usually accompanied by tea or coffee. As a dinner meal, this can be succeeded with a wine match like zesty sauvignon Blanc from South Africa, Chile, or New Zealand. You can simply eat it with nachos or chips as well.

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27. Greek Zoodles

greek zoodles
Image Credits – Iowa Girl Eats

Greek zoodles are such a versatile gluten-free dinner dish that you can do so much with them. I try to mold them into pad Thai, baked them with a veggie salad, or mixed them with peanut ginger sauce to give an Asian twist, or even use them as a base in lasagna.

There is one problem with zoodles, and that is how soggy it gets with more moist content. Hence the mix of sauce on the zoodles will dilute its taste. One way to mitigate this issue is to dry-fry the spiralized zoodles in a skillet before you can toss them with seasoning agents.

You should either have a spiralizer, a julienne vegetable peeler, or even a mandolin slicer. If you don’t have any of this extensive equipment, you can use a normal vegetable peeler if you don’t mind the zucchini being sliced slightly wider.

20-minute Greek Zoodles is a no-guilt dinner plan that can be consumed without a restriction on the quantity. Zucchini is filled with vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and plenty of potassium. It is a low-calorie and low-carb diet to be relished upon.

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28. Caper-Crusted Salmon

caper crusted salmon
Image Credits – Impulsive Culinarian

Caper-crusted salmon is a simple salmon platter that is here to impress all of us. This salmon with capers is oven-baked in foil until it is tender. Capers are the secret behind this amazing recipe. Capers are basically nothing but berries from capers bush. This caper bush is native to Mediterranean regions. 

They are usually pickled in jars and have a salty, briny, and tangy flavor. They just add flavor to any dish and are prominently found in many salads. Baking a salmon perfectly is slightly tricky. The baked salmon should be moist rather than crispy so that it does not dry out before you eat it. Bringing the salmon in hot water and the salt combination would be perfect to retain its softness. 

Many would be panicked to see white spots on the baked salmon and stall the preparation immediately. There is nothing to worry about, and these white patches are nothing but the coagulated protein that seeps to the surface of the salmon when exposed to heat. It is also called albumin, and apparently, it is healthy. 

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29. Cheesy Salsa Verde Chicken And Rice

salsa verde
Image Credits – Kevin & Amanda

Cheesy Salsa Verde chicken and rice is a quick-fix gluten-free dinner recipe that is also simpler in preparation. Salsa Verde is nothing but a green sauce that is invariably included in most Italian dishes. The combination of chili pepper, garlic, onion, coriander, tomatillo, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, salt, lime, and serrano pepper makes Salsa Verde.

Try using a large pan to make this dish. It is a one-pan meal and contents like rice, liquid, veggies, and chicken will be stirred in the pan. You need a tight-fitting lid to wrap all the moisture to cook the rice. When adding the broth to the dish, try to scrape up from the bottom to flavor the dish. 

You can also use instant rice in this recipe. It will take 5 minutes to cook if the broth is added. This will speed up the preparation, and the yield will be the same quantity-wise and quality-wise. Slicing the chicken into smaller pieces would be helpful to get it cooked in a short time.

There are some variations to this recipe; instead of making Salsa Verde chicken and rice, you can opt for Salsa Verde chicken with beans or Salsa Verde Chicken with peppers. This dish can be frozen and served by reheating it the next day as well.

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30. Cauliflower Fried Rice

cauliflower fried rice
Image Credits – Stem + Spoon

Cauliflower fried rice is the easiest and healthiest last-minute gluten-free dinner meal you can relish. I use frozen cauliflower to prepare the dish, but you can also use fresh cauliflower. I defrost it in the microwave and then use a food processor to grind it into minute particles.

Frozen cauliflower will have a more moist content, so it has to be thawed, or it can be cooked at medium heat to dry out the excessive wetness. If you are using fresh cauliflower, cover the skillet and cook so that the rice is tender. 

If you want to bring it to the consistency of sticky rice, then blend it into thinner pieces and pre-boil or steam the cauliflower before it gets cooked in the pan with other veggies. The good news is this cauliflower fried rice can be stored for 4 to 5 days in the fridge. So there is nothing wrong with having leftovers. 

This cauliflower fried rice can be served alongside many Asian gravies, curries, or salads like orange chicken, sesame chicken, honey chicken, Kung Pao chicken, honey chicken, and General Tso Chicken. This is filled with nutrition and can be included in your daily diet regime to the maximum extent possible.

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31. Salmon Provencal

salmon provencal
Image Credits – Simply Recipes

Salmon Provencal is the best salmon dish exclusively for summer. Provencal is a kind of cuisine that is fixated on native herbs, spices, and vegetables harvested from their habitat. So there is a freshness to this gluten-free dinner idea that is very inspiring.

All the ingredients in a Provencal dish are from local produce, which minimizes the necessity of additional flavors or extra seasoning agents. This kind of dish is also therapeutic in nature because of less adulteration. The taste is also authentic in many sense.

When it comes to this dish, the spices and herbs used in the sauce are going to be Provencal. Baking the salmon in a foil with a flavorful sauce to retain the moisture content is the best way to cook salmon. This way, the salmon won’t get stuck to the pan and can be taken out smoothly when done.

I pour some white wine to enhance the flavor. This is completely optional as you can just stick to the regular Provencal seasoning agents. You can serve this healthy meal along with quinoa salad or even plain cooked herby rice. 

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32. Goat Cheese And Fresh Herb Omelet

goat cheese and mlet
Image Credits – Greatist

This goat cheese and fresh herb omelet is a classic French recipe that is delicious and healthy. The best goat cheese would just enhance the flavor of this dish. This goat cheese has to be topped on the omelet after it is taken out of the pan to get the full flavor.

There are some tips to be followed to make an omelet. Once the egg mixture is poured over the pan, the edges are just given a whisk with the spatula by letting some uncooked eggs run underneath. This process thickens up the edges of the omelet. This will also avoid any tearing up of the corners of the omelets.

Once the omelet is cooked this way, it is then taken out and made to rest for about 3 minutes. This omelet will finish cooking with residual heat. You can also keep the omelet warm by placing them on the parchment sheet in a 200-degree oven. 

It can be served with simple green salads, hash browns, or home fries and healthy banana muffins. It can also be paired with some hot mimosas. Eating it hot from the oven is heavenly and so delightful. Make it fluffy on the surface and quite visually appealing as well.

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33. Salmon With Curried Yogurt And Cucumber Salad

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Salmon with curried yogurt and cucumber salad is a healthy last-minute gluten-free dish that makes you feel good all over. This salmon can be served hot or cold, according to your preference. All the seasonal veggies, along with spices and herbs, can be added to this salad.

You can actually be very creative with this salad and try tweaking the flavor by adding kale, spinach, asparagus or even some fruits like mangoes, tomatoes, or even pineapple and grapes instead of cucumber. This salad can be combined with jasmine rice or any flavored rice.

I like it as a simple salad with mint topped over it. If you want to be dairy-free, then you can opt for almond milk yogurt. There is a subtle sweetness in this curd. So adding extra curry powder and spices to this dish will make it flavorful. You can side this salad with some thick curd which is flavored. Apple cider vinegar will be an accurate addition to this salad to level up the tanginess. 

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34. Beefless Vegan Tacos

beefless vegan tacos
Image Credits – Microgreensworld

Beefless vegan tacos are the best dish to entice vegans and vegetarians. These meatless tacos are unique and can be made with many vegetables like black beans, butternut squash, mushrooms, quinoa, and crumbled tofu to give the feel of beef.

Corn tortillas serve to be the best fit for this dish. You can either go with soft tortillas or hard-shelled tortillas. The calories would be the same for either choice. The hard tortillas will offer some crispness. Wheat tortillas or grain-free tortillas are also perfect for the recipe.

If you use soft tortillas, wrap them in foil and set them in the oven at 35o degrees F. if you have hard tortillas, baking them for 5 minutes will be helpful. Alternatively, if you use a microwave, wrap them in a moist paper towel and then microwave it for 30 seconds. 

This dish emanates a unique aroma when prepared with avocado oil, but any cooking oil you prefer can be chosen. This last-minute gluten-free dinner meal can be paired with Mexican coleslaw salad or Mexican pasta.

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35. Miso Maple Salmon

miso maple salmon
Image Credits – EatingWell

Miso Maple salmon is a wonderful dish with dominating umami flavor. A fatty salmon for this recipe would be perfect with all the right combinations of earthy, salty, and sweet flavors from miso and maple syrup, rice vinegar, and soy sauce.

You can allow the fish to marinate in the flavors before it is cooked. It can remain marinated for about 10 minutes. Any more than that can break the salmon or make it more delicate because of the acidity of the vinegar.

While this recipe seems to be straightforward, there can be multiple modifications you can try. Maple syrup can be substituted with honey or any other berry syrups. You can add some roasted nuts to the recipe as well to improve the crunch.

This Miso maple salmon is served with quinoa, brown or white rice, millet, or even farro. Crispy roasted potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes seem to be the right choice as well. Healthy choices like leafy greens and roasted zucchini, and broccolis would work too. This last-minute gluten-free dinner idea is sweet and savory.

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36. Spicy Shrimp Tacos

spicy shrimp tacos
Image Credits – Kitch Fix

Spicy shrimp tacos are so fresh and delicious with just the right amount of heat. You can use fresh or frozen shrimp for this recipe. If you have frozen shrimp, then run it under some cold water to thaw it. Butter instead of olive oil to cook the shrimp would make it more flavorful. If you have flour tortillas, you can use olive oil.

If you have corn tortillas, then you don’t need to use any oil; you can just grill them. The shrimp cannot be overcooked. Overcooking the shrimp will hamper its taste completely. This can be served with roasted cauliflower, Mexican Pizza, chicken nachos, and shredded beef tacos.

It is also served as a standalone meal to be followed by a pineapple jalapeno margarita or blood orange margarita. It is also paired with classic Mexican rice. These tacos are topped or paired with creamy avocado dip or corn, avocado, and quinoa salad with marinated tomatoes. Tacos are always a special dish when it comes to last-minute gluten-free dinner idea that excites you by all means. 

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37. Sweet And Sour Pork With Sesame Crust

sweet and sour pork
Image Credits – Omnivore’s Cookbook

Sweet and sour pork with sesame crust is sensational and just succulent with an incredible sauce. It is a recipe with the perfect combination of sweet and sour flavors. The soy sauce gives a savory touch to the dish. This is one of the juicy last-minute gluten-free dinner meals you can try at home.

Pork tenderloins will be the best fit for this recipe. However, you can go with roasted pork shoulders. You cannot use lean pork meat as it will end up being chewy. A bit of fat on the pork will render it soft and easy to bite. Just try cutting them evenly to cook them into a uniform consistency.

The pineapples can be sauteed enough for 3 to 4 minutes to emanate the juices. This will reduce the acidity in the dish. Use cornstarch instead of flour to give the outer coating. This will bring a crispy exterior.

The leftovers of this dish keep well in the fridge for 3 days in an airtight container. If you intend to freeze it, you can do it in a freezer-safe bag for 3 months. It has to be thawed overnight in the fridge before it is reheated. 

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38. Taco-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

taco stuffed sweet potatoes
Image Credits – The Real Food Dietitians

These taco-stuffed sweet potatoes will take your taco night to a new and healthy level. A nice baked sweet potato can be molded into a taco-stuffed sweet potato. You can actually serve this separately with taco meat, Baked sweet potatoes in a separate bowl, and seasonings or toppings on a separate platter. People can just whip up their own tacos and eat them with delight.

If you are going to roast or bake a whole sweet potato, it will take time. So you can cut them in half and roast them. These cut sweet potatoes are to be arranged with their head down in the baking oven. Keep some foil or parchment paper on the tray.

This will prevent the flesh of the sweet potatoes from burning. Just make sure you have the same-size sweet potatoes at hand since they get cooked at the same time. Drizzle oil and seasoning on both sides of the sweet potatoes. Also, fork them in the surface so that the layers get enough heat. It can be paired with Mexican black beans, corn and avocado salsa, and roasted guacamole with bacon. 

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39. Gluten-Free Teriyaki Chicken Broccoli

teriyaki chicken
Image Credits – Gluten Free Palate

Gluten-Free teriyaki chicken broccoli is a true winner and shines as a last-minute gluten-free dinner meal. Chicken becomes tender, smooth, and shining with teriyaki sauce. I would like to prepare the teriyaki sauce at home and keep it stored to whip this dish at the last minute.

Usually, teriyaki sauce is made with soy sauce, sake, ginger, and mirin. However, if you are gluten-free, then soy sauce is replaced with tamari sauce. Soy sauce actually contains wheat, and hence it is not gluten-free. However, Tamari does not have wheat. Both are fermented soy products, by the way.

This is a healthy item and Teriyaki sauce is a staple gravy ingredient in many Japanese dishes. This Gluten-free Teriyaki chicken broccoli is a no-sugar item and can encompass as many vegetables as possible according to your preference to make it more healthy.

Just make sure you slice the vegetables and chicken into thinner pieces so that they get cooked evenly and faster. I love to serve this gluten-free teriyaki chicken broccoli with a bowl of jasmine rice. It can also be paired with steamed or roasted veggies. 

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40. Grilled Short Ribs And Cherry Tomatoes With Chimichurri

short ribs
Image Credits – Healthy Solutions Clinic

Grilled short ribs and cherry tomatoes with chimichurri is a herby dish that is aromatic. Short ribs are actually thick and hard. However, when they are grilled, they become tender and soft. The highlight of this dish is the chimichurri sauce which carries a bright, herbaceous flavor with some spicy notes.

The chimichurri sauce consists of parsley, oregano, olive oil, vinegar, and, most importantly, red wine. Choose a sweet red wine to make the sauce more flavorful. It is an Argentinian sauce and is usually mixed with a variety of meats, including beef and chicken.

The cherry tomatoes and the chimichurri sauce on this dish will create a zinger. This dish can be paired with a bowl of your favorite flavored rice. It also goes better with a glass of Malbec or some Argentinian wine that accentuates the flavor of this gluten-free dinner dish.

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41. Shrimp Cobb Salad With Dijon Dressing

shrimp cobb salad
Image Credits – Little Sunny Kitchen

Shrimp Cobb salad with Dijon dressing is the best last-minute gluten-free dinner dish that is prepared to entertain a bunch of people as it is easy to make and such a quick fix. Shrimp in cobb salad is usually a unique addition that is liked by all.

Just take a large salad bowl to whip all the veggies together. This salad usually contains lots of vegetables, including big lettuce leaves, which occupy space. The dressing should be enough to cover all the ingredients of the salad.

Cheese is a regular addition to the salad. Many would choose to add blue or aromatic cheese to the mix, but feta or any tangy cheese in the salad would elevate the flavor. It is better to prepare this salad fresh and serve it then and there. However, if you plan on refrigerating it, don’t keep it for more than 2 days. The lettuce leaves would lose freshness, and as a result, the salad would lose its flavor and texture.

Serve this salad with a fried item like croutons, breadsticks, or even veggie kebabs. You can be creative with dressing as well. Dijon dressing is conventional, but you can spin it with ranch dressing, Italian dressing, or even simple balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 

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42. One-Pan Chicken With Basil-Anchovy Butter And Shishito Peppers

Image Credits – Big Oven

One-pan chicken with basil-anchovy butter and shishito peppers is a great dish with an umami flavor. Anchovies have a salty and fishy flavor that is quite inspiring. Basil is herby and is very healthy. So the combination of all these herbs in this dish is going to make this dish nutritionally viable and savory.

Use sweet basil as it will be subtle with a peppery flavor, a special aroma, and a hint of minty taste. Since this dish is already tangy because of the anchovies, normal basil will not be very helpful as it will emanate a citrusy flavor making it tangier.

There will be an attractive glaze on this dish which is visually appealing. Try to remove the fat from the chicken and use lean meat that gets cooked easily. This also makes the dish healthy and low-calorie. Suggestions for side servings include fried zucchini blossoms, Soave, a white wine, or simple fried cauliflower rice. 

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43. Curried Butternut Squash Soup With Crispy Halloumi

butternut squash
Image Credits – Copy Me That

Curried butternut squash soup with crispy halloumi is a convenient last-minute gluten-free dinner idea when you are on a time crunch. Butternut squash is like a sweet potato that is even softer than the latter. It is nutty, earthy, and subtly sweet.

So adding curry powder to the soup would make the soup savory. This curry powder will bring the necessary spiciness needed in the soup. This curry powder is actually a British ingredient coined to replicate the taste of Indian cuisine.

There is a sliminess and creaminess in the soup because of the squash. I add some coconut milk to combine well with the curry powder that is added to the soup. It is usually served with pita bread, or chickpea sunflower sandwich, or even a chickpea shawarma sandwich. It is also great with a simple green salad or a detox salad.

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44. Coconut Curry Soup With Shrimp

coconut curry soup
Image Credits – Lemon Blossoms

This coconut curry soup with shrimp is healthy and belongs to the paleo family. This soup is made with succulent shrimp and many veggies in a creamy coconut broth. This is purely a Thai-flavored soup that you can easily make at home. This is one of the most savory last-minute gluten-free dinner ideas that you will cherish.

This is also a layered soup that is decorated with veggies and shrimp on the surface. The broth can either be a simple vegetable broth or chicken broth, or even a fish fumet. Vegetables are your choice to pick, and they can be added as many as possible. I use large shrimps with tails for the looks.

Coconut milk used in this soup can be fat-free, but that won’t add to the creaminess. Unsweetened coconut cream would also be great. Fish sauce is a great addition, but people who hate the smell can switch to seaweed flakes or shredded coconut aminos. 

If you want the soup to be more filling, you can go ahead and add boiled rice noodles. It can also be served alongside rice to make this meal wholesome. Wilted greens like spinach will make the soup healthier by all means.

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45. Paleo Greek Meatballs

paleo greek meatballs
Image Credits – Food By Mars

These Paleo Greek meatballs are either served on toothpicks, tossed over a plate of paleo noodles, or even wolfed down straight from the pan. Greek-styled foods refer to the ingredients that are commonly used in Greek cuisine, and it adds some variation to keep things interesting.

Eggs are the only binders in this recipe, as we don’t use flour or breadcrumbs. They may come out a little denser than usual fried items, and hence combining them with noodles or pasta would make the meal heavy. So they are usually served with a salad of baby greens or some roasted root vegetables. 

The meatballs are made with lamb to make it more authentic. It also works if you combine half-and-half beef and lamb. Do not overcook the meat and stir until the meat blends and combines. Whisking it too much can make the dish dry and tough. 

These meatballs are not necessarily crispy; they are juicy and softer than you think. So they need not be roasted for a long time. You just have to pull them out if they are cooked thoroughly enough. Serve them hot and sizzling.

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46. Gluten-Free Orange Chicken

gluten free orange chicken
Image Credits – Flippin Delicious

This gluten-free orange chicken is an easy-to-make recipe and is almost an authentic orange chicken dish. Orange is a unique flavor in any dish and also a treat for the eyes which helps bring vibrant color to this gluten-free dinner dish.

You can use small chicken pieces like breast meat or thigh meat. You have to make sure that the chicken has turned golden brown after frying them. Cornstarch is the usual binding agent, but you can use arrowroot starch or tapioca starch. 

The sauce can be prepared prior to the preparation of the dish. This sauce apparently can be used in veggies and other meats as well. To make the sauce, first, zest the orange and then make the juice. This will help you squeeze the rest of the orange fast.

This orange chicken is served with white rice, lettuce wraps, or steamed vegetables. The sauce alone can be refrigerated for 7 days and be used for any other recipes later. It can also be frozen for months without any problem. 

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47. Best Instant-Pot Chicken Stew

instant pot chicken soup
Image Credits – The Instant Pot Table

This Best instant-pot chicken stew is a little makeover of the normal chicken stew with hacks and an electric pressure cooker. This is made in bulk and used with a “cook once and eat twice” strategy. This is one of the easiest and less-messiest last-minute gluten-free dinner ideas to try at least once.

For this recipe, I use skinless bone-in chicken. The bone actually adds a lot of flavor. However, you can also use a whole chicken cut into boneless pieces. Chicken breast meat will dry up soon, so it may not be the perfect choice. I added oregano to this stew, and it turned out to be bitter. So nicely chop up the parsley and oregano and sprinkle it over the stew. 

Traditionally this stew is paired with rice or pasta or even with roasted potatoes. But you can add any sides you like. I recommend a side salad or bread to soak up the sauce perfectly. You can also simply serve feta and olives on the side for anyone who likes that combination.

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48. Lemon-Garlic Chicken Liver And onions

lemon garlic chicken
Image Credits – Grass Roots Farmers Co-op

Lemon-garlic chicken liver and onions are a supreme delicacy with tempting caramelizing onions on the surface. Livers have a mild flavor than any other organs, and the seasoning agents flavor the meat. It is a rich last-minute gluten-free dinner meal to consider experimenting with.

This classic dish of liver and onions was very popular in the 20th century. Nowadays, People in the US rarely consume organ meats. This dish may not be paleo, but it does have a huge protein content compared to any other meat.

You have to be wary of the fact that livers cannot be overcooked. Chicken livers should still be pink in the middle when you are done cooking them. Overcooking them might turn the livers dry and grainy. You can spice up the dish with garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and a little cumin. You can also do good with salt and pepper alone with no other spices. 

Chicken livers last in the fridge for 3 to 4 days and not more than that. Squeeze some lemon wedges on this dish and try serving it sizzling hot with roasted asparagus. You can also pair it with brown rice or millets. Any other roasted greens would be good enough to side with this dish.

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49. Paleo Pad Thai

paleo pad thai
Image Credits – Sunkissed Kitchen

Paleo Pad Thai is mostly an easy raw, gluten-free dinner dish floating in a flavorful sauce. Sunflower seed butter and coconut aminos are used instead of peanut and soy sauce. This is a perfect low-carb meal. It is also prepared easily without any mess in the kitchen.

Pad Thai is usually made of tamarind. However, that is not gluten-free, so we use lime in this recipe. There is also a nutty flavor to this dish because of the sunflower seeds butter. Sunflower seeds are nutritious, with loads of vitamins, magnesium, and iron. They prove to be great alternatives for people with allergies to nuts. 

The zucchinis are sliced in the spiralizer to look like noodles. They are fried to remove the moist content. The vegetables added to this pad Thai have to be undercooked so that they don’t become watery. Just microwaving the vegetables will cook them enough.

If you want to make it keto, you can omit the carrots and retain the simple low-carb zucchini noodles. Honey can be replaced with keto sweetener in the sauce. You can store this dish in the fridge for 5 days after it is cooked. It can be simply reheated and consumed again. 

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50. Philly Cheesesteak Skillet

philly cheese
Image Credits – Eat The Gains

This Philly Cheesesteak Skillet is an easy one-skillet gluten-free dinner meal packed with tender steak, crisp veggies, and perfectly melty cheese. This is a satisfying low-carb meal that takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. 

Try cutting the steaks into thinner pieces. This will mix easily with the sauce. If slicing them so thinly is a problem, then you can try keeping them in the freezer for some time and then cutting them. My favorite steaks that can be used are sirloin steak or flank steak.

Use apple cider vinegar to get the zip in the flavor. Worcestershire sauce is a regular addition to this sauce, but if you are gluten-free, then coconut aminos would be the right choice. Some shredded mozzarella cheese will be great for the recipe.

If you want to side this with something low-carb, then you can serve it with your favorite veggies on the side. You can also pair it up with baked potatoes. Authentic cheesesteak from Philadelphia is served with or without onions. However, I like to add plenty of onions to spruce up the flavor. 

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51. Healthy Egg Roll Skillet

healthy egg roll
Image Credits – Family Fresh Meals

A healthy egg roll skillet is full of Asian flavor and is perfect for a last-minute gluten-free dinner. This dish is not just gluten-free. It is also paleo, low-carb, and soy-free. The stuff inside the egg roll is healthy and fine. However, it is going to be stuffed inside a starchy wrapper. It is also going to be stir-fried with lots of oil. So in order to avoid all these unhealthy processes, just get rid of the wrapper altogether and then serve it as it is,

Soy sauce is a sodium-filled sauce that is not so gluten-free. So using coconut aminos instead of soy sauce will be better in this healthy meal. Tamari sauce could be a better alternative as well. However, fermented coconuts give a creamy texture to the dish as well. 

Since this dish does not have wraps, it can be stored in the fridge for 2 to 3 days and frozen for up to two months. Reheating also becomes easier with a spray of avocado oil on the dish. It can also reheated in a skillet or in a microwave oven at ease.

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52. Instant Pot Greek Spaghetti

Image Credits – 365 Days Of Slow + Pressure Cooking

Instant Pot Greek spaghetti is not the regular spaghetti that people are used to. It has a Greek flare with lemon, feta, cucumber, yogurt, tomatoes, and more. You use a pressure cooker for this dish, and it is faster than any other pasta dish.

Using the pressure cooker is also a lot less messy and easy to clean up when done. This instant pot delivers tender, soft, and flavorful results, which take hours in a normal skillet. When the meat is done, pour the broth and scrape it away from the bottom to leave no burning marks on the instant pot.

The spaghetti pasta is long, and they easily get strangled and clumped together. So place it in a crisscross pattern to avoid that. Once the layering of the pasta and the sauce is done, there is no necessity for stirring it. You can just cover the lid and let it cook. The instant pot would take care of the rest.

Homemade pasta sauce is better rather than some store-bought versions. It is fresh and has a tailored flavor that suits your preference. The store-bought ones would be filled with vinegar and change the simplicity of the flavor altogether.

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53. 20-Minute Creamy Mediterranean Tuna Pasta Salad

mediterrenean salad
Image Credits – Food By Mars

20-minute Creamy Mediterranean Tuna Pasta salad is an extravagant party food that everybody loves. Tuna is an excellent source of vitamin D. It is a lean meat packed with omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. It qualifies as a post-workout meal as well.

You don’t have to look for fresh tuna to make this recipe. Canned tuna would suffice, which is more budget-friendly and easily available. This gluten-free dinner idea is perfect as an occasional food and enjoyed by a bunch of people.

The canned tuna is first drained and then used in most recipes. However, for this, it need not be drained. The olive oil in the can be an addition to the tuna’s natural fat content. The pasta is cooked prior and then allowed to cool to gel with other ingredients. It has to be dry and cannot retain any moisture.

You can use penne, fusilli, or even bow ties. Just make sure the pasta you use for this dish is smaller and not long, like spaghetti. Wheat pasta can be avoided and can be replaced with bean pasta. Tuna pasta salad can be refrigerated and should be eaten before 2 days. If you pack it in an airtight container, then eat it within 5 days. 

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54. Sweet Potato Burritos

sweet potato
Image Credits – Hurry The Food Up

Sweet potatoes burritos are damn delicious. This is an authentic Mexican dish and a staple for vegetarians in this region. This last-minute gluten-free dinner meal has a fusional combination of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors. 

Sweet potatoes are the right way to increase your vitamin and protein content. More and more dishes with sweet potatoes have gained traction in recent times because of the health benefits it possesses. The sweet potatoes make the dish sweeter, but you can add the sauce to balance the extra sweetness.

Adding plenty of onions would be a great way to spruce up the flavor. Warm the tortillas first and then wrap them. This will make them crispy and would complement the smoothness of the stuffing. Cheese is an optional addition, and Oaxaca cheese will be a perfect match.

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55. Lentil Chili

lentil chili
Image Credits – Cook With Manali

Lentil chili is easy to prepare and can be modified to our liking. I used roasted dry tomatoes and green chili for this recipe, and it gave a good flavor. I usually add zucchini, bell peppers, and onions to this chili, but you can go with any other seasoned options.

This is chili made with lentils and hence healthier in many aspects. I normally use red lentils, but normal brown lentils are also good enough. This could be qualified as a daily meal as it encompasses lots of balanced nutrients.

The type of beans that work in this recipe are black beans or pinto beans. A can of chickpeas is not a bad idea, either. I add some cinnamon to my chili recipe, but this is optional. This chili can be frozen for 3 months and then thawed and reheated to be used again. In fact, this chili tastes even better the next day. So it can be prepared a day ahead. This chili pairs well with tortilla chips and cornbread. You can also serve it with rice.

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56. Easy Skillet Tilapia Veracruz

easy skillet tilapia
Image Credits – Better Homes & Gardens

Easy skillet tilapia Veracruz is a simple last-minute gluten-free dinner recipe with fish that takes a few shortcuts to get the dinner ready on the table. Veracruz is a flavorful sauce that is infused on the fish fillets. Tilapia is a kind of fish that is low in fat, sodium, and calories.

Veracruz sauce is a tomato-based sauce that is a staple in many Mexican dishes. Most of the ingredients that go into the sauce are Mediterranean. Hence it is quite reminiscent of a Mediterranean flavor more than a Mexican flavor. 

This tilapia Veracruz can be a standalone entrée with just a side salad. However, it can be served alongside instant-pot cilantro lime rice or brown rice. My kids love this with fresh tortillas. Add Chile peppers to the dish if you want it more spicy. You should wear plastic gloves while using them and avoid any direct contact with them as much as possible. 

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57. Homemade Sloppy Joes

homemade sloppy joes
Image Credits – Allrecipes

Homemade sloppy joes is an incredible last-minute gluten-free dinner dish that is tailor-made for the millennials. It is nothing but ground beef in a hearty tomato sauce served on toasted hamburger buns. Many would wonder how did the name come by? Apparently, a skilled cook from Iowa poured tomato sauce over a loose meat sandwich and sprung it together as a new meal called sloppy joes. 

This recipe can be made in one crackpot without any additional equipment. Toasting the buns as a first step is very important. The buns are placed on the hot skillet that is glazed over with some vegetable oil. The toasted buns are just allowed to rest for some time until the sauce comes together.

The sauce has to be viscous and not too liquid or too thick. It needs to have proper consistency to fit inside the bun and not become runny. It cannot be condensed heavily as well; then, it will become too dry.  Choose a pretzel or a soft brioche bun. It will have a flavor of its own and will complement the flavor of the sloppy joes.

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58. Instant Pot Pork Chops

pork chips
Image Credits – A Mindful Mom

Instant pot pork chops have a captivating crispiness, and they are just deemed to be the best in flavor when combined with the right spices. You can add some sesame seeds to the pork chops to crack in your mouth and get munchy with every bite.

The pork chops are dabbed with salt and pepper to be dredged inside the mix of seasoning agents. It is then picked up for searing on both sides until it turns golden brown. Meanwhile, soy sauce and apricot jam go for a whisk in the hot skillet only to be dressed above the pork chops that have been browned.

The fusional taste will add some zinger to the dish to make it more enticing. This instant pot pork chops is ideally paired up with steamed veggies, Dim sum, and rice. It is a relish-worthy gluten-free dinner meal that enjoys a reputation as a lovely snack or a delicious meal when you are time-strapped. 

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59. Barbecue Chicken Salad

bbq chicken salad
Image Credits – Well Plated By Erin

Barbecue chicken salad is considered to be a fast food and a rare occurrence, but they are just as satisfying as a weekday meal. You will have crushed tortilla chips as toppings for this salad, and that will be the highlight of the recipe. 

Chicken breast is lean, so it gets cooked up in a minute. However, rotisserie chicken is also good enough for this recipe. The dressing can be prepared a day before, and the chicken can be poached at the spot. Toppings other than tortilla chips are sweet corn, red onions, cherry tomatoes, shredded cheese, and fresh cucumber.

Try to add some heirloom tomatoes to get the salad juicy and sweet. It will spruce up the flavor. This salad can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days. Storing it longer than that is a personal choice, as nothing would happen to the dressing, but the veggies must have lost their freshness.

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60. Chicken Asparagus Stir-Fry

chciken asparagus
Image Credits – Dinner At The Zoo

Chicken Asparagus stir-fry is an easy dish made with tender chicken and fresh asparagus glazed in sweet and tangy honey lemon stir-fry sauce. When you need a quick meal, stir-fries are the go-to option. Using fresh asparagus and chicken breasts would hasten this process as they tend to get cooked quickly.

This is dressed with stir-fry sauce. As usual, you can just skip the soy sauce and opt for any other tangy sauce that fits the meal. If you are gluten-free and health-conscious, you should think about replacing olive oil with avocado oil.

This would elevate the flavor of the stir-fry to a large extent. However, coconut oil, peanut oil, or canola oil can be substituted for avocado oil, as they all have high heat indexes. You are also free to substitute asparagus with broccoli, cabbage, bell peppers, or even spring onions. Just pair this dish with quinoa or cauliflower rice and enjoy it with delight.

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Last Minute Gluten Free Dinner Ideas

60 Wholesome Last-Minute Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas

Some of the last-minute gluten-free ideas that you will find interesting are sheet-pan chicken and veggies, veggie stir-fry, zoodles, chicken avocado wraps, honey garlic salmon, and baked potatoes. Other dairy-free dishes to consider are dairy-free mashed potatoes, dairy-free ice cream, green bean casserole, condensed cream of mushroom soup, and Brussels sprouts and squash.


  • Sheet Pan Chicken And Veggies
  • Veggie stir-fry
  • Zoodles
  • Chicken Avocado Wraps
  • Easy Honey Garlic Chicken
  • Dairy Free Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Condensed Cream Of Mushroom Soup
  • Gluten-free Pumpkin Bread Pudding
  • Honey Maple Roasted Carrots
  • Vegan Wraps
  • Vegducken
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts And Squash
  • Paleo Pumpkin Scones With Maple Icing
  • Crispy Gluten-free Eggplant Parmesan
  • Scalloped Sweet Potatoes
  • Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts
  • Caramelized Onion Spaghetti Squash Casserole
  • Herbed Wild Rice And Quinoa Stuffing
  • Gluten-Free Monkey Bread
  • Peanut Butter Tahini Noodles
  • Cheddar Cheese And Avocado Quesadillas
  • Healthy Chicken Kebabs
  • French Toast
  • Chicken Nectarine And Blackberry Salad
  • Avocado Toast With Feta And Pomegranate
  • Greek Zoodles
  • Caper Crusted Salmon
  • Cheesy Salsa Verde Chicken And Rice
  • Cauliflower Fried Rice
  • Salmon Provencal
  • Goat Cheese And Fresh Herb Omelet
  • Salmon With Curried Yoghurt And Cucumber Salad
  • Beefless Vegan Tacos
  • Miso Maple Salmon
  • Spicy Shrimp Tacos
  • Sweet And Sour Pork With Sesame Crust
  • Taco-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  • Gluten-Free Teriyaki Chicken Broccoli
  • Grilled Short Ribs And Cherry Tomatoes With Chimichurri
  • Shrimp Cobb Salad With Dijon Dressing
  • One-Pan Chicken With Basil-Anchovy Butter And Shishito Peppers
  • Curried Butternut Squash Soup With Crisy Halloumi
  • Coconut Curry Soup With Shrimp
  • Paleo Greek Meatballs
  • Gluten-Free Orange Chicken
  • Best Instant-Pot Chicken Stew
  • Lemon-Garlic Chicken Liver And Onions
  • Paleo Pad Thai
  • Philly Cheesesteak Skillet
  • Healthy Egg Roll Skillet
  • Instant Pot Greek Sphagetti
  • 20-Minute Creamy Mediterranean Tuna Pasta Salad
  • Sweet Potato Burritos
  • Lentil Chili
  • Easy Skillet Tilapia Veracruz
  • Homemade Sloppy Joes
  • Instant Pot Pork Chops
  • Barbecue Chicken Salad
  • Chicken Asparagus Stir-Fry


  • Select the recipe you want to cook.
  • Click on the recipe link.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the recipe.


The above parade of last-minute gluten-free dinner ideas must have excited you and made your taste buds water. Some of the above choices are worthy enough to be given a try at home as they are also easy to prepare. All you need is some nice tips and instructions to enlighten you with the right recipes. This article will accomplish that purpose successfully and probably entertain some feedback from people who have already started preparing the dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of the famous last-minute gluten-free dinner ideas?

Some of the last-minute gluten-free ideas that you will find interesting are sheet-pan chicken and veggies, veggie stir-fry, zoodles, chicken avocado wraps, honey garlic salmon, and baked potatoes. Other dairy-free dishes to consider are dairy-free mashed potatoes, dairy-free ice cream, green bean casserole, condensed cream of mushroom soup, and Brussels sprouts and squash.

What is zoodles?

Zoodles is the right recipe if you are serious about your low-carb plan. It is one of the healthiest last-minute gluten-free dinner ideas to think about. Spiralized zucchini as noodles emulate the appearance and the flavor of the latter. The zucchinis, when spiraled, gets watery in the process. So it is better to press the zoodles with paper towels to squeeze out the water.

What is Vegducken?

Vegducken is a super delicious meatless last-minute gluten-free dinner dish, even though the name is slightly misleading. Vegducken is nothing but a dish made by cutting the bigger veggies in half and scraping away the bottom to stuff another vegetable. It could just as easily be a butternut squash to pumpkin or even brinjal, for that matter.

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