30 Maundy Thursday Dinner Ideas

30 Maundy Thursday Dinner Ideas

While searching for Maundy dinner ideas, we focus more on traditional recipes. We enjoy creating some of the finest and satiating recipes for Maundy dinner. If you want to plan a perfect Maundy Thursday dinner with your family, you have come to the right place.

Some popular Maundy Thursday dinner ideas include herb-crusted baked salmon, mushroom risotto, honey mustard glazed chicken, vegetable and tofu teriyaki, and pasta primavera. Other delicious suppers include roasted veggie and pesto panini, baked sweet potatoes, and lemon garlic shrimp pasta.

Go through this blog’s 30 Maundy Thursday dinner ideas to pick out what would best suit your family. Look for recipes that are simple but still special enough for the occasion. You can celebrate this holiday with family and friends over great food with the proper meal. 

30 Maundy Thursday Dinner Ideas

When choosing your Maundy Thursday dinner menu, it is essential to consider the traditional recipes. For that, go through the entire recipe list below and celebrate this Maundy Thursday with your family and loved ones. The list of 30 Maundy Thursday dinner ideas is right here. 

1. Herb-Crusted Baked Salmon

Image Credit – Yummy Addiction

Brace yourself because you are going to get a wonderful salmon recipe. This herb-crusted baked salmon can transform a simple salmon filet into a delicious dinner with its unique blend of herbs. 

Salmon is a popular fish and works with so many flavors. This herb-crusted salmon makes your dinner fancy. Breadcrumbs are the key to getting the fish a crunchy texture. Moreover, the herbs add aromatic flavors to it. 

Additionally, this salmon recipe is easy enough to make for dinner. It gets ready in just 30 minutes and is a great option to serve for a dinner party. You can serve this with sides like white bean mash salad or roasted vegetables. 

Get The Recipe Here – Yummy Addiction 

2. Lentil And Vegetable Soup

Image Credit – Cookie And Kate

Meet my go-to soup – lentil and vegetable soup. This homemade soup is healthy, easy to make, and tastes fantastic. This recipe is for those days when you don’t want to cook dinner and make yourself a light soup. 

The recipe calls for seasonal vegetables and pantry ingredients. It’s made with vegetable broth, onion, tomatoes, lentils, garlic, spices, and herbs. The soup has a nice creamy texture and has an aromatic fragrance.

Moreover, this soup is nutritious and has well-balanced flavors that you can count as a meal. Lentils are rich in protein, fiber, and iron. So, one can relish this soup when tired and wanting an energy-packed meal. 

Get The Recipe Here – Cookie And Kate

3. Spinach And Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Image Credit – Salted Mint

Get ready to enjoy an Italian-inspired dish called spinach and ricotta stuffed shells. It’s a comforting dish that promises you a delicious taste. These jumbo pasta shells are filled with a creamy ricotta mixture and smothered in marinara sauce.

This dish not only offers lovely flavors but is also a hearty dish that works great for your next family dinner. Everything is so good about this dish: the presentation, taste, and texture. 

You can also play with trying different stuffing for the recipe. Add ground Italian sausage, beef, or turkey for filling. Experiment with cheese by adding fontina or provolone cheese. Anything and everything is possible when the recipe allows you to play with flavors.  

Get The Recipe Here – Salted Mint

4. Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Bowl

Image Credit – Two Peas And Their Pods

I am excited to share this roasted vegetable quinoa bowl recipe with you. I love one-bowl recipes because they are easy to make with little creativity. This bowl features roasted sweet potatoes, cauliflower, onion, brussels sprouts, and broccoli. 

Not only that, the bowl is topped with lemon tahini dressing. Please don’t skip the dressing; it makes the bowls taste amazing. Also, if you want an extra protein boost, consider adding chicken, beans, steaks, or cottage cheese.

Talking about quinoa bowls, I once had an aversion to them, but now I have learned how to incorporate them into recipes creatively. This quinoa bowl has now become a staple for me. Plus, it’s an excellent recipe for a vegan dinner. 

Get The Recipe Here – Two Peas And Their Pods

5. Mushroom Risotto

Image Credit – Lazy Cat Kitchen

Mushrooms are a great addition to any dish because they add a nice, meaty flavor. I am always on a hunt to find unique mushroom recipes. Guess what! I found this mushroom risotto recipe you can immediately add to your dinner list.

It’s made with arborio rice and loaded with mushrooms. Making risotto can be time-consuming, but trust me, it’s worth it! It’s not complicated to make but requires your attention while cooking. 

For this recipe, you can use various types of mushrooms. This recipe uses portobello, white button, crimini, or shiitake mushrooms. Try this recipe when you have enough time because it’s not the dish you put on the stove and walk away. By cooking it mindfully, you will be rewarded with a delicious risotto. 

Get The Recipe Here – Lazy Cat Kitchen

6. Lemon Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta

Image Credit – Cooking Classy

Let me tell you a recipe you can cook on a romantic dinner date. Lemon garlic butter shrimp pasta is a delicious comfort food that instantly hits your loved ones. You can make it with tender pasta, shrimp, and broth tossed in a rich, lemony parmesan cheese sauce. 

This dish delivers an outstanding flavor. It’s cheesy, savory, and worth your time. You can use various kinds of pasta for this dish, like fettuccine, spaghetti, or bucatini. Moreover, you can swap shrimp with chicken as well. 

While cooking, ensure you cook the shrimp sparingly, or it can become rubbery. Also, remember to set aside pasta water to thin the sauce. This pasta water contains starch, which plays a vital role in ensuring the sauce and pasta mix together perfectly, creating a delectable dish.

Get The Recipe Here – Cooking Classy

7. Vegetable And Chickpea Curry

Image Credit – Living Lou

Vegetable and chickpea curry is the best dish for those who are vegan or vegetarian. It’s an excellent protein source that gets ready in 45 minutes. The good thing about this dish is that you can prepare chickpeas in advance and cook the whole dish in a couple of minutes.

Moreover, this dish is loaded with other good ingredients. It includes Indian spices, vegetables, coconut milk, and chickpeas. Another good thing about this dish is that it’s made in one pot. This makes it even easier for you to prepare dinner on time.

Additionally, your vegetables are easily substituted with whatever you have on hand. Just ensure that the veggies you choose are cooked at the same time. Moreover, if you want to add greens to your curry, add spinach or kale during the last couple of minutes of cooking.

Get The Recipe Here – Living Lou

8. Pesto Zucchini Noodles

Image Credit – Eat Yourself Skinny

Are you craving pasta but trying to cut down on carbs? Look no further than these pesto zucchini noodles. With just a few simple ingredients and under 20 minutes, you can enjoy a delicious, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan weeknight dinner.

The star of this dish is the creamy avocado pesto, which adds flavor and richness to the zucchini noodles. The best part is the pesto doesn’t require any cooking process. Just drizzle the pesto over the noodles, and you’re good to go!

One of the great things about zucchini noodles is that they cook up in no time. Zucchinis comprise 95% water, so you must eliminate excess water to avoid ending up with soggy noodles. So, the next time you’re in the mood for pasta but want a healthier alternative, try this dish.

Get The Recipe Here – Eat Yourself Skinny

9. Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken

Image Credit – Down Shiftology

You may have tried various chicken recipes, but this honey mustard glazed chicken is a million-dollar recipe. It shows an easy way to bake the chicken and make it flavorful. The honey mustard glaze is sweet and tangy and pairs perfectly with tender chicken.

The recipe uses chicken thighs, but you can use chicken breast too. Moreover, this recipe is a classic because the herb seasoning is mixed into honey mustard, offering a delightful experience.

If you are thinking about what to serve with honey mustard chicken, go for roasted broccoli or mashed potatoes. Moreover, you can also pair it with coleslaw, garlic herb roasted potatoes, or cucumber salad. Enjoy this feast dinner with your family.

Get The Recipe Here – Down Shiftology 

10. Caprese Salad

Image Credit – Love And Lemons

Caprese salad is the perfect choice if you are looking for a refreshing and vibrant dish. It’s a salad that’s been near and dear to me ever since my husband made it for me. When I took the first bite, I couldn’t believe it was made with simple ingredients. 

This recipe is so simple that you must chop the veggies and toss them with vinaigrette. Moreover, you can try a few variations with this recipe. For example, you can add avocado and mint leaves too. 

Apart from that, you can also add basil pesto for better flavors. You can do so many things with this fantastic salad. Try this recipe at home, and let me know how it turned out for you in the comment section. 

Get The Recipe Here – Love And Lemons

11. Veggie-Packed Stir-Fry Noodles

Image Credit – Dinner At The Zoo

I often opt for these veggie-packed stir-fry noodles when looking for quick dinner options. It is packed with chicken, colorful vegetables, and a savory sauce. It’s a super easy dinner option that’s ready in 30 minutes.

You can choose any noodles that are suitable for stir-frying. The best options are Japanese, Soba, or rice noodles. To make this dish gluten-free, use rice noodles and tamari sauce.

The other great thing about stir-fry recipes is that you can customize the dish however you like. Use various veggies like broccoli, green beans, snow peas, and bean sprouts. Moreover, add chili paste or sriracha for a spicier dish.  

Get The Recipe Here – Dinner At The Zoo

12. Vegetable And Tofu Teriyaki

Image Credit – Scheckeats

Vegetable and tofu stir-fry offers a unique blend of flavors that will leave you wanting more. The crispy tofu adds a nice crunch, while the fresh vegetables burst with vibrant colors and flavors. All these are combined with a teriyaki sauce, which adds a perfect umami flavor.

This dish is so satisfying and healthy that I mainly include it in my weeknight dinner options. It offers savory, tangy, and sweet flavors, which I often crave in a dinner recipe.

Moreover, you can cook this recipe any time of the day. It works perfectly whether you want to enjoy it as an evening snack or for brunch. I love the simplicity of this dish, and it comes together quickly. 

Get The Recipe Here – Scheckeats

13. Quinoa And Black Bean Stuffed Peppers

Image Credit – Kitchen Treaty

Quinoa and black bean stuffed peppers are the ultimate crowd-pleaser. This recipe offers individual servings, allowing everyone to enjoy a delicious share of food. With minimal effort, each stuffed pepper can be customized to your liking.

Talking about customization, these stuffed peppers can be customized in countless ways. Vegetarians can enjoy it with fresh veggie toppings, while vegans can omit the cheese and add avocado for a creamy twist. Meat lovers can add chicken for a heartier option, and if you prefer a traditional touch, ground beef works just as well.

Additionally, the flavor and texture combination in this recipe is outstanding. Despite the potential labor-intensive nature of stuffed pepper recipes, this version strives for simplicity. Once baked to perfection, a sour cream drizzle adds a tanginess. Serve these stuffed peppers with salsa for those who crave indulgence.

Get The Recipe Here – Kitchen Treaty

14. Mediterranean Chickpea Bowl

Image Credit – Little Sunny Kitchen

Ready to indulge in a single-pot recipe? Then try this Mediterranean chickpea bowl recipe. It’s a perfect summer salad recipe that you will be making repeatedly. It’s healthy, filling, and ready in just 15 minutes.

Upon first glance, you will fall for its bright and colorful presentation. This salad has crunchy bell peppers, crispy chickpeas, cucumbers, bright cherry tomatoes, red onions, and fresh herbs. My favorite part of this salad is the creamy feta cheese on top.

Above that, the chickpea bowl is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and protein. I highly recommend incorporating a few Mediterranean recipes into your culinary repertoire.

Get The Recipe Here – Little Sunny Kitchen

15. Cauliflower And Chickpea Curry

Image Credit – Minimalist Baker

This cauliflower and chickpea curry is a must-add to your weekly rotation. It’s a great curry recipe that is great in taste and also offers a good texture. Chickpeas add enough protein to make a filling curry combined with cauliflower. 

The star of the recipe is curry sauce. It’s creamy, coconut-flavored, and so fragrant. You can enjoy this curry recipe with naan or rice. 

One of the great things about this recipe is it only takes 30 minutes to prepare and needs one pot to create it. So, if you want to plan your dinner quickly, this curry will be on your list.

Get The Recipe Here – Minimalist Baker

16. Balsamic Glazed Portobello Mushrooms

Image Credit – Well Plated

Celebrate making Balsamic glazed portobello mushrooms with a little happy dance. It is an excellent addition to your dinner meals, bringing out rich flavors and enhancing your culinary experience. 

So, immerse the mushrooms in a savory marinade that promises a satiating and delightful taste. The portobello mushrooms have an umami-rich meaty flavor, which leaves you drooling. On top of that, balsamic glaze will amp up both the taste and flavors. 

Try making these mushrooms in your kitchen with some tips and tricks. This recipe will transform ordinary mushrooms into delicious ones. Look no further if you are also searching for a distinctive mushroom recipe. 

Get The Recipe Here – Well Plated

17. Pasta Primavera

Image Credit – Recipe Runner

Near my house, a small roadside cafe was offering unique pasta recipes. I have always loved pasta, so I considered visiting the cafe. At first glance, I was shocked the menu only included healthy pasta recipes. So, I ordered their famous pasta primavera dish. 

It was refreshing and delightful; I couldn’t have imagined a pasta dish undergoing such a fantastic makeover. After a week, I tried this recipe at home, and guess what! It turned out to be epic! 

Asparagus, zucchini, peas, carrots, and cherry tomatoes are sauteed and tossed with pasta and primavera sauce. For many who don’t know what primavera is, it’s a creamy sauce made with parmesan cheese, herbs, lemon juice, and oil. This recipe uses the same ingredients to coat the pasta and veggies. 

Get The Recipe Here – Recipe Runner

18. Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken

Image Credit – Damn Delicious

Is there anything as remarkable as having a roasted chicken for dinner? This lemon herb roasted chicken is an easy-to-make recipe with only six ingredients. The roasted chicken is coated with a mixture of lemon zest, herbs, and garlicky herb butter. 

These ingredients brighten the chicken and add a nice citrusy flavor. Moreover, the dish is perfect for any occasion, from a casual weeknight dinner to a maundy Thursday dinner feast. 

Additionally, you can serve roast chicken with potato side dishes or baked parmesan zucchini sticks. Enjoy this flavorful roasted chicken with your family, and be sure to have an unforgettable dinner time with them.

Get The Recipe Here – Damn Delicious

19. Greek Salad With Falafel

Image Credit – Spice Up The Curry

If you are searching for a tasty, hearty, and healthy meal, look no further than the Greek salad with falafel. This vibrant dish features crispy air fryer falafel, creamy garlic tahini sauce, and fresh, colorful veggies that can be customized according to your preference.

This vegetarian and vegan-friendly salad bowl is packed with protein and is a great way to switch up your usual salad routine. Moreover, it’s a great option for meal prepping, as the falafels and tahini sauce can easily be prepared and stored in the fridge.

This falafel bowl is anything but ordinary – it’s a filling, satisfying meal that packs a ton of flavor and will leave your taste buds wanting more. Take advantage of this delicious and nutritious salad option.

Get The Recipe Here – Spice Up The Curry

20. Zucchini Noodles With Pesto And Cherry Tomatoes

Image Credit – Jessica In The Kitchen

Relish this guilt-free zucchini noodles with pesto and cherry tomatoes recipe. Zucchini noodles are low in calories and carbohydrates. Moreover, the pesto sauce is made with herbs and nuts, offering you nutrition and taste. These two ingredients are enough to say it’s the healthiest dinner recipe. 

A spiralizer creates those beautiful zucchini swirls. It’s a great way to use a nutrition-packed vegetable in crave-worthy noodles. Moreover, if you wish to make this dish extra delicious, add whole-wheat noodles for a filling meal.

While making this dish, make sure you cook the zucchini noodles evenly. It will only take a few minutes until they are cooked well. If overcooked, they can become soggy and watery.     

Get The Recipe Here – Jessica In The Kitchen

21. Greek Lentil Salad

Image Credit – Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

This is another salad recipe to add to your dinner list. Greek lentil salad is a healthy, light, and easy-to-make salad dish. It’s loaded with protein-rich lentils, tomatoes, feta, cucumber, and mint, which you will repeatedly make in your kitchen. 

I mostly have multiple salad recipes pinned to my Pinterest board. My family mainly includes salad as a side dish at dinner. A recipe like this lentil salad has become a staple in our house. Because it’s loaded with flavor and herbs, even my kids love it the most.

What I love about salads is that they are easily customizable. You can add other veggies, like bell peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, etc. Moreover, you can also add extra protein to your dish by adding leftover rotisserie chicken. The variations are unlimited, so try any you like for this recipe.

Get The Recipe Here – Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

22. Stuffed Bell Peppers With Quinoa And Black Beans

Image Credit – Simple Veganista

Colorful bell peppers stuffed with quinoa, black beans, corn, and pico de gallo will satisfy any hungry appetite. This meal is sure to please anyone in your family. Moreover, it’s a complete protein-packed dinner offering a filling dinner.

This recipe is ready to serve in just 45 minutes. So, when you are too tired after coming from the office and want a light yet filling meal, stuffed bell peppers will never disappoint you. 

Get creative with these bell peppers by serving them differently. You can top fresh cilantro or sliced avocado on the top. Also, you can serve these bell peppers with refried beans and cilantro lime rice. There are various serving ideas that you can incorporate with this dish. 

Get The Recipe Here – Simple Veganista

23. Baked Sweet Potato With Chickpea 

Image Credit – Orchids And Sweet Tea

Baked Sweet Potatoes with chickpeas are the perfect option for a family dinner or large gatherings. It is a beautiful creation with sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and rich spices. 

What makes these Baked Sweet Potatoes truly delicious is their nutritional benefits. This recipe is a healthy addition to dinner meals and is loaded with protein, fiber, and essential vitamins. 

Another amazing fact about these sweet potatoes with chickpeas is that they are completely vegan-friendly. So, are you ready to bring a unique twist to your dinner table? If yes, then curate this easy recipe with a tinge of love. 

Get The Recipe Here – Orchids And Sweet Tea

24. Grilled Shrimp And Asparagus With Broccoli

Image Credit – Eating Bird Food

On hectic evenings, you prefer easy recipes for a speedy meal. The grilled shrimp, asparagus, and broccoli recipe is a filling dinner made with grilled shrimp, hearty quinoa, crunchy broccoli, and roasted asparagus. 

You can prepare and toss all the elements into a bowl for a quick dinner. It’s a delightful salad that is loaded with flavor and full of protein. There are so many things that you will love about this salad.

Color, texture, nutrition, and flavor – can you imagine everything can be packed in a single bowl? This recipe is sure to please your taste buds. So, make this vibrant salad recipe that gives you flavorful bites.  

Get The Recipe Here – Eating Bird Food

25. Mushroom And Spinach Quinoa Bowl

Image Credit – Pumpkin Spice

One day, I felt rushed and had little time to make dinner. I remembered I had a bag of quinoa, mushrooms, and spinach in the fridge. I whipped up a batch of quick mushroom and spinach quinoa bowls in less than 15 minutes.

To my surprise, the combination of mushroom spinach and quinoa resulted in a nutritious meal that would satisfy me. I’m now a big fan of mushroom and spinach quinoa bowls and always make them.

For serving, you can top them with whatever you like, such as avocado, hard-boiled eggs, roasted vegetables, or even a dollop of hummus. Try this dish with your favorite toppings and enjoy a quick time.

Get The Recipe Here – Pumpkin Spice

26. Tuna And Avocado Salad

Image Credit – Crunchy Creamy Sweet

One summer, I went on a camping trip with my friends. We were excited to be outdoors, but we were also a little nervous about cooking over a campfire. We decided to make tuna and avocado salad for lunch because it was easy to make and didn’t require cooking.

Tuna and avocado salad is a classic dish for a reason. The combination of tuna and avocado is simply perfect. The tuna is flavorful and protein-rich, while the avocado is creamy and healthy.

The good thing about this recipe is that you can enjoy it on its own, on a sandwich, or as part of a larger meal. Also, this salad reminds me of my camping trip with friends. 

Get The Recipe Here – Crunchy Creamy Sweet

27. Teriyaki Tofu With Broccoli And Brown Rice

Image Credit – Table For Two Blog

If you love Asian dishes, this teriyaki tofu with broccoli and brown rice will hit the spot. The tofu is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the broccoli is perfectly cooked with a slightly crunchy texture. The teriyaki sauce perfectly balances sweet and savory, and it coats the tofu and broccoli perfectly.

Teriyaki sauce is a popular Japanese sauce made with soy sauce, sugar, and rice wine. It offers sweet and savory flavors with a slightly salty and tangy finish. The sauce is mainly used in stir-fries, rice bowls, and noodles. 

Also, this is a popular plant-based dinner option to try at home. Also, it’s a great recipe for those who need classic Asian flavors but with a unique presentation.

Get The Recipe Here – Table For Two Blog

28. Chickpea And Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Image Credit – The Last Food Blog

I have always loved stuffed peppers ever since I was a kid. My mom always made them, and they were one of my favorite comfort foods. When I became a vegetarian, I was disappointed that I couldn’t eat traditional stuffed peppers anymore. But then I discovered chickpea and quinoa stuffed peppers.

I love that these stuffed peppers are just as delicious and satisfying as traditional ones but also much healthier. The balance of nutrition and taste makes them a go-to option for a lovely and gluten-free meal. 

In addition to being healthy, chickpea and quinoa stuffed peppers are also versatile. They can be served as a main course or a side dish and can be tailored to your individual taste preferences. For example, you can add different spices and herbs to the filling or top the peppers with your favorite cheese or sauce.

Get The Recipe Here – The Last Food Blog

29. Roasted Chickpea Wrap

Image Credit – Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

I used to be a big fan of fast food dinners, but I started to feel sluggish and unhealthy after eating them all the time. I decided to change and start cooking my dinner, and roasted chickpea wraps quickly became one of my favorites. They are a fancy dinner option and perfect for on-the-go. 

Moreover, these wraps are packed with plant-based protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and they can be customized to your liking with your favorite toppings. Consider adding unique toppings that elevate your wrap to the next level for an extra gourmet touch. 

Also, you can add gourmet toppings to your wraps. For example, try using truffle hummus or roasted red pepper hummus instead of regular hummus. You can also add crumbled goat cheese, sliced prosciutto, or even a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Get The Recipe Here – Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

30. Roasted Veggie And Pesto Panini

Image Credit – Veggie Desserts

This roasted veggie and pesto panini is a delicious indulgence that you will crave for dinner. The pea pesto gives it an extra excellent taste. Moreover, the sandwich is grilled until the bread is golden brown.  

I remember the first time I had a roasted veggie and pesto panini. I was on a picnic with my friends, and one of them had brought the sandwiches. I hesitated to try one initially because I am not a big fan of pesto. But I am so glad I did! The sandwich was delicious. 

The roasted vegetables were tender and flavorful, and the pesto added a bright and herbaceous flavor. The bread was also grilled to perfection, and it had a nice crunch to it.

Get The Recipe Here – Veggie Desserts

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30 Maundy Thursday Dinner Ideas

30 Maundy Thursday Dinner Ideas

Some popular Maundy Thursday dinner ideas include herb-crusted baked salmon, mushroom risotto, honey mustard glazed chicken, vegetable and tofu teriyaki, and pasta primavera. Other delicious suppers include roasted veggie and pesto panini, baked sweet potatoes, and lemon garlic shrimp pasta.


  • Herb-Crusted Baked Salmon
  • Lentil And Vegetable Soup
  • Spinach And Ricotta Stuffed Shells
  • Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Bowl
  • Mushroom Risotto
  • Lemon Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta
  • Vegetable And Chickpea Curry
  • Pesto Zucchini Noodles
  • Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken
  • Caprese Salad
  • Veggie-Packed Stir-Fry Noodles
  • Vegetable And Tofu Teriyaki
  • Quinoa And Black Bean Stuffed Peppers
  • Mediterranean Chickpea Bowl
  • Cauliflower And Chickpea Curry
  • Balsamic Glazed Portobello Mushrooms
  • Pasta Primavera
  • Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken
  • Greek Salad With Falafel
  • Zucchini Noodles With Pesto And Cherry Tomatoes
  • Greek Lentil Salad
  • Stuffed Bell Peppers With Quinoa And Black Beans
  • Baked Sweet Potato With Chickpeas
  • Grilled Shrimp And Asparagus With Broccoli
  • Mushroom And Spinach Quinoa Bowl
  • Tuna And Avocado Salad
  • Teriyaki Tofu With Broccoli And Brown Rice
  • Chickpea And Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
  • Roasted Chickpea Wrap
  • Roasted Veggie And Pesto Panini


  • Select the recipe you want to cook.
  • Click on the recipe link.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the recipe.


Whether planning a simple meal for your family or a more elaborate feast for your community, we hope this list of Maundy Thursday dinner ideas has inspired you.

From hearty main course dishes to light salad recipes, this list has diverse options to satisfy everyone’s needs. Also, the simplicity of some recipes allows you stress-free cooking. Enjoy the list of recipes and celebrate the Maundy festival with your loved ones.     

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is served at Maundy Thursday dinner?

There are many various recipes like lemon herb roasted chicken, veggie-packed stir-fry noodles, pasta primavera, stuffed bell peppers with quinoa and black beans, grilled shrimp and asparagus with quinoa, and roasted veggie and pesto panini.

What to make for dinner on Holy Thursday?

You can make honey mustard glazed chicken, vegetable and chickpea curry, mushroom risotto, lemon garlic butter shrimp pasta, and baked sweet potato with chickpea and spinach. 

Are the recipes mentioned in this list easy to prepare? 

Yes, all the recipes mentioned in this list are simple to prepare. 

What did Jesus eat on Maundy Thursday?

Jesus ate bean stew, lamb, fish dishes, aromatized wine, chicken, and bread. 

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