20 Minute Dinner Ideas For Family

39 Best 20-Minute Dinner Ideas For Family

When it comes to family dinners, there is a great deal of stress as one has to decide what they are supposed to make without spending most of the time in the kitchen.

To your rescue, there are many incredible 20-minute dinner ideas for families that are delicious and healthy as well.

Some of the best recipes that you can make in 20 minutes for your family dinner are One pot creamy chicken and mushroom pasta, crispy-shrimp salad with Avocado Dressing, Italian sausage, and rocket penne, sticky sweet chili ginger salmon, and much more like them.

You can try different recipes with chicken and pasta. Make a healthy salad or some burrito bowls. Making these 20-minute recipes are super easy, and they taste really good.

You just need to prepare and assemble very few but important ingredients, and you have a dinner for your complete family with a lot of time to chit-chat. 

So, without any further stretch, let’s see how many dishes we can make within such a short time frame, and I can bet you would love most of the recipes. 

20-Minute Dinner Ideas for Family

Making dinner within 20 minutes is not a big deal with my compilation list. So scroll till the end and explore new recipes to try!

1. One pot of creamy chicken and mushroom pasta

Image Credits – Plated Cravings

When it comes to dinner, we all want a comforting, delicious dish that is also easy to make. And that is why my number one recipe has always been this one-pot creamy chicken and mushroom pasta.

It has a perfect combination of creaminess and juicy chicken. 

Pasta and chicken are a great pair, and with the addition of mushrooms, you make sure to have a full meal and get full nutrients along with delicious flavors. 

I am sure your family will love this recipe because it is very fulfilling and full of flavors. Start with cooking the mushrooms and season with some salt and pepper. 

Mushrooms take a little extra time to cook, so have some patience. Add some vinegar, and after 30 seconds, stir in some broth. Once the liquid starts boiling, add the pasta and chicken pieces. 

Cook the pasta and chicken, which will take around 10 minutes, and once the pasta is al dente, stir in some sour cream and add parmesan.

I make sure to add a little extra for the little ones, as they love the creamy texture. And your one-pot creamy chicken and mushroom pasta will be ready within 20 minutes. 

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2. Crispy-Shrimp Salad with Avocado Dressing

Image Credits – Foodie Crush

I know salad is not such a special item at the dinner table because they are usually simple with all the greens, and it feels more like a task. 

This is because we think salads need to be boring just because they are healthy. For today’s dinner, you can change the narrative of the salads by making some crispy shrimp salad with avocado dressing. 

I can bet that everyone, including your kids, would want this salad for more; this way, you can make sure to add healthy nutrients to everyone’s diet.

You would need some raw shrimp and season with some salt and pepper. Now in a bowl, beat some eggs, and on another plate, keep some breadcrumbs that would be used to coat the shrimps before cooking. 

Start dipping the seasoned shrimp into eggs and then coat it with breadcrumbs.

Transfer the coated shrimp to a pan and cook until opaque and crispy. In a food processor, add cilantro, a few tablespoons of water, yogurt, lime juice, oil, half of the avocado, and salt to taste.

Make a paste and keep it aside. On the other side, cut the remaining avocados into little cubes. Mix greens and some oil. Transfer on a platter, and then add radishes and cucumbers.

Add the shrimp and pour the dressing over the salad. Stir everything well and enjoy. 

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3. Italian sausage and rocket penne

sausage and rocket penee
Image Credits – Gourmet

I love sausages; when combined with penne pasta, they make a complete meal. Italian sausage and rocket penne is another comforting meal you can easily enjoy with your family without spending much time in the kitchen. 

You can start by cooking sausages in oil until they get brown and smell like heaven. Now add some onions, followed by garlic and chili. Let the onion and garlic get cooked, and then you can stir the tomato sauce. 

Add some wine and cook until it evaporates. Add some salt and pepper to taste. Also, don’t forget to cook the pasta at the very first step only so you can go on with cooking sausages while the pasta is finished. 

Add the cooked pasta to the sausages with rocket leaves. If required, add more salt and pepper. Combine everything really well and grate some pecorino after serving on a plate. 

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4. Sticky sweet chili ginger salmon

Image Credits – Hungry Healthy Happy

One of the best seafood dishes is made with salmon. Salmon combines great flavors without much of the annoying fishy smell. It has the required umami flavor and is a perfect option to make dinner with. 

If you plan to cook some salmon for dinner, try sticky sweet chili ginger salmon. It has a subtle sweetness with a punch of tanginess. This is an Asian dish that actually represents most Asian flavors. 

Start with making the amazingly sweet and tangy sauce or dressing. Combine sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, and ginger in a large bowl. 

Coat the salmon with the mixture. Make sure to coat evenly and generously. Let it sit and marinate for a while, and meanwhile, make coleslaw. Mix vinegar, honey, sesame oil, and salt for coleslaw in a bowl. 

Transfer some cabbage, carrots, and mint leaves into a separate bowl. Now place the coated salmon on a baking tray and grill it until golden brown and flaky. Take the leftover marinade and simmer in a pan. 

Add The cabbage, carrots, and mint to the liquid once it is thick and reduced to half. Mix everything nicely, and then start plating. Place the cooked salmon and pour the cooked dressing over it. Top with the coleslaw, and you are done with delicious and filling sticky sweet chili ginger salmon. 

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5. Beef and Broccoli Lo Mein

Image Credits – The Recipe Critic

A perfect dish that will melt in your mouth and satisfy all the savory cravings at once. 

This recipe can be prepared within twenty minutes and is super delicious with amazing flavors. It has everything that’s healthy and tasty, like beef, broccoli, carrots, and noodles. 

You can even try making it in an instant pot or a slow cooker, whatever suits you. Today we will prepare this within 20 minutes and enjoy it with family and friends.

You can use lo mein noodles or spaghetti noodles for this recipe. Start with cooking the pasta as usual. Add the broccoli to the pasta for 5 minutes, taking it off the heat.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, you can combine the ingredients for the sauce. Mix brown sugar soy sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, ginger, red pepper, and pepper.

In a skillet, toss the noodles, pour over the sauce, and coat everything well. 

Don’t forget about the steaks. So before you transfer the noodles to the skillet, cook the steaks, add carrots along with broccoli, and then add the noodles and the sauce.

You can garnish it with green onions and sesame seeds and enjoy this amazing, cozy dinner option with your loved ones. 

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6. Taco Soup

Image Credits – Grandbaby Cake

When you crave something warm for your belly and soul, taco soup is one of the best options. I love this taco soup because it is very warm and comforting and can be made within 20 minutes. Taco soup has a special taco seasoning that infuses the taco flavors in the soup.

You can start by cooking beef in a skillet over medium heat and then add taco seasoning after drawing the excess water from the cooked beef.

Pour in some water and add pinto beans, followed by chilli beans, corn, stewed tomatoes, and diced tomatoes with chilis. 

Mix everything together and add ranch salad dressing mix for extra flavors. Now all you have to do is wait and let everything simmer for a while.

Mix everything well, and serve this delicious and warm taco soup after 10 -15 mins of simmering. You can top it with some sour cream, and you are done. 

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7. 20-Minute Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup

Image Credits – A Gouda Life

If taco soup was not so appealing, then why don’t you try some cheesy chicken enchilada soup? It is super easy to make and, for sure, very cheesy (that’s the winning point).

Start with cooking onions in oil, and once the onions are translucent, throw in the garlic. 

Please do not burn the garlic, or it will lose its aroma. Add some flour and stir it, then pour some chicken stock slowly without any formation of lumps. Now add the chicken and enchilada sauce. 

As this is a soup, add black beans, tomatoes, salt, and cumin, and stir until combined. Let everything simmer for a while. Add cheese and season with salt and pepper. Your soup is ready. 

You can serve this with some tortilla chips or rice. This dish will be a great option to enjoy with your family and friends on a cold day.

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8. Kimchi fried rice

Image Credits – Drive Me Hungry

With the rise in K-drama lovers, people are going gaga over kimchi and kimchi-based dishes. If you want to try this trending kimchi fried rice for dinner with your family, then check out this recipe, as it is easy and perfect to munch on. 

The Korean-style fried rice tastes absolutely delicious and looks very tempting while served. Start by heating a pan and cooking some garlic in oil.

Add some bacon and let it cook. Once the bacon is half cooked, add the kimchi and cook it further. 

Just before the kimchi is almost done, stir in mushrooms and let the mushroom get done. Stir in rice and the rest of the kimchi juice. Combine everything together. Pour some sesame oil and seaweed strips.

Normally, Koreans eat their rice with eggs, serve this delicious and tempting kimchi fried rice with cooked eggs and enjoy your family dinner. 

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9. Steak with charred veg and chipotle yogurt

Image Credits – Felly Bull

Steak is the easiest and yummiest dish you can make, and it is a perfect dinner item. But if steak is paired with the right ingredients, then the flavor goes to another great level.

Heat a pan and, in a bowl, add peppers along with onions, oil, and spices. 

Mix everything well and griddle or fry the vegetables. Once done, transfer in a bowl and toss some sweet corn and black beans. Rub the steak with the left oil in the pan and season with some salt.

Cook the steak from all sides. Combine yogurt, chipotle paste, lime zest and juice, and a pinch of salt in another bowl. Mix with vegetables and cut the steaks into pieces. Top with chipotle yogurt and vegetables. You are done with yummy steak with charred veg and chipotle yogurt. 

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10. French Bread Pizza

Image Credits – Cooking Classy

This recipe will take around 20-25 minutes, but I bet this would be one of the greatest pizza versions you will ever try at home. French bread pizza is super easy and convenient to make. 

This recipe will fill the little ones with joy; you don’t have to worry about their health as it is homemade and fresh. And also you can add a lot of cheese. The recipe is French bread pizza, so we will require French bread.

Along with French bread, you will need some butter, garlic, pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings of your choice. In this particular recipe, you can try many variations. You can use different sauces and toppings and enjoy a delicious dinner. The basic steps would be the same. 

Start with toasting the French bread with some butter. Make sure to cut the bread in half. You can sprinkle some garlic powder for the flavors and bake it for one or two minutes. 

Spread your choice of sauce, toppings, and a lot of cheese, and bake the French bread again until the cheese is bubbly and your house smells like heaven. I basically add some mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, and basil leaves as toppings. 

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11. Chicken Spinach Pasta Recipe

chicken and spinach
Image Credits – Bibby’s Kitchen

We all look for something fulfilling yet healthy when it comes to dinner. Having dinner with family is fun, but you can make it more fun and delicious with the right dish. Chicken spinach pasta is super easy and obviously super delicious. First, season the chicken and cook it from all sides. 

Add some garlic and chili to the pan, followed by chopped tomatoes and some sugar. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Cover and cook for a while. Meantime cook the pasta as per the usual instructions.

 Add the spinach leaves to the sauce and let it get soft. Add the cooked pasta and coat the pasta with the sauce very well. You can add some of the pasta water if the sauce is thick. 

Add the chicken and let everything mix very well. Go and throw in basil leaves and a lot of parmesan. Now you can serve the pasta and enjoy it.

Get The Recipe From Here – Bibby’s Kitchen

12. Garlic-Lime Pork with Farro and Kale

garlic lime pork with farro and kale
Image Credits – Simply Recipes

Pork is one of the most common dinner options, but why must it be a regular dish? Try garlic lime pork with farro and kale during dinner time with the family. It is super simple and delicious.

Now take a non-stick skillet and heat some oil. Cook the pork in the oil and season with salt and pepper. Add more oil and cook some garlic, followed by more black pepper.

Cook the pork for a while and then transfer it to another container for a while. Combine lime juice, peanut butter, honey, and salt in a separate bowl. Pour the lime mixture into the hot skillet.

Now you can add farro followed by kale. Divide the farro into 4-5 parts for plating and top with pork medallions. You can garnish it with some walnuts as well.

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13. Creamy chicken and vegetables

Image Credits – Recipe Tin Eats

Eating veggies for dinner looks like a tough task, but you can always turn the way around with the right combination. Creamy chicken and vegetables are the right recipes for the dinner table as they are filled with lots of cream and yummy chicken with healthy vegetables. 

Also, it is easy to make and can get ready within 20 minutes. Melt with some butter. Add chicken and cook for a while until golden and brown. Remove the chicken. Add more butter to the pan and throw in vegetables of your choice, like mushrooms, beans, peas, etc. 

Let the vegetables get crispy, and add some seasoning for the taste. Add milk and let the milk boil and then add the chicken. Reduce heat and let the milk and chicken simmer for a while. 

Once the milk is thickened, you are done with your rich and creamy chicken and vegetables. Pair this with some rice or noodles and have a good meal. 

Get The Recipe From Here – RecipeTin Eats

14. White Bean & Sun-Dried Tomato Gnocchi

Image Credits – Dished

If you are craving some umami flavors for dinner, then why don’t you try some white bean and sun-dried tomato gnocchi?

It is really filled with so many great flavors, and you can easily pair the dish with other items to make a complete meal or have it as it is. 

Heat some oil and add gnocchi until it is well cooked. Once the gnocchi is brown, add the beans with spinach. Cook beans and spinach for a while. Keep it aside. Heat the same pan and add more oil.

Throw in sun-dried tomatoes and shallots. Add some broth and let the liquid evaporate. Reduce the flame and add the cream along with some lemon juice. Season with some salt and pepper. 

Remember, we kept the gnocchi on the side. It’s time to transfer back to the pan. Coat everything with the sauce, and you’re done. Enjoy, and don’t forget to garnish with some basil leaves.   

Get The Recipe From Here – Dished

15. Crispy Chicken-and-Broccoli Salad

crispy chicken
Image Credits – Southern Living

Salads should not always be boring. They can be equally delicious and healthy if you know the right ingredients. We often plan to have salads at dinner, so I have a special recipe – crispy chicken and broccoli salad. And this recipe is one of the best ways to feed some good broccoli to your family. 

For the recipe, you will need broccoli florets, seedless grapes, red onion, chicken tenders, cheese, and some dressing ingredients like salt, pepper, honey, mustard, and olive oil.

You can make the dressing overnight. Simply mix honey, vinegar, mustard, salt, and pepper. And chill overnight. Before serving the dinner, boil some broccoli and cook chicken tenders after seasoning salt and pepper. 

Stir in the chilled dressing and add red onions, grapes, and other ingredients per your preference in the salad. Enjoy the delicious and healthy crispy chicken and broccoli salad. Don’t forget to add the cheese. 

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16. Zucchini linguine with pesto

Image Credits – Eat Yourself Skinny

Want some pasta but a healthier option? Then why don’t you try zucchini pasta? Zucchini pasta is nothing but zucchini sliced in the shape of long strands of pasta.

To cook the zucchini noodles, also called zoodles, you can stir-fry them in a pan for a minute or two. 

Pulse some basils along with garlic in a blender or a food processor. You don’t have to make a paste; coarsely chop the basil and garlic.

Add some oil while the processor is still pulsing, and add lemon juice and parmesan cheese. 

Once done, combine the pesto with zucchini. Coat the pesto really well with zucchini and top with tomatoes. You can even cook the zucchini in a skillet for a while or enjoy it as it is. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Eat Yourself Skinny

17. Mexican chicken burger

Mexican Chicken burgers
Image Credits – Every Last Bite

When your kids demand fast food, you can trick them into eating something not so bad from the outside. Simply make some Mexican chicken burgers, and they will no longer demand them from outside. 

Mexican chicken burgers are very tasty and obviously safe to eat once or twice a week as it is made at home. Make sure to bash the chicken before cooking.

Prepare the chipotle mix with lemon juice and spread it over the chicken breasts. Cook the chicken in some oil and add the cheese over the chicken for the last 2 minutes. Season the chicken. Toast the buns as well.

On the other side, mash some avocados. Add some more lime juice. Add some cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, and garlic. 

Season with salt. Place it over the toasted buns, followed by the chicken, and close with the other bun. You are done with amazing and incredibly delicious chicken burgers in Mexican style. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Every Last Bite

18. Ramen Carbonara

ramen carbonara
Image Credits – Cooking For Keeps

We all love ramen, and that is why I am sharing this very tempting ramen carbonara recipe. It is so easy to make and tastes good. You would need bacon and eggs. Start with cooking bacon in a skillet. Keep it aside. 

Heat the same pan; add boiling water and some butter and cheese. Add the noodles and boil until the noodles are cooked properly. Reduce the liquid to half by evaporation.

Whisk some eggs and stir in the noodles. Remove from the heat, and eggs will continue cooking because of the heat. Add the bacon back and cheese. Go a little extra with black pepper. Cover the noodles in a bowl. 

If you don’t want to make fried eggs, you can immediately serve, or in case you want fried eggs, heat some butter and crack eggs and cook for a minute or so. Place the fried eggs over the noodles, and you are good to go. 

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19. One-Pan Garlic Butter Salmon

Image Credits – Bowl Of Delicious

We all love salmon; if combined with some butter and garlic, you can’t imagine the punch of flavors and aroma. Salmon is one of the best seafood I have ever tasted, and if you are craving salmon but have little time, try one pan of garlic butter salmon. 

To make this recipe, start by preheating the oven. Meanwhile, combine butter, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Coat the salmon properly with the mixture from all sides in a baking tray. 

Place some broccoli and add some oil along with some salt, pepper, and parmesan. You need to bake the salmon and broccoli for 15-18 minutes.

Once done, you can directly serve the salmon with some parsley and enjoy it with steamed rice. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Bowl Of Delicious

20. Spaghetti with avocado sauce and fried chorizo

Image Credits – Delicious Magazine

You can always make your spaghetti healthy and fulfilling without compromising the tempting flavors and taste. For this, you would need three main ingredients – spaghetti, avocado, and chorizo.

This recipe is undoubtedly very quick to make and can be ready within 20 minutes or so. Start with scooping the avocado and making a smooth paste with the help of a food processor or blender.

Add basil, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and ground black pepper. Also, don’t forget to boil the spaghetti and add back to mix the avocado mixture with some pasta water. Combine everything well. Fry the chorizo in a little oil. 

You can add some garlic as well while frying the chorizo. While serving the dish, simply plate the pasta and top with the fried chorizo. Add some feta cheese, olives, and more basil. 

Get the recipe from here – Delicious Magazine

21. Honey-Garlic Glazed Salmon

Image Credits – The Chunky Chef

If you love the one-pot garlic butter salmon, then you should try honey garlic glazed salmon as it has a more complex flavor, and the honey makes the dish go on to the next level. 

You can start by drying the salmon so there is no water on the surface. Season with some salt and pepper. You can also use some paprika for the spiciness. Melt some butter in a skillet and add garlic, water, and soy sauce. 

Continue adding sriracha, honey, and lemon juice. Stir for a few seconds, and then transfer the salmon to the mixture. While cooking the salmon, make sure that the sauce is properly coated on the salmon. 

You would need 5 minutes or so to cook the salmon properly. Let the salmon caramelize, and your honey garlic glazed salmon is ready to eat. You can serve it immediately after garnishing it with some parsley.

Pair it with some steamed rice, and you have a perfect meal. 

Get The Recipe From Here – The Chunky Chef

22. Special Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Image Credits – The Recipe Critic

Some days, we want to have something that is not so heavy or dinner-like a dish but should still satisfy the cravings and hunger. Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of the best dinner ideas for those days. 

It is not a proper dinner meal, but for sure, it will fill your stomach as well as your soul. And the best thing is that it can be prepared within 15 mins. For the recipe, you would need some bread slices.

You will only need cheese and some butter for grilling the bread slices. Start with spreading butter on each bread slice. Don’t be stingy while applying the butter. Toast the bread after applying the butter. 

Place cheese slices between the pieces of bread and while toasting. Now, have a lot of patience. Let the bread get golden and crispy over low heat.

Your grilled cheese sandwich is ready once the cheese is melted and the bread is golden crispy. I guess this is a super easy recipe with many cheese and butter flavors. 

Get The Recipe From Here – The Recipe Critic

23. Chicken with Parmesan Noodles

Image Credits – Better Homes & Gardens

Chicken with parmesan noodles sounds like a perfectly delicious dinner. It has everything one would love to eat. From chicken to cheese, it is an absolutely tempting recipe that could be ready within 10-15 mins maximum. 

Start with cooking some carrots in the pan and add chicken afterward. Once the chicken is cooked, add pesto. Stir everything really well. Do not forget to boil the noodles while cooking the carrots and chicken. 

Once the noodles are done, combine them with some pesto and butter. Place the cooked chicken over the noodles and drizzle some oil and basil. Season with some black pepper and a lot of parmesan cheese. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Better Homes & Gardens

24. 15-minute pesto chicken cauliflower rice

Image Credits – Taste Better From Scratch

Cauliflower rice is nothing but grated cauliflower, and this is a super healthy recipe with lots of flavors. You can grate at home, or nowadays you can easily get it from the nearby store. The next thing you would need chopped tomatoes. 

Place the tomatoes in a pan along with some olive oil and cook for a while. Now add the cauliflower rice to the same pan while stirring everything. For more aroma and flavor, add one garlic clove. 

Add the chicken, some tomato paste, pesto, and season with some salt. Cook the mixture for a few minutes. For the creamy texture, add milk and cheese.

Cook for a minute or so, and add more cheese and garlic. You can add some dill and arugula and cook for another 2 minutes. You can now serve the pesto chicken cauliflower rice with some parmesan and enjoy. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Taste Better From Scratch

25. Garlic, Sausage & Kale Naan Pizzas

Image Credits – My Casual Pantry

Sausages are yummy, but can you make it5 a little healthier? Don’t worry because I am here with a healthy dinner option with some sausages that will taste amazingly delicious. Start with preheating the broiler. 

To make the recipe healthy, we will use some kale and garlic for the flavors and aroma. Heat some oil and add garlic, followed by turkey. 

Go on; add some fennel seeds and paprika. Season with some salt and let the turkey cook. You can use a wooden spoon to break the turkey so that it cooks quickly.

After a minute or so, Add kale, vinegar, and maybe some more salt. Let everything cook really well. Now take some naan pieces and place them on the baking sheet after brushing them with some oil.

Place the turkey mixture over each naan and sprinkle some mozzarella. 

Let the naan pizzas broil for 2 to 4 minutes until all the cheese is melted. Now your tempting and hot yet healthy naan pizzas with garlic, sausages, and kale are ready to be served on the dinner table. 

Get The Recipe From Here – My Casual Pantry

26. Burrito Bowls

Image Credits – Lil Luna

What If you can enjoy the flavors of a burrito in a bowl for dinner? Yay, you heard it right. I am going to share some amazing tips to make this amazing burrito bowl. It is like all the flavors of burritos in a bowl. 

For the recipe, you would need basic burrito items like – beans, corn kernels, rice, lettuce, and sour cream. As we use rice, you can go for the leftovers or microwavable brown rice from the store to cut the cooking time.

Start cooking beans with water, chili powder, cumin, and salt in a pan. Meanwhile, heat another pan and cook some corn. Add some lemon juice and salt.

Cook the rice as per the instructions on the packet, or use the leftover ones. Garnish with some cilantro and lime juice. 

Now place the cooked beans, corn, and rice in a bowl. Add lettuce, some cheese, and avocado if desired. Top the bowl with sour cream and some cilantro, and your burrito bowl is ready. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Lil Luna

27. Creamy garlic prawns

Image Credits – Recipe Tin Eats

Concerning prawns, I prefer creamy and aromatic, which is why I love creamy garlic prawns. You can try this for dinner and pair it with some pasta, tortilla, noodles, or cooked rice. You would need some prawns, broth, milk, butter, parmesan, cilantro, and garlic. 

You can also use some white wine to get the enhanced flavors. First, marinate the prawns with garlic, oil, and pepper. Cook the prawns in some butter until each side gets golden and crispy.

Melt some more butter in a separate pan or skillet. Stir in garlic and cook it for a minute or two. 

Add some white wine and let it evaporate more than half by simmering it. Add some chicken or veg broth. Boil it for a while, add some cream, and let it thicken. Add the cooked prawns after adding some parmesan. 

Add some salt and pepper as per your taste. That is it. Your yummy and creamiest garlic prawns are ready to eat. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Recipetineats

28. Scallion Chicken

Scallion chicken
Image Credits – Tiffy Cooks

Another great yet easy chicken recipe for your dinner is scallion chicken. It is easy to make, with lots of flavors bursting out in every bite. Use chicken thighs for the best results. 

Start with marinating the chicken with soy sauce, oyster sauce, honey, black pepper, and cornstarch. Keep it aside for 5 minutes, and prepare the other ingredients. Chop some green onions and keep them aside. 

In a pan, cook the marinated chicken. Add some Shaoxing wine and cook it for a minute or two after covering the lid. Add the chopped green onions and saute for a minute.

Now you are done with scallion chicken, which is ready to eat. Combine with some rice, and you are good to go. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Tiffy Cooks

29. Spicy and cheesy chicken quesadilla

Image Credits – Home And Mastery

Chicken quesadilla is another great recipe to try, but can we make it within 15-20 minutes? One important thing is that you would need some pre-cooked chicken, which is how it is possible to make the recipe within a short time frame. 

Combine cream cheese, garlic, tomato paste, cumin, coriander, and crushed red pepper in a bowl. Splash some water if required. Mix some pre-cooked chicken with basil (or dill), chopped jalapeno, and arugula in the same bowl.

Once your creamy and spicy chicken mixture is ready, spread it over tortillas and top it with lots of cheese. Fold and cover the mixture. Toast the tortillas in some oil from both sides.

And you are done just like this. Enjoy it with some guacamole, and have a nice dinner. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Home And Mastery

30. Lemon-Ginger Fish

lemon ginger fish
Image Credits – Better Homes & Gardens

Before making this recipe, snake sure to thaw the fish. This lemon ginger fish is super easy with many refreshing yet tempting flavors. Add some lemon peel, juice, ginger, and sugar in a bowl.

Cook the fish with some butter in a skillet and add the lemon mixture to the same skillet. Once the fish is cooked, carefully transfer it to a plate. Add lemon slices to the same skillet and cook until the sauce or liquid thickens.

Meanwhile, microwave some spinach leaves. Now it’s time to assemble. Use the spinach leaves in a bowl. Top with fish and pour the sauce over the fish. Season with salt and pepper, and you are ready to eat delicious and lemony ginger fish. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Better Homes & Gardens

31. Pizza Pasta Recipe

Image Credits – Rachel Cooks

Pizza and pasta in a single pot within 20 minutes sounds a little impossible to make, but worry not, as I have the best recipe. You only need six ingredients, and your dinner is ready to eat.

You would need pasta, pizza sauce, diced tomatoes, pepperoni, spinach, and mozzarella. 

Combine pizza sauce, diced tomatoes, water, and pepperoni in a large skillet. Now boil the mixture and add the pasta. Add spinach to the pan at the last minute and cook until the pasta is al dente. 

Over low flame, add the cheese and stir everything well. Top with sliced pepperoni and broil it on high flame until everything is golden and bubbly. Spike some basil once done, and enjoy. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Rachel Cooks

32. Stuffed Pepper Casserole

Image Credits – I’m Hungry For That

Have you ever thought you could make a stuffed pepper casserole within 20 minutes? I guessed it right, and now I am sharing with you a super amazing stuffed pepper casserole that will make you crave more and more. 

You just have to cook the turkey and vegetables. Season everything with salt and pepper and finish with some final touches. Heat a skillet and cook some onions and garlic in oil for 2-3 minutes. Add spoke bell peppers and ground turkey. 

Cook the turkey until it turns brown. Add the tomatoes. Sprinkle some Italian seasoning and cumin powder. Cook everything for a while. Stir in cooked spinach and rice and season with some salt and pepper. 

Add the cheese. Let the cheese melt and garnish with some parsley. That is all. Your stuffed pepper casserole is ready to enjoy. 

Get The Recipe From Here – I’m Hungry For That

33. 20 Minute Broccoli Cheese Soup 

Image Credits – Spend With Pennies

Get a little lighter with 20-minute broccoli cheese soup for dinner. This recipe is seemingly easy and soothing for your stomach. Start preparing the soup by heating some butter in a large saucepan. 

Add onion and carrots and cook for a while. Add the main vegetables – broccoli. Pour in chicken broth and season it for a while. Simmer for around 5 to 8 minutes.

Cut some vegetables and keep them aside. Blend the vegetables and broth. 

Make some cream using flour and fresh cream, and whisk in the broth gently. Let the mixture boil for a minute. Now add some cheese after removing it from the heat. Transfer the soup to a bowl with chopped vegetables.

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34. Soba noodles with wasabi garlic prawns

soba noodles
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For today’s dinner, have some exotic flavors with soba noodles with wasabi garlic prawns. It is pretty simple to make these noodles.

Start with combining wasabi, soy sauce, and garlic, and meanwhile, cook the noodles as per instructions. 

Melt some butter in a pan and stir in prawns. Cook the prawns until they turn pink. Add the wasabi mixture to the prawns with some noodle water. 

Add the noodles and spring onions. Mix everything really well, and that is all you have to do. Your delicious soba noodles with wasabi garlic prawns are ready!

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35. Shrimp Rolls

Image Credits – Taste & Tell

Shrimp rolls are one of those dishes that can be served at family dinners. This recipe is super easy to make and looks super tempting. The taste is so remarkable that you won’t stop until the last bite.

Heat some oil and cook the shrimp until opaque. Add some corn and stir for a while. In a bowl, combine mayonnaise, pesto, and lemon juice. Add some bell peppers, followed by green onions.

Stir in the shrimp and corn. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and serve the mixture over the hot dogs. The recipe is simple yet very delicious. 

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36. Chicken Sausage & Spinach Skillet Pasta with Lemon & Parmesan

Image Credits – The Cooking Jar

Do you think making pasta is a little extra? If so, you haven’t tried this particular recipe with so many things, from chicken sausage to spinach, but it takes much less time without compromising the taste.

Start with cooking the pasta as usual. Heat a pan and cook the sausages. Add some salt and pepper. Stir in some garlic and let the aroma get mixed in the air. Add some wine, lemon zest, and lemon juice, and let everything simmer for a while. 

After this, please remove it from the heat and add the spinach along with the cooked pasta. Cover it for a while, and once the spinach is wilted, serve as you desire. 

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37. Thai Green Curry With Vegetables

Image Credits – Ministry Of Curry

It is really hard to feed the vegetables to the kids, but if you are a smart cook, then you can make the little ones eat anything you want without tricking them.

Try this recipe of Thai green curry with vegetables, and I am sure your kids will find it delicious. You can make this within 20 to 25 minutes without much effort. Heat some oil in an instant pot and cook some green curry paste.

You can get Thai green curry paste from the nearby stores, it will help you to cut down the preparation time, and the taste will also be better. 

Add some coconut milk, followed by vegetables like – onion, zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant, and salt. Cover the lid and cook. Once done and the pressure is released, add peas and pepper.

Stir in some brown sugar, soy sauce, and lime juice. Taste and adjust the seasoning as per your preference. Let the curry boil, and then add some basil and cilantro. Make sure the curry’s consistency is thick enough, and then serve. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Ministry Of Curry

38. Chicken & Veggie Stir-Fry

Image Credits – The Schmidty Wife

Sometimes we crave chicken but not too fancy, and of those days, chicken and veggie stir fry is one of the best recipes to try. First, make some sauce to add to the stir-fry ingredients.

Drink soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, sugar, and cornstarch in a small bowl. Cut the vegetables of your own choice, like carrots, broccoli, and bell peppers. In a skillet, cook the chicken after brushing a little oil. Add the veggies in the same skillet and cook for 5 to 8 minutes until everything is cooked. 

At this stage, you can have spinach followed by the prepared sauce. Give the spinach and sauce five more minutes and remove from the heat. Squeeze some lemon juice and serve the chicken and veggie stir fry with some steamed rice. 

Get The Recipe From Here – The Schmidty Wife

39. Creamy Tuscan Chicken

Image Credits – Little Sunny Kitchen

Craving for something creamy and meaty? Go for creamy Tuscan chicken, and you won’t regret it. You won’t have to spend much time in the kitchen, and this is more of a one-pot recipe, or you can say one skillet recipe. 

100% in terms of appearance and taste. You have to prepare the sauce and cook the chicken. For the chicken, start with seasoning with some salt and pepper. Dust some flour over the chicken and cook it from all sides in a skillet. 

Keep the chicken aside, and now, in the same skillet, prepare the sauce. Add more oil and some sundried tomatoes, followed by garlic, and cook for a minute or so.

Pour in the broth or water and stir in some heavy cream. Add some Dijon mustard, dried herbs, and lots of parmesan. When the sauce is thick, add some spinach and let it wilt.

Add the chicken to the sauce and coat the chicken really well. Your delicious creamy Tuscan chicken is ready to be served. You can pair this dish with some rice or noodles and enjoy the family dinner. 

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20 Minute Dinner Ideas For Family

39 Best 20-Minute Dinner Ideas for Family

Some of the best recipes that you can make in 20 minutes for your family dinner are One pot creamy chicken and mushroom pasta, crispy-shrimp salad with Avocado Dressing, Italian sausage, and rocket penne, sticky sweet chili ginger salmon, and much more like them.


  • One Pot Of Creamy Chicken And Mushroom Pasta
  • Crispy-Shrimp Salad With Avocado Dressing
  • Italian Sausage And Rocket Penne
  • Sticky Sweet Chili Ginger Salmon
  • Beef And Broccoli Lo Mein
  • Taco Soup
  • 20-Minute Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup
  • Kimchi Fried Rice
  • Steak With Charred Veg And Chipotle Yogurt
  • French Bread Pizza
  • Chicken Spinach Pasta Recipe
  • Garlic-Lime Pork With Farro And Kale
  • Creamy Chicken And Vegetables
  • White Bean & Sun-Dried Tomato Gnocchi
  • Crispy Chicken-And-Broccoli Salad
  • Zucchini Linguine With Pesto
  • Mexican Chicken Burger
  • Ramen Carbonara
  • One-Pan Garlic Butter Salmon
  • Spaghetti With Avocado Sauce And Fried Chorizo
  • Honey-Garlic Glazed Salmon
  • Special Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe
  • Chicken With Parmesan Noodles
  • 15-Minute Pesto Chicken Cauliflower Rice
  • Garlic, Sausage & Kale Naan Pizzas
  • Burrito Bowls
  • Creamy Garlic Prawns
  • Scallion Chicken
  • Spicy And Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla
  • Lemon-Ginger Fish
  • Pizza Pasta Recipe
  • Stuffed Pepper Casserole
  • 20-Minute Broccoli Cheese Soup
  • Soba Noodles With Wasabi Garlic Prawns
  • Shrimp Rolls
  • Chicken Sausage & Spinach Skillet Pasta With Lemon & Parmesan
  • Thai Green Curry With Vegetables
  • Chicken & Veggie Stir-Fry
  • Creamy Tuscan Chicken


  • Select the recipe you want to cook.
  • Click on the recipe link.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the recipe.


So finally, we are here at the end of our dinner conversation, and I don’t know about you, but I am already hungry. I have tried to list the best possible delicious and ready recipes within 20 minutes.

You can try any recipe or make 2-3 at once because dinner should be the most fun and filling meal of the day.

If you try the recipes from the list, let me know in the comment section, and maybe share some other recipes that you think I missed out on the list.

I hope to get back with some more recipes like this so you don’t have to crack your head on deciding what to eat for the next meal. Hope to see you soon. Until then, try my favorite French bread pizza recipe. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I make in 20 mins for a family dinner? 

You can try making many dishes that take less time without compromising the taste. For instance, you can try the following dishes One Pot Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pasta, Crispy-Shrimp Salad with Avocado Dressing, Italian Sausage and Rocket Penne and Sticky sweet chili ginger salmon.

2. Can I make chicken in 20 minutes for a family dinner?

Yes, you can make delicious chicken-based dishes for your family. Some of the recipes that you can try are One Pot Creamy Chicken and Mushroom pasta, 20-Minute Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup, Chicken Spinach Pasta Recipe, Crispy Chicken-and-Broccoli Salad and Chicken with Parmesan Noodles

What are the easiest and most delicious dinner options to try within 20 mins? 

You can try anything with pasta. Adding vegetables and chicken adds more points to the recipe. You can try some other dishes like Ramen Carbonara, One-Pan Garlic Butter Salmon, Spaghetti with avocado sauce and fried chorizo, Honey-Garlic Glazed Salmon, Special Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe, Pizza Pasta Recipe, Stuffed Pepper Casserole and Shrimp Salad Rolls.

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