5 Minute Gluten Free Dinner Ideas

32 Easy 5-Minute Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas 

Nowadays, we all have busy lives and hectic work schedules. Spending time to prepare nutrition-enriched food can be a tedious job. Well, not anymore! I am here to help you with simple, quick, and 5 minutes gluten-free dinner ideas that can surely ease you.

Some of the best 5-minute gluten-free dinner ideas are tacos, avocado tuna salad, homemade salsa, chicken salad, creamy tomato courgette, crunchy broccoli stem and apple salad and chicken and avocado salad.

In this article, you will find a variety of recipes that surely suit your taste. Speaking of variety, you can enjoy hearty and scrumptious nutritious bowls of salad to toothsome desserts. Within a few minutes, you can fill your plate with mouthwatering recipes loaded with flavors and decadent aromas. Keep reading for all the amazing recipes.

5-minute gluten-free dinner ideas 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in and go through the world of gluten-free dinner recipes and fill our plates with delicious food and good nutrition. 

1. 5-minute Tacos

5 minutes Tacos
Image Credits: A Couple Cooks

After a long hectic day, I always search for something easy yet so satisfying. Tacos are the best companion when you are looking for a quick dinner snack. A delicious dinner batch that includes simple and easy steps.

In 5 minutes, you can get a gluten-free dinner recipe to soothe your evenings. Tacos are quick, and you will get enough time to do other chores or relax. Start by laying the taco shells on a flat surface and add protein, torn coriander, and dice onions. 

Top the taco with grated cheese and sprinkle salsa to give that perfect taste. Satisfy your taste buds with the delectable flavors of this taco recipe. The flavors are not limited; you can add whatever toppings you want. It is totally customizable and indeed a tasty escape from hectic life. 

Get The Recipe From Here – A Couple Cooks

2. Quick and creamy Tomato courgetti

Quick and creamy Tomato courgetti
Image Credits: BBC Good Food

Do you want to spend endless hours in the pantry looking for easy recipes? Here is a quick and creamy tomato courgetti recipe that can be prepared in just 5 minutes. Thick, velvety tomato sauce loaded with flavors adds a perfect texture to the whole dish.

Start by frying the ham and basil until you get a crispy texture.  Cook tomato sauce for a few minutes, and it is time to toss the courgetti ribbons into the sauce.

Toss the noodles gently for 1 to 2 minutes and divide the mixture into the bowl. Top the delicious noodles with crispy ham and basil. Sprinkle your favorite herbs to end the recipe. The addition of herbs will surely take the regular dish to the next level of magical flavors. 

It will take only 5 minutes to prepare this recipe full of flavors. So, my dear friend, you do not need to worry about your gluten-free dinner recipe next time. Now, you know how to conquer the dinner table with a delectable dish. 

Get The Recipe From Here – BBC Good Food

3. Pea and mint soup

pea and mint soup
Image Credits: The Spruce Eats

Summer calls for something chilled and delicious. Choosing soft drinks and other beverages is just not good for health and even causes side effects by regular consumption. So what to do now? Well, fear not. I am here to provide you with the best possible solution for your query. Try this recipe of pea and mint soup. 

I know you must be thinking about how soup can be the solution for summer days. Well, this soup recipe is a chilled one, loaded with fresh minty flavors. It adds a perfect minty breeze on a hot summer day.

Blend some frozen peas and add hot water to them. Let them defrost and tender. Don’t forget to reserve a tablespoon of peas for garnishing. Now, stir in a handful of fresh mint leaves with vegetable bouillon powder to the blended mixture. 

Puree all the ingredients to get the soup’s smooth and creamy texture. To add more flavors, just add a splash of cream for a velvety texture and also black pepper for a spicy kick. Garnish with the reserved frozen peas and serve this recipe to your guest on hot summer days. 

Get The Recipe From Here – The Spruce Eats

4. Tuna salad 

Tuna salad
Image Credits: Simply Recipes

Let’s know the best salad recipe with exciting flavors of tuna. Don’t worry! You don’t have to spend endless hours preparing this salad, all you need is 5 minutes, and it will be done!

So, instead of hopping on the restaurant, let’s make a delicious and mouthwatering treat filled with healthy nutrients. 

To prepare a tuna salad recipe, you need a can of tuna loaded with protein content, and it surely makes your taste buds satisfied. Let’s now talk about the other ingredients. It includes creamy mayo, lemon juice, crunch celery, salt, and pepper. 

The lemon adds a perfect tangy taste, and a creamy, velvety texture is added to the mayo. Who doesn’t love a little crunch, the celery adds a perfect crunchy flavor, and salt and pepper are just required to enhance the dish’s overall flavor. 

Break the tuna with a fork and combine it with fresh lemon juice, mayo, onion, salt, and pepper in a bowl. Now stir in crunchy celery to the bowl. Your tuna salad is ready to be served. You can use it to fill or spread gluten-free bread or tortillas. Now, you know how to conquer the dinner table in just 5 minutes. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Simply Recipes

5. Hummus

Image Credits: Love And Lemons

Say goodbye to long cooking hours and hello to the flavor-loaded simple, yet quick recipe made from chickpeas. Whenever I am hungry and have nothing to eat, I just make this satisfying dip that is perfect for endless snacking.

It is perfect for elevating the flavors of the leftovers. The perfect blend of tahini, chickpeas, and flavors will surely be a perfect treat to save you from a hassle-loaded dinner recipe.

The first step is to rinse and drain the chickpeas and blend them with lemon juice, tahini, olive oil, and spices with salt. Mix, mix, and mix until you get a nice velvety smooth consistency. Enjoy this flavor-packed dip with pita bread or any other gluten-free side. 

Thus, instead of ordering food from the restaurant, try this 5-minute gluten-free hummus recipe and elevate the whole dish’s flavors. I am sure your guest will surely love this dip and will demand more! 

Get The Recipe From Here – Love And Lemons 

6. Avocado tuna salad

avocado tuna salad
Image Credits: Natasha’s Kitchen

Let’s move ahead and upgrade the tuna salad we have already discussed above. You must be thinking, can we add more to the salad? Well, yes! You can move a step ahead and add the goodness of avocados to tuna salad. 

You can also prepare this salad in just 5 minutes. Let’s talk about all the ingredients required. A can of tuna, lemon juice, and of course, avocado. To prepare this salad, take a bowl, and add diced avocado with tuna. Mix them well and add fresh lemon juice. 

The citrusy flavors of lemon just elevate the flavors of the whole dish. Adjust the salt and black pepper as per your taste and preferences. Mix all the ingredients well. 

You can use this salad to fill the wraps or gluten-free bread or just have it directly from the bowl. So whenever you are in a hurry, try this avocado tuna salad that can be prepared in just 5 minutes. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Natasha’s Kitchen 

7. Homemade salsa 

Homemade salsa 
Image Credits: Cooking Classy

Instead, hop on to the nearby restaurant for tomato salsa; just try to make one at home. If you are wondering if it will be 1 to 2 hours, then my friend, I am here to ease your work. Here I am sharing a quick and easy recipe for salsa that can be prepared in just 5 minutes. 

Serve your guest this delicious and mouth-watering treat; I am sure they will love it. Say bye to your boring dinners and add flavors to the table. You must be thinking about how a salsa recipe can be prepared in such a quick time. 

Well, let’s go and find it out. Toss the tomatoes in the bowl and stir in chopped onions, jalapenos, and lime juice with fresh cilantro.

Mix all ingredients well and season with salt and black pepper. That’s it; it is done. Enjoy this delicious treat with tortilla chips with your friends and family. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Cooking Classy

8. Chicken salad

chicken salad
Image Credits: All Recipes

After a busy day, we all need something to eat, and that too with less labor. It is easy to hop onto a food app and order from a restaurant, but we all know fast food is not good for your health and also has an adverse impact on your salary. 

Also, gluten-free dinner recipes are not easily available. To make your work easy, here is a gluten-free chicken salad recipe that makes your pocket smile. This recipe is easy, quick, and filled with bursting flavors. 

Keep reading and learn about the ingredients and recipe of this mouth-watering feast. Take diced fruits and veggies in a bowl. Now add the cooked and tender chicken. Now stir in the creamy and velvety mayo with yogurt to give a luxurious coating to the mixture. You can also use sour cream instead of yogurt. 

Mix all the ingredients together. This is the most requested salad in my home and is perfect for unexpected family gatherings. Prepare this 5-minute chicken salad and Ta-Dha! You are done with the aromatic dish. 

Get The Recipe From Here – All Recipes

9. Chocolate pudding

Image Credits: Laughing Spatula

The word chocolate just brings smiles to everyone, isn’t it? Chocolate pudding has always been on my favorite list, and the best part is that it can be prepared in just 5 minutes. Every bite of this chocolate pudding is just a moment of pure bliss. Try this amazing recipe with me and surprise your whole family. 

Mix the unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar, cornstarch, and salt in a saucepan. Whisk all the ingredients together well. Now stir in milk and let the mix boil for some time. Cook for a while, and once the mixture gets thick and glossy texture.

Now it is time to add flavors. Add vanilla extract and butter to the prepared mixture. The butter enhances the flavors and texture of the whole dish. Just in a blink of an eye, you get the best and flavor-enriched chocolate pudding in just 5 minutes. 

So whether you are looking for a dish to serve at a family gathering or to satisfy your sweet tooth, this recipe is best for every occasion. Loaded with chocolate, it is time to enjoy the marvelous taste of heaven. Enjoy! 

Get The Recipe From Here – Laughing Spatula

10. Old-fashioned ham salad

ham salad
Image Credits: Pudge Factor

I am sure that you get a gnostic vibe after reading this recipe. The old-fashioned ham salad always stays close to my heart. This recipe successively wins hertz and the taste buds of different generations. Whenever I went to my grandparent’s house during vacations, my grandmother made this salad for me and my brother. 

We love eating that salad, which is still my go-to meal. This recipe is a sure-shot way to gather all the family members around the table. Well, the best part is, you do not have to spend endless hours. This recipe is filled with flavors; even the pickiest eater would surely ask for more! 

Start the recipe by finely chopping ham in a food processor, add Dijon mustard, mayo, and pepper, and blend, blend, and blend! Stir in the rest of the ingredients. Your delicious creamy ham salad is ready to get served. 

Transfer this salad to an airtight container, and you can easily refrigerate the mix in the fridge. You can enjoy it with gluten-free bread and crackers. That’s it. Isn’t it so easy to make? Enjoy this mouth-watering feast for your busy dinner nights. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Pudge Factor

11. Easy Broccoli Salad

broccoli salad
Image Credits: Taste Of Home

Broccoli is known for its nutritional profile and has always been a favorite veggie of gluten-sensitive people. It fuels your body with the goodness of vitamins and minerals. 5 minutes of cook time is needed to make this delectable recipe. 

I am sure even the non-broccoli lover will like this broccoli salad. Ensure you have chopped and cut the veggies required in the morning or the day before. This will save a lot of time.

Mix all the ingredients and drizzle olive oil. Just whisk all the ingredients until you get a thick creamy dressing. Toss boiled broccoli into the bowl and let it marinate for a few minutes and ta-Dha! Your salad is ready. You can store it in the refrigerator. Prepare this flavorful salad and impress your friends and family. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Taste Of Home

12. 5-minute crunchy broccoli stem and apple salad

broccoli apple salad
Image Credits: The Green Hub

While scrolling through social media, I found this recipe for broccoli and apple salad, and it really caught my eye as I prefer nose-to-tail eating (I totally got this from my mother). We just need a little creativity and skills to cook from stem to root. 

And trust me, if you are like me, this salad recipe is perfect for you. It is filled with flavors, making your regular dinner nights extraordinary culinary delights. This crunchy broccoli stem and apple salad is crunchy and has fresh flavors with tanginess. 

The flavors are apt for summer; you can easily store them in the fridge. First, gather all the ingredients including broccoli, apple, red onions, almonds, honey, lemon, Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper. Add broccoli, apple, red onions, and almonds in a bowl. 

Stir in all other ingredients and mix well. You can store it in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days. So my friend, what are you waiting for? Try this delicious salad recipe and enjoy! 

Get The Recipe From Here – The Green Hub

13. 5-minute Mac n cheese

mac and cheese
Image Credits: Cooking With Carlee

Who does love mac n cheese? This American recipe is my forever favorite and has been on my go-to list for a long time. I am a cheese snob. Thus this delicious pasta recipe is perfect to suit my taste. You must think that preparing mac n cheese would be tiring and needs a lot of patience. 

But let me tell you you can prepare this cheezy-licious dish in just 5 minutes. Yes! You heard it right, just 5 minutes. Let’s move ahead and know this delicious yet quick mac and cheese recipe and trust me; this recipe is a free hit with the kids too.

First, gather a few ingredients, including macaroni (make sure you get a pack of gluten-free mac or pasta), milk, water, and a lot of cheese. Take a bowl or mug, add hot water, and stir in the pasta. Microwave it for 2 minutes and remove it from the microwave. Add milk and a lot of cheese. 

Don’t be shy with cheese. Now, place the bowl again in the microwave for 30 seconds, until all the cheese gets milt. You can adjust the salt as per your taste, and you are done! Just dig in and enjoy the cheese-loaded heaven. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Cooking With Carlee

14. Prawns and coconut soup

prawn and coconut soup
Image Credits: Sainsbury’s Magazine

A warm bowl of soup with exotic flavors on winter nights feels so comfy. But I don’t want to spend hours cooking soup. Well, don’t worry. I got your back and shared an easy-peasy soup recipe with you. This soup is best whenever you need to warm up your dinner time. 

The combo of succulent prawns with creamy coconut milk makes a delicious warm soup. The addition of Thai curry paste takes the flavors of soup to another level. 

You can add chili flakes and fresh herbs if you are a spice lover. Start the recipe by cooking the Thai curry paste for a minute and stir in the coconut milk. Let it boil for a few minutes, and once it is done, add cooked prawns and courgetti. 

Let all the ingredients meld together, and I am sure you will thank me later for this decadent and flavorful soup. Trust me; you will love this soup, and it will surely not disappoint you. Your tastebuds will sing with joy after having this soup. Enjoy this creamy delight! 

Get The Recipe From Here – Sainsbury’s Magazine

15. Air Fryer Paneer

airfryer paneer
Image Credits: Dash For Dinner

I am a great admirer of Indian cuisine and flavors. I always try to add Indian spices to various dishes. Well, turn out to be amazing results. Well, some do not. And after much experimentation, I found this recipe. Trust me; this is the perfect recipe you can ask for! It is full of flavors, and obviously, it has cheese. 

This one always stays in high request in my family and is perfect for family gatherings. Just a few steps, and you are done! Well, here is the best part: preparing this mouth-watering dish will take only 5 minutes of cooking time. This recipe is truly a spontaneous one and is full of creativity.

Only one bite will surely fill your mouth with scrumptious flavors. This 5-minute paneer recipe is undoubtedly a savior in the midst of a busy day. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Dash For Dinner

16. Easy 5-minute chicken and avocado salad

Image Credits: Primavera Kitchen

Nothing just beats the flavors and nutrition of chicken and avocado. Agreed? Let’s mix both of the ingredients together and prepare a fresh and flavor-enriched salad. This recipe is one of my favorites and was introduced to me by my best friend. She used to make this for me during my college days. 

The flavors are so good that it always stays on my list. Just 5 minutes and you are done preparing this delicious salad. Start by gathering all the ingredients, including cucumber, chicken breast, avocados, onions, olive oil, Dijon mustard, white vinegar, maple syrup, cloves, salt, and pepper with herbs. 

Cucumber adds a fresh and crunchy flavor to the salad, and avocados add a nutty, creamy, buttery texture to the recipe. The herbs and Dijon mustard take the whole dish to another delicious level. To prepare this easy salad, just add salad ingredients to the bowl with vinaigrette ingredients. 

Combine all the ingredients and place cooked chicken breast pieces over the top. You can also use vegetarian protein instead of chicken breast. So whenever you are in a hurry, just prepare this 5 minutes easily to make a chicken avocado salad. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Primavera Kitchen

17. pasta salad recipe

pasta salad
Image Credits: The Kitchn

Do you have leftover pasta in the pantry and are confused about how to use it quickly yet deliciously? Well, don’t worry! I am here to help you with the best possible 5-minute recipe. Here is an easy-peasy recipe that you can try with leftover pasta. 

Prepare a store cupboard pasta salad recipe for your lunch and dinner. Why hop outside when you can prepare a restaurant-like dish from the comfort of your home? Gather all the ingredients, including red onion, pesto, caper, olive oil, can of tuna, tomatoes, and leftover gluten-free pasta. 

Use finely chopped red onions and sundried tomatoes to bring out the best of the flavors. Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl and add tuna.

Give all the ingredients a nice mix and add pasta and tomatoes. That’s it! You are done. Prepare this easy pasta salad recipe and convert your ordinary evening into an extraordinary one! 

Get The Recipe From Here – The Kitchn

18. Chicken wrap

Easy Grilled-Chicken Wrap
Image Credits: A Spicy Perspective

Well, wraps are my best buddies as they are my go-to meal. I tried wraps at McDonald’s for the first time and immediately fell in love with this dish. Since then, wraps have been my comfort food; whenever I am in a hurry or tired, wraps come as a rescue. 

If you are worried about its nutritional value, don’t worry! This wrap recipe is loaded with the goodness of veggies. I tried this gluten-free wrap with leftover chicken. Just gather all the ingredients, and let’s prepare the recipe. 

Start by mashing the already boiled potatoes and place a layer of them over multi-grain wrap. Layer wraps with salad leaves, chicken, and tomatoes. Roll the wrap, and you are done.

Moreover, if you want to enhance the flavors, you can also bake them to get an extra crunch. Enjoy the flavor-enriched and delicious wrap; I am sure you won’t be disappointed. 

Get The Recipe From Here – A Spicy Perspective

19. Shrimp, avocado, and feta wrap

shrimp avocado and feta wrap
Image Credits: Eating Well

You must have the nutritional profile of this wrap by its name. What else is better than the nutrition of avocados? Just say bye-bye to long hours of cooking and hello to this nutrition-enriched wrap. Shrimp, avocado, and feta wrap are quick, easy, and extremely delicious. 

It is good for your health and is the perfect dinner. Start by gathering all the ingredients, including shrimp, avocado, tomatoes, scallions, feta cheese, and lime juice. Tomatoes add the perfect tangy flavor to the recipe. Say yes to the cheese and add feta cheese. 

You can easily buy cooked shrimp from nearby markets. Use already chopped veggies and all you need to use them for filling. The presence of feta and fresh veggies add more flavors and are fulfilling. 

To make this delicious wrap, just combine all the ingredients in a bowl and pile the mixture over the tortilla. End the whole recipe with a splash of lime juice. The addition of lime juice gives a perfect citrusy touch to the recipe and brings out the best flavors. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Eating Well

20. Easy brown rice and veggie wrap

rice and veggie wrap
Image Credits: Eating Well

Introduce this wrap recipe and soothe your taste buds with a culinary masterpiece. Brown rice is the perfect choice for the gluten-sensitive person. You can easily incorporate the leftover rice into a perfect dish. 

Whenever I have leftover brown rice, I just mix them with lots and lots of veggies and prepare a wrap. As I already mentioned, my love for wraps, and thus, here is another wrap recipe for you. I have tried a variety of wraps, and trust me; they are the best for hectic work nights. 

Start by placing the tortilla on the surface and placing a spoonful of rice in the center of it. Now, it is time to fill in the nutrition. Pile it with lots of veggies, sauce, cilantro, and scallions. Just roll the tortilla with filling and cut it into two halves. 

You can place them in the fridge, and whenever you want to eat, just place them in the microwave for 1 minute. Adjust salt and black pepper as per your taste, and you are good to go! Serve warm, and enjoy this delectable recipe.

Get The Recipe From Here – Eating Well

21. Cannellini bean, cherry tomatoes, and red onion salads

Image Credits: The Almond Eater

Salads are the best companion for workaholics. They are super easy to prepare, and just in 5 minutes, you get the perfect healthy and nutrition-loaded food on the table. Here is another salad recipe for you. 

Cannellini beans, cherry tomatoes, and red onion salad are extremely delicious and comforting. This one is perfect for serving the whole crowd. It has the goodness of cannellini beans and cherry tomatoes, adding the required sweet and tangy flavors. 

Try this irresistible zing and impress the whole crowd with your culinary skills. You will need a few ingredients to prepare this salad recipe, including cannellini beans, cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, red wine vinegar, and a few basil leaves. 

To make this delicious meal. Start by rinsing and draining the beans. Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients together.

Serve the dish by garnishing it with fresh basil. You can totally customize it as per your preferences. Feel free to add more greens and beans. Enjoy this delicious treat and satisfy your hunger in just a few minutes! 

Get The Recipe From Here – The Almond Eater

22. Turkey, pea guacamole wrap

turkey guacamole wraps
Image Credits: Taste Of Home

I know! I know! Yes, another wrap recipe. Wraps are so easy to prepare; thus, you will be introduced in this article with many wraps. I am not a fan of endless hours of cooking; thus, finding easy and quick recipes is my thing. 

I tried a lot of DIYs with wraps, and some of them turned out so amazingly well. And one of the best recipes I tried is turkey, pea guacamole wrap. You can prepare this wrap during lunch and busy dinner nights. 

Within just 5 minutes and a few ingredients, serve your kids this amazing and delightful treat. Start preparing this recipe by crushing the peas in a bowl. Once properly crushed the beans, add cream cheese, lemon juice, and zest to enhance the flavors. Mix all the ingredients well and add seasoning to it. 

Seasoning brings out the best of flavors. Now, let’s layer this mixture over the wrap. Spread the mixture over the wrap and place radishes and turkey over the top. Fold the wrap and cut it into two halves. Thus your delicious wrap is ready to be served.

Get The Recipe From Here – Taste Of Home

23. Coronation chicken salad

Image Credits: 30 Seconds

Prepare this hassle-free and healthy yet filling coronation chicken salad. This is an upgraded version of your basic chicken salad. It is time to replace your regular chicken salad with this hearty salad full of flavors. This is the best tasty way to escape from the mundane. 

Prepare this salad in just 5 minutes with already roasted chicken to save more time. Start by mixing yogurt, mango chutney, curry powder, and lemon zest in a bowl.

Add seasoning for more flavors. Once properly mixed, add grains and mash them properly. Add chicken, courgetti, and onions with coriander to the mixture. 

Give the mixture a nice stir and serve them. Don’t forget to garnish it with flaked almond and coriander leaves with a lemon wedge. I am sure you will definitely crave more, and this recipe will be added to your favorite list after just a single bite! 

Get The Recipe From Here – 30 Seconds

24. Mozzarella Caprese salad

Image Credits: Cookin’ With Mima

Did someone say cheese? Say yes to mozzarella cheese, and let’s prepare a dinner recipe with it. I am a cheese snob and always try to find a way to incorporate cheese into my dinner recipes. If you are a cheese lover like me, you must try this mozzarella cheese salad. 

A rainbow salad that surely fills your palate with the goodness of vitamins and minerals with some extra cheesiness. This salad recipe is gluten-free and totally vegetarian. So say yes to cheese and prepare this recipe.  

Spinach or lettuce adds perfect crunch and green nutrition. Tomatoes add a nice sweetness and tanginess. Green spinach and yellow pepper with white cheese, doesn’t it sound so colorful? Let’s prepare this colorful salad. Mix salad leaves, semi-dried tomatoes, cucumber, and pepper in a bowl. 

Toss all the ingredients well, and it’s time to add cheese! Add mozzarella and pumpkin seeds. In the end, add a splash of balsamic vinegar and oil. Enjoy this delicious and nutrition-loaded dinner with your loved ones. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Cookin’ With Mima

25. Italian-sub

Italian sub
Image Credits: Carolyn’s Cooking

It’s time to add Italian flavors to your regular dinner recipe. Let’s make these delicious Italian subs that will surely be the dinner table’s talk. Just serve this once to your guests; I am sure they will love it. Be ready to gather all the praises. 

It is so easy to prepare and will surely satisfy your taste buds. Gather all the ingredients, place the sub and pile it up with rest of the ingredients.

You can substitute mozzarella with burrata. Use toasted rolls to make this dish more scrumptious. If you are worried that this recipe will take much time? Then just don’t worry. You can make these rolls in just 5 minutes. 

Start by spreading the pesto over the rolls, and make sure to split the rolls. Pile artichokes, pepper, cheese, and basil over the roll and end the recipe by placing the bun at the top. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Carolyn’s Cooking

26. Chicken BBQ nachos

bbq chicken nachos
Image Credits: Tasty

I just love BBQ flavors, and when combined with nachos, oh! It was so delicious! This is my go-to meal and works so well to serve the whole crowd. This one works so well with the kids too. I prepare this chicken BBQ recipe once or twice a week, which is in high demand in my house. 

Family movie nights are especially incomplete without this recipe. Start by gathering all the ingredients, including shredded rotisserie chicken, BBQ sauce, handfuls of tortilla chips, pico de gallo, shredded cheddar cheese, green onion, guacamole, and sour cream. 

This recipe is quick, easy, and full of flavors from smoky to savory; you will get a punch of different flavors. Let’s make a delicious smoky recipe of chicken BBQ nachos. Start by mixing barbecue sauce with chicken and place the mixture over tortilla chips. 

Now, place a layer of pico de gallo, green onions, and cheese over the chips. Once you are done with all the arrangements, microwave it for 2 to 3 minutes, and you are done. Pour some sour cream and guacamole before serving, and enjoy this cheese-loaded recipe during dinner nights. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Tasty

27. Quick pickled vegetables

quick pickled veggies
Image Credits: Instructables

If you are a spice lover and finding something too delicious to accompany your weeknight dinner, then you must try this! This pickled vegetable recipe is easy, quick, and just full of flavors. You can easily use these pickles with beans, rice, or sandwiches. 

These pickles also work so well with tacos. If you have leftover rice, just prepare these pickles in 5 minutes and enjoy them with rice. Doesn’t it sound easy?

To prepare this delicious treat, you need to gather ingredients, including any veggies of your choice, clove garlic, water, white vinegar, sugar, and salt. 

To make these pickles, you can freely use red onions, jalapenos, radishes, and carrots. To prepare these pickles, use already chopped veggies. Add vinegar and water with salt and sugar to the veggies. Microwave for a few minutes, and you are done! Satisfy your taste buds with this spicy veggie pickle. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Instructables

28. 5-minute pie

Image Credits: Instructables

Are you a sweet tooth just like me? Then there is a 5-minute recipe to satisfy your sweet cravings. This pie recipe is loaded with flavors and is perfectly warm and comforting. Your search for something quick, easy, yet flavorful dish ends here! 

Just with some ingredients, entertain the whole crowd in a few minutes. This one is a free hit for kids too. Not only kids, but even this recipe is also an adult’s favorite. Use gluten-free premade pie crust, filling of your choice, and oil to get the fastest route. 

Obviously, you can prepare this recipe with fresh ingredients, but if you are in a hurry, then pre-made works wonders. Roll on the dough and fill one half with filling. Once you are done with this part, fold the other half and seal the edges properly. 

You can use a fork for crimping purposes. Fry the pie and sprinkle them with powdered sugar for extra taste. I like to use cinnamon sugar and deep fry the pie as I am a texture snob; you can also try this! In case you are wondering about its storage, you can also store them in the fridge by wrapping them properly in a paper towel. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Instructables

29. Avocado with agave and lime

avocado with agave
Image Credits: Instructables

With 3 ingredients and 5 minutes of cooking, you can get a delicious and nutritious dinner recipe served on the dinner table. As a health freak, I like introducing more greens and veggies to my dinner meals. 

Light dinner meals with veggies are my comfort meals. While scrolling the internet, I found a permanent addition to my dinner list. My hush-and-hurry meal is loaded with the goodness of ripe avocados with flavors of agave nectar and lime juice. Just with three ingredients, you get a bowl filled with good nutrition. 

The buttery, creamy flavors of avocado with the savory flavors of lime just make your day perfect. If you want to take this dish to another level of flavor, you can add nectarines and peaches. 

Chop them and add them to the bowl and mix properly. These will melt and can be great ingredients to accompany avocados. Enjoy this delicious dinner treat, and thank me later! 

Get The Recipe From Here – Instructables

30. Mast-o-Khiar (Iranian Cucumber and Mint Yogurt)

mast o khiar
Image Credits: Silk Road Recipes

Trust me on this; you will love this classic recipe of Mast-o-Khiar. It is so simple yet so satisfying that I am sure your whole family will love this. Mast o khiar brings the true classic flavors of an Iranian side dish that works wonders with almost everything. 

I am quite a fetish for trying traditional dishes; this one tops the list. Even this recipe is the family’s favorite and always a great addition to the dinner table. This side dish is a great combo of cucumbers, mint, and yogurt. 

Doesn’t the cucumber, mint, and yogurt sound like a cold, soothing side dish? Prepare this recipe by mixing yogurt, dried mint, fresh mint, and salt in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients properly, and then add cucumber.

Mix well and garnish the dish with mint leaves and raisins. Serve chilled, and enjoy this recipe with your family on hot summer days. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Silk Road Recipes

31. Cinnamon Apple Dessert

Cinnamon Apple Dessert
Image Credits: Joy Food Sunshine

I know the dessert’s name might sound confusing, but its flavors work magic. Just one bite and this dessert recipe will become your forever favorite. Serve this dessert to your guest and enjoy all the praises.

The tangy flavors of green apple, the sweet, spicy notes of cinnamon, and the butter just make the dessert a flavor-packed one. Make this dessert in just 5 minutes from the comfort of your kitchen, and Surprise your kids with dessert instead of market-based processed food.

Add slices of green apple in a mug and top it with butter, cinnamon, and sugar. You can also add any other sweetener of your choice, including stevia, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, and many more.

Microwave the mixture for 2 minutes, and once it is done, add vanilla ice cream or granola for more elevated flavors. Enjoy this quick and easy dessert recipe. 

Get The Recipe From Here – Joy Food Sunshine

32. Chickpea salad

chickpea salad
Image Credits: Pinch Of Yum

We all know about the nutritional profile of chickpeas. It is a plant-based protein and fiber source and tastes delicious. Adding salt and pepper to boiled chickpeas tastes so delicious, and just imagine when we add fresh lime juice and creamy mayo with the addition of sriracha.

I know it sounds like a perfect deal, right? So what are we waiting for? Let’s prepare this delicious chickpea salad. With a handful of ingredients, including chickpea, garlic, lime juice, mayo, and pepper. What do we miss? And yes! Sriracha for extra spicy flavors. 

Blend the chickpea and transfer it into the bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix, mix and mix! There is no hard and fast rule to make this recipe. It is totally customizable and can be accompanied by a variety of options. 

You can easily enjoy this chickpea salad with avocados on toast, greens, and with bagel seasoning. You can use it in the wrap and with crackers. The choice is yours!

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5 Minute Gluten Free Dinner Ideas

32 Easy 5-Minute Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas

Some of the best 5-minute gluten-free dinner ideas are Tacos, Avocado Tuna Salad, Homemade Salsa, Chicken Salad, Creamy Tomato Courgette, Crunchy Broccoli Stem and Apple Salad and Chicken and Avocado Salad


  • Tacos
  • Quick And Creamy Tomato Courgetti
  • Pea And Mint Soup
  • Tuna Salad
  • Hummus
  • Avocado Tuna Salad
  • Homemade Salsa
  • Chicken Salad
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Old-Fashioned Ham Salad Recipe
  • Crunchy Broccoli Stem And Apple Salad
  • Easy Broccoli Salad
  • Mac N Cheese
  • Prawns And Coconut Soup
  • Air Fryer Paneer
  • Chicken And Avocado Salad
  • Storecupboard Pasta Salad Recipe
  • Chicken Wrap
  • Shrimp, Avocado, And Feta Wrap
  • Easy Brown Rice And Veggie Wrap
  • Cannellini Bean, Cherry Tomatoes, And Red Onion Salad
  • Turkey Pea Guacamole, And Radish Wrap
  • Coronation Chicken Salad
  • Mozzarella Salad
  • Italian-Style Rolls
  • Chicken BBQ Nachos
  • Quick Pickled Vegetables
  • 5-Minute Pie
  • Avocado With Agave And Lime
  • Mast-O-Khiar Recipe
  • Cinnamon Apple Dessert
  • Chickpea Salad


  • Select the recipe you want to cook.
  • Click on the recipe link.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the recipe.


Let’s now wrap up the article. Within just 5 minutes, you can turn the simple ingredients easily available into a delicious meal. All these recipes are full of flavors and so easy to prepare. In 5 minutes, you get all the flavors served on the table. 

So, what are we waiting for? Accept this as a challenge and add little more creativity to your regular meals. Try various chicken recipes, hearty salad recipes, to chocolate recipes. Nourish your body with these gluten-free recipes to make your dinner nights more pleasing. Bon Appétit!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to prepare recipes in 5 minutes? 

Yes, you can easily prepare recipes in just 5 minutes. You can prepare soups and salads and wrap recipes in just 5 minutes. Some may include prep time but can be cooked in just 5 minutes. You can quickly prepare a delicious recipe with the right ingredients and effective cooking methods. 

What can a gluten-sensitive person eat for dinner in 5 minutes? 

You can easily prepare a gluten-free dinner recipe in just 5 minutes by stir fries with already cut veggies and protein. You can also prepare salads with pre-washed and cut greens and already-cooked protein. Wraps are also a great option prepared with veggies and already-boiled ingredients. 

Name some gluten-free dinner recipes prepared in 5 minutes. 

Taco, tuna salad, avocado tuna salad, homemade salsa, chicken salad, chocolate pudding, hummus, old-fashioned ham salad, 5 minutes crunchy broccoli stem and apple salad, prawns and coconut soup, 5 minutes paneer (cheese), chicken and avocado salad, and many more 5 minutes gluten-free dinner recipes you can try! 

Are 5 minutes gluten-free dinner ideas healthy? 

It totally depends on you. You surely gain health benefits if you use fresh and nutrition-enriched food ingredients, including pulses, lean protein, veggies, fresh greens, and whole grains. How you choose to cook also impacts the overall nutrition of the recipe.
You can opt for cooking methods, including grilling, steaming, or just sauteing with minimal oil. You can also use an air fryer for no oil at all. Feel free to add spices and herbs for more flavors and taste. 

Are 5 minutes of gluten-free ideas delicious and flavorful? 

The addition of herbs and spices just elevates the flavors of the whole dish. To add more flavor, you can use fresh herbs, including cilantro, thyme, parsley, or basil. Use spices, including paprika, cumin, chili, or black pepper. In addition to this, you can also use condiments such as balsamic glaze, sriracha, soy sauce, or mint sauce to add more depth to the recipe. 

Can 5 minutes gluten-free dinner ideas be budget-friendly? 

Absolutely! Quick gluten-free dinner ideas can be budget-friendly. You need to be more cautious about the ingredients you use. Start by planning your meal, shop smartly, and use ingredients available at low or discounted prices. Moreover, try to buy seasonal veggies, use pantry staples, and choose affordable protein sources. You can save a lot of money by following a few effective steps. 

What kitchen gadget can be used with 5 minutes of gluten-free dinner ideas?

You can use kitchen gadgets such as immersion blenders for quick blending, mandolins for quick slicing, and pressure cookers for rapid cooking. These gadgets can surely save a lot of time and be helpful in quick dinner meals. 

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