25 Easy 15-Minute Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Vegetarian dishes are way too underrated! From pizzas to soups and salads, there is a whole array of tastes that are there to be explored! If you feel like having a simple dinner today, here are some 15-minute vegetarian dinner ideas you can try!

Whether you are vegan or vegetarian, this article is curated specially for you. I have picked up some of my favorite vegetarian recipes, which in no way would disappoint you!

Some of the best vegetarian recipes that you can make in under 15 minutes are Fried Rice, Refried Bean Tostadas, Halloumi Piccata, Teriyaki Tofu And Broccoli Stir Fry, Pesto Ravioli, Veggie Chow Mein, Mushroom Stroganoff and Naan Pizza.

I would say, even if you are non-vegetarian like me, you should definitely try out these dishes. Most of these dishes are easy to cook and are a great way to include greens in your diet. Above all, these are extremely tasty!

So tonight, let’s ditch the regular meat dishes and create some amazing vegetarian dishes out there in less than 15 minutes! 

25 Easy 15-minute Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Here goes a list of easy vegetarian dinner recipes you could try!

I have selected some soups, main courses, and appetizers for you. So if you feel like making dinner from this recipe, you can do that! (Even if you are not a great cook, easy vegetarian dishes are the best dishes to start your cooking journey!)

1. Cucumber Sandwich

Cucumber Sandwich
Image Credits – The Mediterranean Dish

Sandwiches are undoubtedly one of the best and easiest dishes to make. Moreover, they are perfect for serving as a dinner dish! So if you have some cucumber lying around in the fridge, get ready to experience the most creamy crunch sandwich you have ever had!

The first step towards making this recipe is to make some sauce. Combine cream cheese, yogurt, chives, dill, and pepper in a bowl. Mix everything well. Spread this mixture on both sides of the bread.

Now, cut the cucumber into thin slices. Place some slices on top of the bread and cover it with the other bread. Your creamy crunchy cucumber salad is all ready to eat. You can cut them diagonally if you want.

However, while making the cucumber sandwich, make sure to cut and arrange cucumbers right before you eat. Otherwise, the water from the cucumber will make the bread soggy and take away its crunchy texture.

Get The Recipe Here – The Mediterranean Dish

2. Naan Pizza Recipe 

Naan Pizza Recipe
Image Credits – A Simple Palate

Love pizza but don’t have time for extensive cooking? Well, I got your back. Try this easy-to-cook vegan naan pizza recipe. It is as delicious as any other pizza you could get from the store! Moreover, it’s way too healthy.

Cooking some pizza for dinner has another advantage too! Have as much as you want and leave the rest for the next day! So for making this recipe, pick some naan from your nearest supermarket.

Before starting the recipe, preheat your oven to 425 F. The first step towards making this recipe is to make the pizza sauce. Combine some tomato paste, water, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and a pinch of salt in a bowl.

Mix everything together. If you are a spicy food lover, add a little bit of paprika to it and spread this evenly on a naan. You can use any naan of your choice. However, if you are a fan of garlic bread, get some garlic naan to make this recipe. 

Top it off with some capsicum, onion, and tomato slices. You can also add some vegan sausages, paneer, or soy chunks as toppings. Top everything off with lots of cheese of your choice. 

Sprinkle some chili flakes and garlic powder over it and bake for 5 to 8 minutes. Your naan pizza is all ready to serve! While making this recipe, make sure to be as creative as possible! Throw in all your favorite toppings, and always remember that more is always better for cheese!

Get The Recipe Here – A Simple Palate

3. Black Bean Fajita Skillet 

Black Bean Fajita
Image Credits – The Simple Veganista

If you are on your way to get groceries, get some sliced fajita vegetables. This will make cooking this recipe way easier than you can imagine. Other than these, you just need two other ingredients to cook this dish.

This black bean fajita is a Mexican-inspired dish. Even if you are not a great fan of black beans in general, this recipe is worth trying. For making this recipe, start by sauteing some fajita vegetables, aka bell peppers and onions, in a skillet.

Cook until the vegetables are tender. To this skillet, add some black beans along with some salt and pepper for taste. Cook for a minute, and your black bean fajitas are good to eat. If you want, make it more flavorful by adding some melted cheese over it. 

Get The Recipe Here – The Simple Veganista

4. Mediterranean Goat Cheese Sandwich

Mediterranean Goat Cheese Sandwich
Image Credits – Fanciful Eats

If you are someone new to goat cheese, you would have noticed that it has a slightly sour taste to it when compared to the other regular cow cheese we get in the market. However, I feel the best way to have it is in the form of this sandwich!

To make this sandwich, slice some bread. Add some goat cheese to one slice of the bread and top it off with some olives. Now add in all the vegetables over the olives. I would often add some arugula, onion slices, and tomato slices.

But if you want, you can also add Capers and basil or mint leaves over it. Drizzle some vinegar and olive oil on top of it. Add in some pepper for some spiciness. Cover with the other half of the bread slice, and enjoy your sandwich!

Get The Recipe Here – Fanciful Eats

5. Fried Rice 

Fried Rice
Image Credits – Cookin’ With Mima

One dish we all love to have at the end of the day is fried rice. It’s so filling and tasty and is extremely easy to make. More importantly, you can cook it according to your way. Add in all the vegetables you have and prepare this yummy dish.

So if you plan to cook some fried rice tonight, start by sauteing some proteins. You can use some paneer, soy chunks, or even plant-based meats for this. Once it’s slightly cooked, add in some carrots.

Later, add some white part of the green onion. Stir everything together and transfer it to a bowl. If you are Eggetrian, you can scramble some eggs in the same skillet. If you do not want eggs, then you can totally skip this step.

Now add just a tablespoon of oil to the pan and add the cooked rice to it. If it’s a frozen one, stir it well. Add some salt and pepper to it. Miz well and add a tablespoon of soy sauce into it. Cook for another minute and add the cooked vegetables to it.

If you want, you can also add some frozen peas to it. After adding all the vegetables, stir well and check the taste. If you think it lacks salt or spiciness, you can add it at this stage. Finish it off by adding some sesame oil over it. 

Enjoy this meal by serving it with some Sriracha. Fried rice is all about your preferences! If you want to add in some more vegetables like mushrooms or baby corn, you can absolutely do that. 

Get The Recipe Here – Cookin’ With Mima

6. Caprese Sandwich 

Caprese Sandwich
Image Credits – A Couple Cooks

A sandwich for dinner is an ideal thing to have! It’s easy to make and easy to carry around. The Caprese sandwich is all about mild flavors and crunchy texture. If you feel like having some Italian dish today, try this sandwich.  

Start making this recipe by heating a pan. Once the pan is well heated, add a generous amount of butter to it. To this melted butter, place the sourdough bread slices. Cook for a minute or two or until the side becomes golden. 

Make sure to cook the other side as well. While one side is ready, add a slice of tomato to it with a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. Top it off with some pulled part burrata and basil leaves. Also, drizzle some balsamic vinegar over it.

Cover with another bread slice and cook it for another minute. Serve it with some hot sauce, and enjoy the night.

Get The Recipe Here – A Couple Cooks

7. Chickpea Salad Sandwich 

Chickpea Salad Sandwich
Image Credits – Cooking Classy

Are you a meat lover who just started to be vegetarian? If that’s the case, you would miss meaty sandwiches dearly. I can’t completely say this tastes like a chicken sandwich, but I say it tastes almost like chicken salad or even better.

All you need is some chickpeas. Chickpeas become a great meat alternative in many dishes when paired well with other ingredients. So if you have some white chickpeas lying in your pantry, try this sandwich today.

To make this sandwich, start by boiling some chickpeas in water. To save some time, if you have some cooked chickpeas, use that. Transfer them to a bowl and mash them with a potato masher or simply with a fork.

Mash until the chickpeas are mashed but with small chunks. Mix some mayonnaise, diced celery, a quarter cup of grapes, diced carrots, walnuts, and some fresh dill in another bowl. Add some salt and pepper for taste and mix everything together.

Mix this with the mashed chickpeas which we have already prepared. Next, take some bread slices and spread this mixture generously on top of it. Add some lettuce, tomato, onions, or any of your favorite sandwich toppings over it. Cover it with other bread.

Get The Recipe Here – Cooking Classy

8. Walnut Taco Meat 

Walnut Taco Meat
Image Credits – The almond Eater

This is a meat-free recipe! Tacos are undoubtedly one of the best ways to satisfy our hunger pangs. If you have some friends coming over for dinner, this is the ideal dish you could cook for them. 

This recipe can be prepared in under 15 minutes. Moreover, if you prepare some extra fillings, you can save them in the fridge and use them whenever you want.

For making this recipe, in a blender, add some baby mushrooms and blend them until they resemble a large piece of rice. Take a pan and add some oil to it. If you have cooking spray, use that and then add the mushroom to the pan.

Cook until the mushroom lose all its moisture. You can cook for 5 to 6 minutes. If your mushroom turns slightly brown before that, you can take it off the heat. Meanwhile, add the walnuts to the same blender and grind it.

Add the walnuts to the mushroom and cook for some time. Now that the main ingredients are all cooked let’s flavor up the dish; add some smoked paprikas, garlic powder, ground cumin, tomato paste, and some salsa.

Warm some tacos and spread this mixture between them. Serve it hot or cold.   

Get The Recipe Here – The almond Eater

9. Teriyaki Tofu And Broccoli Stir Fry 

Teriyaki Edamame And Broccoli Stir Fry
Image Credits – foodiecrush

Tofu might not be a full meal for many, but this teriyaki tofu with broccoli is good enough to fill one person, especially if you are on a diet. If you are looking for a quick and healthy dinner option, this could be one of them. 

For making this recipe, start by heating some oil in a pan. Add some frozen broccoli, tofu, and bell pepper slices to this. Put the flame to the lowest setting to properly cook the ingredients.

While the broccoli is cooking, peel and mince some garlic. In another pan, add some oil and add the minced garlic to it. Follow it up with soy or tamari sauce, ground ginger, garlic, sugar, and water. Give everything a good mix and add some water to it.

In another small bowl, mix some cornstarch with water. Add this mixture to the pan. While adding the cornstarch mix, make sure to add it slowly. Stir well and stop pouring when you think the sauce has thickened enough.

Now your broccoli and tofu must be ready; make sure the tofu is slightly brown for the best taste. Now make a bowl of brown rice and serve the cooked tofu and broccoli stir fry along with it. Add the teriyaki sauce over the broccoli.

Get The Recipe Here – foodiecrush

10. Easy Lentil Salad 

Easy Lentil Salad 
Image Credits – two peas & their pods

If you habitually include some types of green salad in your dinner, then this lentil salad will be something you could eat every other day. It’s definitely an easy thing to cook, but it also is very nutritious.

To make this recipe, cook some lentils in a pan. Drain the water and keep it aside. Add some sliced onions, feta cheese, and parsley in a bowl. Mix olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper in another bowl.

Mix it well and pour it over the salad mix. Add the lentils to the cut vegetable bowl, add the dressing, and mix everything well. The lentil salad is ready to serve. 

Get The Recipe Here – two peas &their pods

11. Roasted Red Pepper Soup 

Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Image Credits – Add Some Veg

If it’s one of those colder nights, you might not want to cook anything but a bowl of warm and creamy soups. Soups are generally easy to make, but some would take a little time. But this one is tasty and can be cooked in no time. 

The key to making this recipe right is to roast the bell pepper. So start by roasting some bell peppers in a frying pan. Then put them in a blender along with some garlic hummus. Blend it well until it has a smooth, creamy consistency. 

You can either use a blender or an immersion blender. Add some passata, vegetable stock, and some almonds, and blend it again. Pour it into a medium-sized pan and heat it till piping hot. Once done, take it off the heat and garnish with some parsley or basil leaves.

If you want to make it more flavorful, add a dash of sour cream, fresh cream, or even some coconut milk. 

Get The Recipe Here – Add Some Veg

12. White Bean Salad 

White Bean Salad
Image Credits – The Mediterranean Dish

We have already seen a couple of easy salad recipes. However, out of all of them, this recipe is the easiest to make. You can make it in under 5 minutes if you have some canned white beans.

One can have it for dinner. But I mostly have it as a pre-snack before dinner. To make this recipe, start by chopping some onions into small pieces. Pour half a slice of lemon juice over it and allow it for five minutes,

Add some canned white beans, a teaspoon or two of white or red wine, and some herb de Provence in another bowl. However, if you are out of Herb de Provence, you can mix some rosemary, tarragon, and thyme and add them to the bowl.

Add the onion to the bowl. Add little salt and pepper to taste. Mix well, and your white bean salad is ready to use. However, if you want a little bit of color and texture to your recipe, you can also add some carrots and tomatoes over it.

Get The Recipe Here – The Mediterranean Dish

13. Broccoli Pasta 

Broccoli Pasta
Image Credits – recipetineats

If you are not a huge fan of broccoli in general, I think this pasta is a great way to incorporate broccoli into your diet. This pasta is extremely easy to make and is very flavorful. It’s a bit tart, a bit creamy, and overall tasty.

If you are having a busy day and don’t have much time to cook and clean, try this out. The pasta is so flavorful that you could have a quick and tasty meal in under 10 minutes. 

Start by boiling pasta according to the package instructions. While the pasta is cooking, cut the broccoli into small pieces and cook it for a minute or two in hot water. Once the pasta is cooked, drain the pasta water. 

While draining, make sure to reserve a glass of pasta water for further cooking. Return the cooked pasta to the pan. If you have a favorite pasta sauce, you can use that. However, if you don’t, then try this sauce!

In a bowl, mix some lemon juice and lemon zest. Add 5 – 6 tablespoons of olive oil along with half a cup of parmesan cheese into the bowl and mix everything together. Add some dried or fresh herbs and some minced garlic cloves to it.

Add a teaspoon of sugar, salt, and pepper for taste. Mix everything well. If you are a fan of spiciness, then you can add some red pepper flakes to it to make it even more flavorful.

Now you have mixed your pasta and sauce together, it’s time to add our hero ingredient, broccoli! Add all of this to a pan, and on low heat, mix everything together. Add more cheese to make it even more creamier.

If your pasta is too thick, add the reserved pasta water little by little to the pan. Stop when you get the desired consistency. Once you think your pasta is ready, bring it down from the heat. Garnish it with some parmesan cheese and serve it hot!

Get The Recipe Here – recipetineats

14. Refried Bean Tostadas With Pico De Gallo

Refried Bean Tostadas
Image Credits – Yummy Noises

Making some tostadas is a fun activity. If you are too tired to cook an entire meal, this easy vegetarian refried bean tostada would be perfect! It is flavorful and can be cooked under 15 minutes. 

The step towards making this recipe is to cook the tostadas. Hence to do this, heat your oven to 375 Degree celsius. Brush some oil on one side of the tostada and cook it. Repeat the same process on the other side. Now let’s make the fillings.

Warm the refried beans in a pan and spread them across the cooked tostada. For more flavor, add some pico de galo on top of it. Have it as it is or with your favorite dip!

Get The Recipe Here – Yummy Noises

15. Perfect Instant Ramen Noodles 

Perfect Instant Ramen Noodles
Image Credits – The Foodie Diaries

Nothing can be more satisfying than a bowl of hot noodles! If you are a college student, then like anybody else, you should have stacks of ramen noodles in your pantry! It’s our last resort when nothing else works.

So if you are about to cook a pack of ramen noodles, then wait! I have a better recipe for you. It’s so easy to make and a little different than we would often have. Maybe your recipe is better than this, but you won’t know unless you try it!

This recipe is great on those days when you don’t feel like having something spicy. So to make this recipe, start by cooking some noodles. For this, boil some water in a pan and add the noodles.

When the noodles are well cooked, add the tastemaker to the water and stir it well. If you are an eggetarian, then take the noodles off the heat and add an egg to it. Do not scramble it; just allow it to poach!

Once the eggs are done, add some butter and cheese to it! The more, the better my policy is. Add some sesame seeds and scallions to it. Mix well and enjoy!

Get The Recipe Here – The Foodie Diaries

16. Sage Cauliflower Gnocchi 

Sage Cauliflower Gnocchi
Image Credits – I Heart Umami

If you are here looking for an easy-to-cook healthy meal, you have reached your destination! This is an ideal recipe for all those students who are looking for a great recipe to cook in no time; this is it. 

Gnocchi, as you may know, is a kind of pasta that uses potato as its main ingredient. Hence even if you did not cook any other dish with this recipe, it would be a complete meal in itself. So next time you are lazy but also hungry, try your hands on this recipe!

For making this recipe, in a pan, add some butter along with some olive oil. Once all the butter is perfectly melted, add the gnocchi to it. Stir it well until the gnocchi turns brown. Make sure to give an occasional stirring to avoid burning. 

Once the gnocchi is all done, add some sage, beans, and water to it. Cook for at least 5 minutes. Make sure that your gnocchi has turned all soft and your beans are heated through. Once done, add some salt and pepper to taste and garnish it with arugula. 

Get The Recipe Here – I Heart Umami

17. Avocado White Bean Sandwich

Avocado White Bean Sandwich
Image Credits – feel good foodie

If you are looking for a filling, nutrient-rich dinner recipe that could be made in no time, try this avocado white bean sandwich! It is filled with protein and is an ideal replacement for your non-vegetarian food.

Also, one slice of sandwich would be enough to calm down your hunger pangs! The creaminess of the avocado, when combined with the slight nuttiness of the beans, would make a delicious and nutrient-rich meal.

So to make this recipe, let’s prepare the avocados! For this, scoop the flesh out of avocados and place them in a bowl. Add some lemon juice, lemon zest, and olive oil to it. Mash them with a fork until you get a creamy consistency. 

To this, add the white beans. Continue mashing until all the ingredients are well combined. Add some thinly chopped red onions to it. Add some garlic powder, salt, and pepper for taste. Mix everything together.

Take a slice of bread (you can take any bread of your choice) and place a piece of arugula on top of it. If not arugula, add and leafy vegetable of your choice. Add some of the prepared mixes on top of it. Cover with the bread. Slice the bread into two halves and enjoy the meal!

Get The Recipe Here – feel good foodie

18. Pesto Ravioli

Pesto Ravioli
Image Credits – two peas & their pods

Pesto ravioli is all about fresh flavors and a robust taste. Try making this recipe if you feel like having some pasta too quickly. It just needs 5 ingredients and can be cooked in just 10 minutes.

For making this recipe, cook pasta according to the package instructions. While the pasta is cooking, take a pan and add some oil to it. When the oil gets hot, add some tomatoes to it.

Saute the tomatoes until they are soft and mushy. Add some spinach and stir it for a minute or two. Add the cooked pasta to this and stir well. Top it off with some pestos, and your pesto ravioli pasta is all ready to serve!

Get The Recipe Here – two peas & their pods

19. Halloumi Piccata 

Halloumi Piccata
Image Credits – Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

If you are a cheese lover like me, then this easy halloumi piccata recipe is something you shouldn’t miss. This is a perfect blend of garlic, butter, and cheesy taste. This is an easy meal but also a fancy meal!

Piccata might be a new dish to many of you. Simply put, it’s some protein cooked in lemon juice and butter, garlic, and capers. It’s usually cooked with meat. But since we are making some vegetarian dishes, let’s see how to make it that way. 

So to make this recipe, cook some halloumi in a frying pan. While cooking halloumi, try to use a nonstick frying pan. In this way, you wouldn’t need to use cooking oil. If you do not have a good frying pan, you could use some cooking spray or oil in the pan.

When getting heated, the halloumi will release some juice. Make sure to cook both sides until they are slightly brown in color. Once the halloumi is well cooked, move it to the side of the pan and add some butter to the pan. To this butter add some garlic and mushroom to it. 

Cook till the mushroom is slightly browned. Add some capers, lemon juice, and a lot of black pepper powder. Mix everything together and cook for some more time. Once your dish is done, take it off the heat and serve it warm. 

Get The Recipe Here – Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

20. Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe 

Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe
Image Credits – The Food Charlatan

A bowl of tomato soup is nothing but comfort food. All of us would have a nostalgic feeling while eating this! A stick of garlic bread and this creamy soup would make your heart and tummy full.

Canned tomato soups are very much available in the market. However, most of it is too unhealthy and would taste so much sweet. So if you are missing the old, home-cooked creamy tomato soup. Here is a recipe for you!

To make this recipe, take a large pan and heat some olive oil. Add some garlic, onion, oregano, and red pepper flakes to this. Stir well until the onions are softened. You don’t have to wait till the onions get browned.

To this add some pieces of white bread (make sure to remove the crust portion) and tomatoes to it. Stir for a minute, and then roughly mash all the tomatoes using a potato masher. Add two cups of water to it and bring it to a boil.

Once the water starts to boil, simmer it for 5 minutes. Bring the soup down from the heat and allow it to cool for some time. Once the soup has become slightly cold, add half of the soup portion to a blender and blend it well.

While blending the soup, make sure to blend it at low speed and drizzle some olive oil. Continue this process with the other half of the soup and transfer it to a serving bowl.

Garnish it with fresh herbs like basil and mint, and add olive oil. Serve it with some grilled cheese or freshly prepared garlic bread for the best experience!

Get The Recipe Here – The Food Charlatan

21. Sesame Peanut Butter Noodles Recipe 

Sesame Peanut Butter Noodles Recipe
Image Credits – The Whole Dish

If you feel like having some Asian cruises and are too lazy to go out, then try this easy sesame peanut butter noodles recipe! Right from the name, you might have noticed the major ingredient needed for this recipe.

If you have all this at home, don’t waste your time thinking about what to cook for dinner! The right combination of peanut and sesame seeds in the noodles would make it even more flavorful than you can imagine.

For making this recipe, start by cooking your favorite noodles according to the package instructions. You can use any noodles of your choice; I often go for rice noodles or ramen noodles. 

However, if you do not have any noodles at home, you can also try this recipe with any pasta you have! While the noodles are getting done, make the sesame peanut butter paste.

For this, take a large bowl and add some sesame oil, peanut butter, honey, soy sauce, rice vinegar, minced garlic, and grated ginger. Give everything a good whisk until everything is well combined. 

Do a taste test and add a little salt if needed! Once your noodles are cooked, drain them and add them to this bowl. Make sure to coat the noodles well in this mixture. Before serving, garnish it with sesame seeds and green onions, and enjoy!

Get The Recipe Here – The Whole Dish

22. Air Fryer Quesadillas 

Air Fryer Quesadillas
Image Credits – Cook It Real Good

If you are too busy to cook anything but are too hungry, then try this easy air-fried quesadilla recipe. It’s crispy on the outside and has a cheesy inside that you wouldn’t say no to if offered for a second time.

We all must have made quesadillas a couple of times. But if you haven’t tried the air-fried version, you are missing out! So this afternoon, make some quick and tasty quesadillas for your dinner.

On a plate, arrange some tortillas. Top it off with some refried beans and cheese. Fold it in half. Place these tortillas on an air fryer for 8 minutes at 180C. Cook until the tortillas have become slightly brown and the cheese is melted.

Make sure to flip the tortillas to the other side halfway through cooking them. Serve it hot with some Greek yogurt, sour cream, or guacamole.

Get The Recipe Here – Cook It Real Good

23. Creamy Chickpea Curry 

Creamy Chickpea Curry 
Image Credits – Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

If you have some leftover rice from yesterday and are looking for a good curry to have with it, try this easy and creamy chickpea curry. This curry needs a little work. Hence if you want to finish this in 15 minutes, you need to concentrate!

I think one easy way to make the cooking process easy is to grab all the ingredients necessary for making this recipe. So get the chickpeas, onions, and tomatoes ready and keep on reading the article.

Take a pan and add a dash of oil to it. Cut some leeks lengthwise and add them to the pan. Once the leek is slightly softened up, add some diced pepper and mushroom to it. Cook until vegetables are well cooked.

Add chickpeas, tomatoes, tomato puree, and some curry powder to this pan. Cook the vegetables on high heat and then simmer them for some time on low heat. Add some salt and pepper to taste. 

Cook until the curry is slightly thickened up. Add some fresh cream on top of it. Serve it with fresh coriander leaves. You can serve it with some naan or rice. 

Get The Recipe Here – Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

24. Mushroom Stroganoff 

Mushroom Stroganoff
Image Credits – Savvy Bites

Mushroom stroganoff is one of my favorite dinners when it comes to cooking up an easy recipe. It has got a lot of flavors that are quite easy to cook up. So if you are feeling like eating a fancy yet flavorful meal, then try this mushroom stroganoff.

Stroganoff is often cooked with beef, mostly in a slow cooker. However, this version of stroganoff uses mushrooms as its main ingredient. Even though stroganoff is Russian cuisine, many people from different countries have given some twist to its flavor over time. 

So I often cook this when I have no time and feel like eating something good. For making this recipe, start by sauteing some onions in a pan. Cook until the onions are soft and have a light brown color. 

Once the onions are done cooking, add some mushrooms and garlic. Cook until the mushroom is slightly brown in color. Once the mushrooms are done, add some smoked paprika to the pan.

Add some vegetable soup and sour cream to this and cook it on medium heat. Cook until the dish gets a silky smooth consistency. Once done, bring it down the heat. Season to taste and serve with fresh parsley or basil leaves. Have it with some boiled rice or pasta of your choice. 

Get The Recipe Here – Savvy Bites

25. Veggie Chow Mein 

Veggie Chow Mein
Image Credits – Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

If you want a Chinese dish to cook in under 15 minutes, try this quick and easy veggie chow mein recipe. You can add all of your favorite vegetables to this dish and make it even more flavorful.

To make this recipe, take a large wok and add some oil to it. Once the oil is heated up, add some vegetables to it. Cook it until the vegetables are thoroughly cooked. Then add some chili flakes, garlic, and ginger to it and continue cooking.

While the vegetables are cooking, take another pan and fry some tofu in it. Fry until they are thoroughly crispy. Now, take some fresh noodles and add this to the vegetables. Add the crispy tofu, soy sauce, five spices, and some pepper to this. 

Add a splash of water to this and cook the noodles until tender. If you think the noodles are getting a bit drier, add more water. Mix everything very well and serve it piping hot. You can also add some sesame seeds and green onions if desired. 

Get The Recipe Here – Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

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25 Easy 15-Minute Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Some of the best vegetarian recipes that you can make in under 15 minutes are Fried Rice, Refried Bean Tostadas, Halloumi Piccata, Teriyaki Tofu And Broccoli Stir Fry, Pesto Ravioli, Veggie Chow Mein, Mushroom Stroganoff and Naan Pizza.


  • Cucumber Sandwich
  • Naan Pizza Recipe
  • Black Bean Fajita
  • Mediterranean Goat Cheese Sandwich
  • Fried Rice
  • Caprese Sandwich
  • Chickpea Salad Sandwich
  • Walnut Taco Meat
  • Teriyaki Edamame And Broccoli Stir Fry
  • Easy Lentil Salad
  • Roasted Red Pepper Soup
  • White Bean Salad
  • Broccoli Pasta
  • Refried Bean Tostadas With Pico De Gallo
  • White Bean Sage Cauliflower Gnocchi
  • Perfect Instant Ramen Noodles
  • Avocado White Bean Sandwich
  • Pesto Ravioli With Spinach And Tomatoes
  • Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe
  • Sesame Peanut Butter Noodles Recipe
  • Air Fryer Quesadillas
  • Creamy Chickpea Curry
  • Halloumi Piccata
  • Mushroom Stroganoff
  • Veggie Chow Mein


  • Select the recipe you want to cook.
  • Click on the recipe link.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the recipe.


If you are not a vegetarian, cooking vegetarian dishes could be confusing. But I often feel vegetarian dishes are as good or even better than the non-vegetarian ones! So if you are a vegetarian or just want to cook something vegetarian for dinner, try any of these recipes. 

All of these recipes can be cooked in under 15 minutes and don’t require much effort. Also, they are too tasty to be missed out! So if you have the ingredients, cook any of these dishes and let me know how it went!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What to cook today for dinner vegetarian?

Veggie chow mein, mushroom stroganoff, and tomato soup are some of the vegetarian dishes you can cook for dinner.

What to eat for a light dinner vegetarian?

Tomato soup, white bean salad, and broccoli pasta are some of the recipes you can try if you are planning to cook a light vegetarian dinner.

What should I feed my vegetarian friend?

Cucumber sandwiches, Caprese sandwiches, tomato soup, and roasted red pepper soup are some of the delicious food that you can serve to your vegetarian friend.

What can I cook in 5 minutes?

White bean salad and ramen are some of the easiest dishes which you can cook in under 5 minutes.

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